Possible iPhone 11R Geekbench score reveals it could come with 4G of RAM

What you need to know

  • A newly discovered Geekbench score may have revealed a major spec bump for the iPhone XR successor.
  • The Geekbech results revealed the new iPhone could come with 4GB of RAM.
  • The iPhone XR came with 3GB of RAM.

The iPhone 11R could come with 4GB of RAM, or so an unearthed Geekbench score suggests.

First spotted by MacRumors, a Geekbench score was discovered by one of its forum members that revealed a device with the model number "iPhone 12,1" that was running iOS 13.1. The giveaway point is the motherboard identifier, which is N104AP.

Previously, Bloomberg reported that the iPhone XR successor was internally known as N104.

The device's score was impressive enough, but what was more interesting was that it comes with 4GB of RAM. Last year, the iPhone XR only came with 3GB of RAM while the iPhone XS and XS Max came with 4GB of RAM.

This could mean two things: Either Apple is catching up the R model with the rest of the iPhone lineup or it is upgrading the entire lineup. This could mean the iPhone 11R will get 4GB of RAM and the iPhone 11 Pro could get a bump up as well.

Aside from the RAM upgrade, the chip itself seems to be clocked in at a higher speed (2.49GHz vs. 2.66GHz) and is performing much better as well. It earned a single-core score of 5415 and multi-core score of 11294.

Apple is expected to unveil the iPhone XR successor at its September 10 event.

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