Case-Mate Tough Air Case for iPhone 6 Plus review

The iPhone 6 Plus can be an unwieldy device to carry around and using it one handed can create a rather precarious situation. The size alone has been reason for some people, even folks that never used to believe in cases, to start searching for the perfect one. I've spent the past week or so with the Tough Air Case by Case-Mate and if you want a nice compromise between protection and a slim profile, it may be a perfect fit.

The Tough Air Case is easy to put on and take off, which is one of my first criteria for a case. Like many other people, I don't always want to have a case on my iPhone, but when the moment arises, I don't want a big fuss in order to use one. The Tough Air Case passes this test with flying colors.

Review: Case-Mate Tough Air Case for iPhone 6 Plus

You've also got access to all your ports and buttons. The power button is slightly harder to push than I would like but it's not horrible and definitely something I acclimated to quickly. I use a pair of Bose in-ear headphones and I was able to use my headphones without the case getting in the way. I can't see any headphones being a problem since the plastic is thinner.

The composition of this case is a dual-layer silicon and plastic hybrid. The back side of this case features small square ridges that seem to be there to help absorb impact. The lip of the case also comes all the way around the edges of the iPhone 6 Plus, something many folks like so they can lay their case face down on a surface without fear of scratching the display.

Review: Case-Mate Tough Air Case for iPhone 6 Plus

When it comes to using the Tough Air Case for iPhone 6 Plus, I find that Case-Mate did a nice job with the materials for the most part. The case feels good in your hand and is soft to the touch but not rubbery. It slides in and out of the pocket easy due to the dual-layer construction. The only thing that worries me is that the lip of the case that sits directly above the Lightining port will stretch out over time due to the thinness. You can see this in the photo directly above.

The good

  • Doesn't stick to your pocket so easy to put away and get out
  • No pocket lint sticks to the case
  • Tougher than most silicon construction cases thanks to the dual layer construction
  • Clear so you can actually see the iPhone through the back
  • Easy access to all ports and switches
  • Easy to put on and remove

The bad

  • Power button is a little difficult to depress, but is something you adjust to after a few days
  • Material by Lightning port is thin and may stretch out over time

The bottom line

Review: Case-Mate Tough Air Case for iPhone 6 Plus

The Tough Air Case for iPhone 6 Plus by Case-Mate is not only a good looking case, it offers decent protection while not adding a ton of bulk. Will it save your iPhone 6 Plus from a ten foot drop onto concrete? Probably not. But if you're normally careful with your belongings and don't have a history of torturing iPhones, the Tough Air Case by Case-Mate should provide more than ample protection.

The Tough Air Case is currently available in black/clear and clear/lime combinations.

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Allyson Kazmucha

iMore senior editor from 2011 to 2015.