Leather Loop Apple Watch Band PrototypesSource: Tinhte English

What you need to know

  • A new video on YouTube says it has the new Leather Loop Apple Watch bands.
  • The video shows off the bands in five colors.
  • The bands featured in the video contradict the designs shown in earlier leaked images.

Yesterday, new images of a potenially new Leather Loop for the Apple Watch leaked on Reddit. The images showed off a new, sportier design for the strap with four colors featured in the images: black, blue, red, and brown.

Today, a video has surfaced on YouTube showing off the new bands in person. A new channel called Tinhte English posted the video, showing off the bands as well as revealing another new color: pink.

The bands were able to attach to an existing Apple Watch, so if the new bands are real and see a release, existing Apple Watch owners will be able to purchase one of the new Leather Loop bands for their current device.

The video does contradict the earlier images in one way. The leaked images showed off bands with an accent color on the sides, but the bands featured in the video do have any such accent colors.

It is possible that both of these variations could be prototypes of the new Leather Loop for the Apple Watch, but that Apple has not yet made a decision as to what design to go with.

The original leaker of these bands says that they could be announced as soon as next month, so we could see Apple make a final call for a WWDC announcement. The company could also decide to wait until it announces the new Apple Watch Series 6, which is expected in the fall. Apple normally announces new band designs along with a new Apple Watch except for a few special edition bands.

You can watch the full video below: