You just got your new iPhone for Christmas and you may have been wondering what case you should purchase to protect your new gift. I'm here to tell you if you are in the market for a slider case the Case-Mate Smooth for iPhone 3G and iPhone 3GS [iMore Store Link - $27.95] is one to consider. For the full review follow me after the break!

Inside the package you obviously get the case itself but you also get a crystal clear screen protector along with a small microfiber cleaning cloth. I personally choose not to use them but it's a nice gesture that I'm sure some of you can take advantage of them. The Case-Mate Smooth feels as it's name describes - smooth. With it's soft to the touch matte finish and with very minimal bulk added, it feels great in the hand. Even better is that offers a decent amount of grip without the sticky finish. You don't have to worry about a ton of dust or having a hard time removing your iPhone from you pocket or purse.

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Like a majority of other sliders the Case-Mate Smooth comes in two separate pieces that easily slide on your iPhone and lock securely together. The major difference I noticed was that this particular case is the installation, it is much easier to slide on and off than most other cases. In more or less words, it fits perfectly. It slides on easy enough that you do not have to worry about scratching the back of the phone or the chrome bezel.


On the negative front, some may feel the case simply does not cover enough area of the phone as the complete top of your phone is unprotected. I'm sure Case-Mate feels some would like access to the sim card tray but I am not one of them. All of the other ports you would expect to be accessible are. Things like the volume control, power button, and headphone jack are all can easily accessed.


Admittedly slider cases generally are my least favorite to use out of all of the various types on the market today. This really held true until I was given the chance to test out the Case-Mate Sooth case [iMore Store Link] and then my opinion changed. Sure there are a few minor annoyances but it's a very solid effort. All other slider case manufactures need to take note here follow Case-Mate's lead.




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