Pro Caddy VSource: TransIntl

What you need to know

  • This new mount can house up to ten SSDs.
  • The empty mount starts at $299.
  • You can buy it with storage or add your own.

The 2019 Mac Pro is great in a whole host of ways, not least the fact that you can add your own storage. Anyone wanting to really go all-in on SSD storage will need something to mount their drives with, though. That's where the TransIntl The Pro Caddy V comes into its own.

Capable of housing up to ten 2.5-inch drives, this thing certainly looks impressive and it shouldn't be out of place inside that Mac Pro. Especially when it's filled with all that gorgeous, fast SSD storage. You'll need an expansion card with the cabling required to connect and power all these things, however.


  • Elegant design will blend in seamlessly in your new Mac Pro 2019.
  • Ships with custom data and power cables


  • The internal drives saves desk space and cable clutter.
  • Drives are sold separately, offering flexibility of installing your own drives.
  • Buy new drives of your Choice of Brand and Capacity

The mount starts at $299.99 on its own, but you can configure it with either Samsung or Tiger drives right from the vendor if that's your thing. Otherwise, add your own drives, and away you go!