Race Dash On Ipad IphoneSource: David Mills

What you need to know

  • You can see your race position and lap times among other things, right on your iPhone and iPad.
  • PlayStation, Xbox, and PC are supported.

Playing racing games like F1 2020 and Project CARS 2 is great for those who not only enjoy racing cars but also all of the statistics that they collect as they go. But wouldn't it be cool if you could see those statistics on your iPhone and iPad instead of on your TV or PC screen?

Why yes. Yes, it would. And Race Dash makes that happen. Multiple games are supported and you can see the full list to check that your favorite racer is on there. But assuming it is, there's a lot to enjoy once you have Race Dash installed.

  • 43 different screens available in total (each game has a subset of these depending on supported features)
  • Add up to 10 dashboards to your selection at any one time (per game) and quickly swipe between them for fast access. F1 2018 onwards, and PCARS/2 allow for the dashboard switching to be done from the controller/steering wheel.
  • Display key data such as speed, gear, RPM, fuel level, ERS, laptime and lap delta
  • RPM lights are customisable to suit your preference and the whole display can flash at the gear shift point
  • Non-dashboard screens include timing screens, circuit maps and warning flag displays (game dependent)

Race Dash also now supports iOS 14's App Clip feature, allowing gamers to test this all out. The feature is only available to F1 2020 gamers, however.

Rae Cash is free to download and basic dashboard data is included. Each compatible game requires an in-app purchase to unlock once you're hooked. Download Race Dash from the App Store now.