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What you need to know

  • A new survey of teens shows that 87% of respondents already own an iPHone.
  • 88% of teens intend to get an iPhone next time out.
  • Teens are fans of their Apple Watches.

A massive 87% of teens reportedly own their own iPhone, while 88% expect their next phone to have an Apple logo on the back. That's according to the latest numbers coming out of a Piper Sandler survey.

The numbers shouldn't be all that surprising given the iPhone's popularity, especially among younger users. The same goes for the 88% of teens planning on getting an iPhone next time out — the likelihood of kids switching to Android is low, something that Apple continues to ensure thanks to its thriving services business that encompasses things that teens could become attached to. Apple Music and Apple Arcade are just two examples.

Piper Sandler also notes that both figures are "near record highs" for the survey, suggesting the iPhone brand is as strong as ever.

Apple Watch Series 5Source: iMore

In terms of Apple Watch, the survey found that "Apple is No. 1 watch brand" for the first time, something that could have been helped by the arrival of Apple Watch SE and the low price of Apple Watch Series 3 — even if friends shouldn't let friends buy one. Remember, those looking for the best Apple Watch on a budget should definitely go SE.

Apple tends to come out of these kinds of surveys well and that seems unlikely to change any time soon. They're also an important indicator of the future and Apple knows that if it can get teen customers and then keep them, its revenue is likely to remain strong as those customers get older and their disposable income increases.