Tap Tap Radiation for iPad - app review

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If you love Tapulous' Tap Tap Revenge on the iPhone then it's newer, bigger brother for the iPad, Tap Tap Radiation is something you're going to want to check out. The core idea is the same -- you listen to your favourite tunes, Tap Tap Radiation visualizes them as shiny colored circles racing towards you, and then it is up to your fingers to tap along with the beat.

Tap Tap Radiation gives you 30 free tracks to choose from. Some of the free tracks you are by Serge Devant, Richard VIsson, Mos Def and premium tracks (paid) include songs by Lady Gaga and Pink. The themes, graphics and effects do a good job showing off the iPad's larger screen and graphics power.

Tap Tap Radiation is the app to get for anyone who owns a iPad and enjoys playing games and listening to music. It's easy to pick up, relaxing and fun to play, and has three difficulty levels to help keep it challenging.

Tap Tap Radiation Free [iTunes Link (opens in new tab)].


  • Lots of fun
  • Easy to play
  • Free


  • Backgrounds could be more dynamic

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  • Georgia. I take it all back. That photo of you holding the iPad case on the home page does not do you justice. My apologies. I was wrong on that one.
  • How about some smiles and enthusiasm? Or are you getting ready for a funeral? I guess the excitement level for hot chicks doing reviews of video games while sitting ont their livingroom floors is relatively low, huh?
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  • Whoever wrote this review is clearly not cut for the job. Good grammar does not make your ultra-shallow, lame attempt at reviewing a game any better. I mean you could have been describing the iPhone game in that review.
  • Great review Georgia ... I like your vid ... Keep up the Great work ...
  • "it’s newer, bigger brother" should be:
    "its newer, bigger brother".
  • Georgia is hot!
  • Gosh, and I thought I was harsh. I thought the review was fine, just her enthusiasm needed some work. Let's see more smiles and more energy next time.
  • It actually has 4 levels, some songs have Extreme instead of Hard.
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