Retailers can bypass £20 limit for Apple Pay transactions in the UK

Speaking to Pocket-Lint, Jeremy Nicholds, Executive Director of Mobile at Visa, confirmed that the decision to remove the limit will be subject to individual retailers:

While there will be some retailers who will keep the £20 limit initially at launch (the limit is soon to rise to £30 in the autumn), not all retailers will have the limit at launch - and there will be others who will choose to get rid of it all together in time.

MasterCard has similarly announced that it'll let retailers raise the limit of transactions:

Currently the vast majority of payment terminals here in the UK are set to accept contactless transactions up to the £20 spending limit, but that will rise to £30 in September (for cards as well). As more digital services like Apple Pay come to market, we're [MasterCard] supporting retailers and banks as they update the terminals so that they can accept authenticated transactions above that limit from digital devices.

For retailers to remove the current limit, they have to upgrade their contact terminals to the latest version of software:

Retailers who wish to accept unlimited contactless transactions from digital devices, should of course get the latest terminal software. The majority of British merchants who currently accept contactless are running systems based on the £20 limit, so they will need to update their terminals if they wish to accept authenticated contactless transactions at a higher value.

Those outlets that do not have a threshold on contactless payments will advertise as such. Apple Pay will be available at over 250,000 locations — including major banks — once it makes its debut in the country in July, although retailers like Tesco, Asda and Sainsbury have mentioned that they don't have plans to formally support the payment service at launch. However, any location that currently offers contactless payment terminals will be compatible with the NFC-based technology used by Apple Pay.

Source: Pocket-lint

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  • Just hope Barclays take apple pay on board Sent from the iMore App
  • I actually received a call from Barclays about this yesterday. Just copying a post I made on Reddit yesterday. Last night, as soon as I saw the slide showing banks supporting Apple Pay in the UK, and that Barclays was missing I e-mailed them as a customer saying that if they don't support it I'd consider leaving and going to a bank that does support it. Today I received a phone call from them, basically re-iterating what has been said on Twitter,[1] , that they are still discussing it with Apple and it's something they are looking at. The lady I spoke to admitted she personally didn't understand the technology, asking is it just like contactless, so I explained to her briefly how it works and why it is a benefit to customers. I also explained that I had been waiting for Apple Pay to come to the UK since it's announcement and if Barclays don't offer, or drag their heels in implementing it, I will consider leaving. I told her that I was happy with Barclays as a bank, but I can get their services that I use (like phone insurance) elsewhere and that this might be a deal breaker. She was very understanding and listened to everything I had to say. She even told me that when I e-mailed I had lodged a query, but she would change this to a complaint.
    She also said they had received a lot of communication on social media and e-mails etc since the announcement of Apple Pay in the UK from unhappy customers. The fact they are taking the time to call people and listen to their concerns suggests to me they are taking these complaints seriously, and I hope that, coupled with every other major bank in the UK accepting Apple Pay, this may spur them to get over what ever concerns or negotiations with Apple they are trying to make. So for us Barclays customers, we may have a little longer to wait, but fingers cross they will be implementing it. And hopefully, the more people tell them that they want this service, they more they'll listen and the quicker it'll be. So if you haven't already I suggest heading over to Barclays feedback form[2] or contact them on Twitter or Facebook etc, and tell them how you feel and that you want Apple Pay. Be polite, tell them why you want it, and your concerns for Barclays falling behind other banks etc. If they call, explain it to them again. If you feel strongly enough, like me, threaten to leave and lets hope they listen.
  • that's stinks for those in the UK. We have no such limit here luckily. I mostly uses apple pay at a store called Sprouts and i by produce but i'm not sure i've ever spent $20 bucks there mostly because if i buy $20 in fruits and vegetables a lot of it will go bad.
  • Since you need your wallet with you when you go out, why not just use your card? Paying with your phone is not any easier or faster. I don't see the benefit in paying with your phone. It's just a novelty.
  • Because Apple Watch is already out of your pocket
  • Okay. You have the watch. You pay for something. You get a receipt. Likely you put it in your wallet.
    Or, you are over the limit for a contact less payment and need to pull out a card anyway.
    Point is, you can't live without a wallet and won't be able to for a long time.
    Apple Pay, Google Pay, whatever it is, it's a novelty and not a reliable everyday all day payment method. Yet.