Retro shooter Demon Throttle comes to the Switch as a physical exclusive

Demon Throttle Screenshot
Demon Throttle Screenshot (Image credit: Devolver Digital (Screenshot))

What you need to know

  • Demon Throttle is a new top-down shooter from Doinksoft, coming exclusively to the Nintendo Switch as a physical exclusive.
  • Publisher Devolver Digital promises that the game will never be available digitally. There will also be no limit on quantities made for the game.
  • Preorders are available now.

The Nintendo Switch has no shortage of top-notch indie games, often available digitally on the Nintendo eShop, but Demon Throttle kicks this trend entirely, becoming the first indie game to be released a physical exclusive on the Nintendo Switch.

Revealed at the E3 2021 Devolver Digital show, Demon Throttle is a charming, retro revenge story for 1-2 players. It's being developed by Doinksoft, the same developer who made Gato Roboto.

In Demon Throttle, you play as a cowboy who seeks revenge on a demon who "kissed his wife...or something." The gameplay itself resembles old-school arcade shooter Ikari Warriors, from its top-down perspective to its 8-bit presentation.

The interesting part of all of this is that Devolver Digital promises that the game will never be available digitally. It is a physical-only release, and it always will be. Devolver Digital loves marketing gimmicks, and what could be wackier than releasing a physical-only game in 2022?

Preorders are open now, courtesy of Special Reserve Games, but don't panic if you're unable to grab a copy now. Devolver Digital promises no limit on quantities made, which is good to hear in the wake of scalpers making the next-gen consoles almost impossible to find.

Demon Throttle will arrive exclusively on the Nintendo Switch as a physical exclusive sometime in 2022.

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