Readdle Documents Video UpdateSource: Readdle

What you need to know

  • Readdle's popular Documents app now supports new features including extracting audio from video, a new video mini-player, and more.

Readdle's popular document viewer app, Documents, has been updated with some cool new features that will be of use to tons of people, especially those with long lecture videos that really should just be MP3s.

That's the headline feature, actually. Documents can now take a video file and strip out the audio – perfect for anyone who has a 2-hour lecture video of someone talking but really just needs the words.

You open a History lecture, but there are no exciting slides on the screen, just your professor speaking. Extract an mp3 with a lecturer's voice, so you can educate yourself on the go.

For those times where video is needed, Documents can now play files in a new mini-player, allowing you to continue working with other documents on-screen whie still following along.

Watch videos while browsing other files with the new Video mini-player. You can now play a video in a small window while doing other things in Documents. Just open the video and swipe down to minimize it.

Next up is the ability to lock videos to landscape more, each and every time they're viewed. In addition, you can now also stream your videos to a Google Chromecast device as well. Readdle says that a lot of people had asked for the feature to be added – and now it's here.

The updated Readdle Documents is free and can be downloaded from the App Store now. In-app purchases are also available to unlock additional features.

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