Path of Exile on iPhoneSource: Grinding Gear Games

What you need to know

  • Path of Exile is coming to iOS and Mac.
  • The game is free-to-play and hugely popular on other platforms.
  • Gamers can choose from six characters as they battle through dungeons.

Grinding Gear Games has confirmed (via iDB) that it intends to bring Path of Exile to iOS and, wait for it, even Mac. The title is a free-to-play action role playing game that is already hugely popular on PC, Xbox One, and PS4. And now it's coming to our side of the gaming world, too.

The announcement was made during the recent ExileCon 2019 event that took place in New Zealand. And there's more good news with the company saying that gamers can look forward to an experience without what Grinding Gears Games co-founder Jonathan Rogers called "evil garbage." He was speaking about micro-transactions and the like, something that has caused quite the discussion in gaming circles in recent months. Mobile gamers have had to deal with timers, ads, and more but Rogers suggests none of that will be in play here.

There's a YouTube video available that shows the new game running on an iPhone 11 Pro Max which might suggest that a pretty beefy phone is needed in order to make the game run properly. Or it might just be that's the phone they had in-hand when the cameras were rolling – no information on required specifications has been made available yet.

There's no information yet on when Path of Exile will be available for players to get their teeth into, but we do know that the Mac version will come at some point in 2020.