Review: Element Liquid Case for iPhone and iPhone 3G (And First Give Away!)

It was not long ago that Rene introduced all of you to yet another TiPb giveaway. Element Case was kind enough to provide TiPb with THREE amazing custom made cases for our faithful readers to win. Today we bring you a full review of those cases, and details on how to enter to win the very first one of them. Read on for both the review, and the contest, after the break!


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I will admit I am not the biggest fan of hard cases for any of my iPhones. Usually a simple drop would send a case flying in two pieces with the iPhone following. Now I'm not sure about you, but that is not my idea of protection. Enter the Liquid Case from Element Case. Four nickel-plated screws bolt your iPhone into its acrylic body armor and then a plastic shield snaps into place with the help of four magnets. With this case your iPhone or iPhone 3G is securely held in place and protected very well. So if that accidental drop does happen, rest assured your iPhone will be protected and come away scratch free.

Now you may be saying to yourself $99 for a case is just crazy. Well you do get what you pay for my friends. Every single Element Case is custom built and hand-assembled right here in the USA. They are injection molded from the finest clear Impact-Acrylic and PolyCarbonate polymers. Each case is custom painted with up to 7 layers of House of Kolor paint, which is not only excellent paint but also provides a top notch appearance as well. Graphics are then laser engraved into the flip-lid and backplate of every case, providing a customized look for the iPhone and iPhone 3G. The Liquid case gives you three choices of color: black, grey and white. You also get a free extra lid with your purchase. You will have your choice of 22 different graphics for your lid and and eight different colors. This means you will have little issue coming away with a very unique case. An don't forget for a extra $25 gets you a custom engraving Hence the super cool TiPb logos on the cases we are giving away. ;)

Daily Use

This case has the iPhone gamer in mind (or simply someone who wants the best protection available). The extra size may not be to everyones liking, but one of the nice things about it revolves around it's main purpose, gaming. It fits very nicely in the hands especially while playing a game. One of Dieter's biggest gripes while holding the iPhone 3G in landscape mode was that your hand would cover up the speaker blocking the sound! Well worry about that issue no more gamers.

There is no doubt that dropping your iPhone with this case on will save your investment from any harm. You even have the option of putting the lid on to cover the screen while not in use. Although some may find it a hassle to have to remove it every time you need to access the phone it is nice to be able to give it that added protection while not in use.

Everything is easily accessible while the case is on the phone. From the 3.5 headset jack, power, volume, ring/vibrate switch, and charging port. The Element Liquid Case has you covered.

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I have to say, I really do like this case. The many options can make for a unique look and it offers excellent protection. I am not aware of another case out there that enables you to have this much control over customization. From colors to designs, the possibilities are endless. The price is steep and it may not be for everyone but if you are into gaming and want the protection, it really is worth checking out.


  • Top notch all around protection
  • Great for gaming
  • Feels great in your hand
  • Looks cool
  • Very high build quality


  • Starting at $99 it is a bit expensive
  • The 4 screws make it a hassle to put your iPhone in the case or remove it.
  • The size it adds to the phone may turn some people off.

TiPb Review Rating:

The iPhone blog 4 Star Review

Element Give Away: Case #1!

So now that you've read all about it, how about a chance to win one! Just jump on over to our TiPb iPhone Forums Element Case thread to find out how you can take home the first of three one-of-a-kind custom TiPb'd out Element Cases!

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    (I finally abandoned IE many years after IE abandoned it's user base, so forget sometimes that for all its broken box models and png-panic's, it's sheer strictness can help catch any number of glitches in the fine code...)
  • ie 7 lol but really these cases are huge who wants to carry around a brick lol
  • There doesn't seem to be anything soft to keep the case from scratching the back. They do look stylish, though.
  • yeah i agreee... this case is pretty ridiculous... if someone feels the need to spend 99 dollars to put there iphone in a glass brick in order to protect it... your either one of two things... 1. ten years old. 2 not responsible enough to own an iphone... i personally have an incipio rubber case and it is great... ill admit ive droped my phone a few times comming out of my car (forgot it was on my lap) but i find my case to be all the protection i need (+ those stick on screen protectors) lastly, the rubber case gives u better grip .. i find a naked iphone to be slippery... idk if thats just me...
  • russ is right on for sure i have rubber with screen protector ive never needed more
  • Like I said, this case is not for everyone. Aimed mostly for gamers or someone who wants the absolute best protection. The trade off? Well size for one.
  • Really huge I'd say. I'd still love to get one for free! : )
  • I think I prefer my Otter Box case - I've always had good luck with their stuff and it is considerably cheaper. The element case looks nicer though I wouldn't trust it to protect any better than the Otter Box case.
  • I still love my Case Mate! Protects back really well, altho a bit on the bulky side.
  • Cool iPhone blog, I hope you're going to do some articles on the iPhone 3G S as well.
  • Oh i really like this one!