Quibi finally gets AirPlay support on iOS

Quibi (Image credit: Quibi)

What you need to know

  • Quibi is a streaming platform for TV shows less than 10 minutes long.
  • It has today been updated to bring AirPlay support for iOS.
  • The developer had previously planned not to include this, as they wanted it to be a smartphone-only experience.

Video streaming platform Quibi has been updated to include AirPlay support for iOS, allowing customers to cast shows to their TV.

Quibi got off to a rocky start due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Originally, the developers planned it to be a platform for consuming content in quickfire chunks. None of the shows are longer than 10 minutes, and are designed specifically for people who don't have time to binge watch shows, but want something quick and easy for moments like a commute. Unfortunately, it released this app at the outset of a global pandemic where everyone stopped commuting (more or less), and we all started binge watching TV (even more than before).

A couple of weeks ago, Quibi's creator told the New York Times that it would release AirPlay support "that week". It looks like the feature got delayed a little, but it's finally here. As per the apps' release notes:

With life a little less on-the-go these days, our latest update gives you more flexibility to watch Quibi wherever you have downtime. Now you can share Quibi episodes from your phone to your TV with AirPlay.

Tom Conrad, designer for Quibi stated:

Sure we designed Quibi for on-the-go, but these days visiting the family room is like a day trip… so AirPlay support is live for iOS in Quibi 1.3. Working hard on Chromecast too which will be available in June.

As noted, support for Chromecast is coming in June. In his interview, creator Jeffrey Katzenberg highlighted that they had originally planned Quibi to be a smartphone-only experience. However, it seems like everyone who used the app all wanted the same thing, casting functionality. The other criticism levelled at Quibi was lack of sharing through all major social media platforms, another glaring missed opportunity that is now being addressed.

Quibi is a $1.8 billion venture that boasts a lineup of stars including Chrissy Teigen, J-Lo, LeBron James and Steven Spielberg.

The app (now featuring AirPlay) is available from the App Store.

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