Panda Hero for iPhone - game review

Panda Hero from Barefoot Explorers LLC is a cute iPhone game with a cuddly eco-friendly message where the objective is to free your animal friends from poachers while you avoid poisonous mushrooms, pits, and other dangers. After you complete a level you also get to have your own virtual panda to take care of and enjoy.

TiPb first took a look at the pre-release Panda Hero at GDC 2010, and the core gameplay here remains the same -- using the accelerometer you tilt your iPhone in the direction that you want your panda character to move. In order to jump you lift your iPhone and your character will jump in the air as well. This type of play will satisfy those who enjoy playing any maze-type of game though it is not quite as difficult as something like marble madness.

As with many maze-type games if you have to try to steer your character through many obstacles which includes bridges and labyrinths. You rescue one of your animal friends by going up to the caged animal and touching them. After rescue your animal companion will follow you through the course for a little while before heading back into the forest. The game is quite forgiving as there are no lives so if you die you just return to a close position to continue on.

Your virtual Panda is a lot of fun to interact with, you can use the coins you have gained through the game to purchase the Panda toys, clothing and other fun items.

For adults who enjoy tilt play games and virtual pets, its cute but not deeply strategic. With its bright, beautiful graphics and eco-friendly message, Panda Hero will appeal most to young gamers in their early teens, and that's who barefoot explorer is targeting. To sweeten the eco-pot, they're even planting 3 real-world tress for every copy of Panda Hero purchased off the App Store

[$2.99 - [iTunes Link]


  • Cute graphics
  • Virtual pet is a fun addition
  • Easy controls


  • Simple levels
  • Little strategy involved

TiPb iPhone 3.5-star rated

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