Prosser: Apple's foldable iPhone is real, but it isn't really a foldable

Fold iPhone concept
Fold iPhone concept (Image credit: Rene Ritchie / iMore)

What you need to know

  • Apple is working on a foldable iPhone.
  • Jon Prosser tweeted about the device today.
  • According to him, it is not a truly foldable display.

Since foldable phones began to take the spotlight as the next big thing in phone design, everyone has been wondering if Apple will build and release such a device.

Today, notable Apple leaker Jon Prosser tweeted out that Apple has indeed built a foldable iPhone prototype, but that it may not exactly live up to what people were originally expecting. Prosser says that instead of one foldable display, the current prototype features two displays connected by a hinge.

He also notes that the prototype features an iPhone 11 design with rounded edges as opposed to the expected flat edge design of the upcoming iPhone 12. The notch is also removed from the phone, opting instead for the camera and Face ID enclosure to be moved to an outer display on the phone.

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While many were quick to compare the description of the prototype to the Microsoft Surface Duo, Prosser explained that the devices, when extended, look very different. While the Surface Duo clearly looks like two screens attached together when it is unfolded, the iPhone prototype apparently looks like one giant screen.

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The current state of foldables commonly runs into one of two problems. Brands either opt for a truly foldable display that can either crease or, in the worst-case scenario, break. The other, which the Surface has opted for, is to use two different displays that get as close to a seamless experience as possible. This, however, has not created a true feel of one gigantic display yet. Borders and space are quite noticeable.

It appears that Apple is trying to figure out a way to create a truly seamless display experience while the world waits for foldable displays that can meet the demands of this kind of device.

Joe Wituschek

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