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What you need to know

  • Reincubate Camo now lets you use your iPhone's microphone as an audio source.
  • A recent update added customer watermark support as well.

Reincubate Camo has already made a name for itself as a great way to ditch a Mac's built-in camera and use an iPhone instead. But recent updates have upped the ante by allowing people to use their iPhone's microphone as an audio source and even use a custom watermark as well.

Using your iPhone's microphone could mean a much-improved experience for anyone else on a video call with you, often just because your modern iPhone has great stereo microphones. But it's the addition of custom watermarks that can really change the game – letting you put your name, or company logo on-screen at all times.

Camo Iphone Imac LifestyleSource: Reincubate

I've used Reincubate Camo a few times and the quality of the image it feeds into things like Webex and even Google's video services is hugely impressive. You don't need to install any drivers on your Mac and the whole thing surprisingly easy to get up and running. I'd definitely recommend you give it a try if you're tired of using your Mac's built-in camera and looking like a smeared mess on-screen!

Reincubate has also thought of what would happen if you received a notification when you're using Camo – and fixed it by creating a Shortcut that puts your device into DND when you open the app! Go grab it here if you're planning on using Camo yourself.

You can download the Reincubate Camo app from the App Store now with a companion app required for your Mac. Download that now, and save 40% on a year's Camo Pro, too.

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