Prisma makes your iPhone photos look like works of art!

Gone are the days of #nofilter! Now it's all about looking fresh. That's where Prisma, a new photo effects pack from the App Store comes in! It's got serious cloud computing power behind it, and it can turn even the simplest selfies, foodies, and elsies into stunning works of painted art.

Note: Prisma processes your photos online. That means if you have private photos you don't want any server having access to, or you're troubled by Prisma's terms of service, don't give it those photos or don't use it at all. That said, for fun photos you intend to post publicly anyway, you're fine.

Filters: The next generation

Prisma completely transmogrifies your pictures to look like brightly colored abstract paintings from iconic artists like Van Gogh, Picasso, Levitan, and more.

Not only can you make your snapshots mimic the likes of world-renowned artists, but you can also get crazy with some unique pattern style filters and fantastic illustrations.

It uses neural networks and artificial intelligence to identify the filters that would look the best with the photo you took. You'll have access to about three dozen different artistic filters.

Pictures are automatically cropped square, so they are the perfect size for making your Instagram account look like Artists' Row.

State of the art of selfies

You can use the internal camera to take a picture within the app or select a photograph from your iPhone's photo library. After you take or select a picture, Prisma will generate the filters based on the color and content of the objects in it. Select the filter that expresses the memory perfectly, and then share it on Instagram, Facebook, or via your iPhone's share extensions.

Bottom line

Currently, Prisma runs somewhat slowly because they are dealing with server overload. You can still use it, but filters take a long time to load.

Your pictures are watermarked with the Prisma logo by default. You can turn off the watermark in the Settings section.

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