Nomad Base Station Awe 2020 PressSource: Nomad

What you need to know

  • Nomad has updated the Apple Watch Edition of its Base Station wireless charger.
  • The new base station features bigger charging coils for more accommodating device placement for wireless charging.
  • USB ports allow charging additional devices.

Accessory maker Nomad has announced an updated version of the Apple Watch Edition of its Base Station wireless charger. Like the previous version of this Base Station, the new model features an integrated Apple Watch charger, along with a host of improvements that could allow it to be your all-in-one device charger.

The new Base Station features a new layout of its charging coils. The coils are now larger, which gives you more freedom in the placement of your devices on the mat to charge. This can be particularly helpful for things like AirPods wireless charging cases.

All three Qi coils also support 10W charging, though iPhones, as of yet, can only charge wirelessly at up to 7.5W. The coils sit under a padded leather (it is Nomad, after all) pad, just like the previous model.

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On the backside of the Base Station, you'll find the power port that attaches the base station to its power brick, but, unlike the previous version, you'll also find something else: USB ports. The 7.5W USB-A port and 18W USB-C PD port allow you to provide wired power to two devices in addition to the wireless power capabilities, for instance, an iPad Pro with USB-C.

All told, the new Base Station Apple Watch Edition can charge up to five things at once, making it a perfect option if you want a single charger for all of your mobile devices.

The new Base Station Apple Watch Edition is available directly from Nomad for $149.95.

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