Ravpower 26800 review: A great way to keep your Switch charged on the go!

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I was recently afforded the opportunity to spend some hands-on on time with the Ravpower 26800 Super C series charging brick. I put it through its paces with my Nintendo Switch and I must say that I found it to be an awesome little battery pack. The Switch only lasts a few hours off the battery, so having a quality portable charger is life-changing.

If you are intrigued and want to know more, here come all the details!

The Good

  • Reasonable price for a USB-C charger
  • Holds a whole heck of a lot of juice
  • Up to 30 Watts allows you to charge just about anything

The Bad

  • In order to recharge the brick with USB-C you need a separately-sold wall plug

What's in the box?!

When you first crack open the box for your Ravpower charger, you'll find everything you need to get started feeding your devices some juice. You will, of course, find the charging brick itself. There's also a handy dandy little travel pouch, a USB-C cable, and two Micro-USB cables. There's a manual included, but the device is about as simple as it gets and you probably won't even need it.

What are the specs?

This little guy is a bit of a beast. As the name suggests, this charger offers a 26800 milliamp-hour battery. This means that you are going to get a totally respectable number of charges for whatever device you may be charging with it. You can get up to 30 watts from the USB-C port, which give you a lot of flexibility and makes it the perfect charger for Switch users. This also means that if you want to charge up your MacBook, you totally can.

How much space is it going to take up in my bag?

For being such a powerhouse, the Ravpower 26800 has a pretty dainty footprint. It's no bigger than your Nintendo Switch. As far as size goes, it is about 6.75 by 3.25 by .75 inches.

It fit just fine in my bag next to my Switch. In addition, it weighs a little less than a pound. This means that it may not go great in a pocket but if you're carrying it around in your bag, it's not going to yank your arm off.

I wanna use it for my Switch. Give me the details!

I did some pretty specific testing with my Switch to find out exactly how this little guy would perform. When my Switch was totally drained, the Ravpower brought it back up to a full charge in about two hours. With the charger totally full, I was able to repeat that process almost five times. So that's almost five full charges at about two hours each. Pretty impressive if you ask me.

You can totally charge your Switch while you are playing. You can't charge it when HDMI is engaged, but if you're using this baby on the go, that shouldn't prove to be too much of a problem.


As far as USB-C capable chargers go, this one is pretty impressive. With a price point of about $80 it gives you a totally respectable bang for your buck. And if you are looking for a mobile charging solution for your Nintendo Switch, this is a charger that I would wholeheartedly recommend.

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Jaz Brown