Apple Watch Band Collection ToxtrepiaSource: u/toxtrepia

What you need to know

  • Someone posted their Apple Watch band collection on Reddit and it'll make you jealous.
  • They have so many they had to start labeling them.
  • But this being Reddit, someone still managed to ruin the vibe.

Apple Watch bands are one of the biggest reasons I love my Apple Watch. There's a band for every occasion and a color for every mood. So long you have them of course. And this person likely does – just look at them all!

Redditor u/toxtrepia posted their wall of bands along with a couple of images showing them in all their glory. You'll no doubt spot your own favorites here and I'd wager you'll find some new ones, too.

The comment thread includes interesting points throughout, not least the fact that these are all official Apple bands – no eBay specials here. Thankfully few were bought at full retail price, however.

Apple Watch Band Collection ToxtrepiaSource: u/toxtrepia

This person has so many different bands that they even designed their own labels to remind them which colors are which. Apparently the tags "snap into the extra pin holes and then a label affixes to the front," not only making me wish I had thought of it but also making me wonder why nobody else has.

But, of course, this is is Reddit and it wouldn't be the internet if someone wasn't around to ruin the fun. One commenter couldn't help themselves, declaring the collection "such a waste of money and effort".

Why must some people just suck all the joy out of everything they come across?

Me? I'm on the hunt for a new Apple Watch band!