Race the Sun endless racer released for Mac, PC, Linux

Flippify has released Race the Sun, a racing game of a different stripe. The game is available for Mac, Windows and Linux platforms, directly from the developer.

Race the Sun puts you in control of a solar-powered racer that makes its way low over the terrain of a minimalistic, procedurally generated world populated by simple geometric shapes - tetrahedrons, prisms, cones and spheres. The title describes your goal - as a solar-powered craft, you need to stay in the sun or you'll lose power. Your goal is to get the highest score by avoiding obstacles and enemies while collecting powerups and speed boosts. The game ends at sundown.

But that's only scratching the surface. Race the Sun also features cooperative multiplayer mode that lets you and up to three other players participate in an asynchronous co-op relay race. What's more, it includes a built-in world editor to create new game levels complete with animated, interactive objects like flocks of birds or falling blocks.

Peter Cohen