Review: Jabra BT2070 Bluetooth Headset

I have reviewed a few headsets here at TiPb (Apple's headset, Jawbone and Jawbone 2) and the latest is the Jabra BT2070. This is a slick looking headset! The BT2070 is not just for good looks, it is light and small. The iPhone Blog Store has this headset for $49.95. 

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In the box:

The packaging is clear and contains just the basics: headset, charger, instructions and two earhooks. There is no included case or any other peripherals. Then again, it is a tiny headset, so a case is not needed.

Design and build:

Most of the small headsets I have used, have been solid, and this one is no exception. The design is light-weight and comfortable. The headset is essentially two molded pieces of plastic with an answer/end button joined by a volume up/down buttons accompanying it on either side. The answer/end button is illuminated by a yellow circle that surrounds it then continues to create a division line between the volume buttons; very sharp. The headset can be worn in either ear with or without the earhook. Speaking of earhooks, the headset comes with two; just to make sure it can be as comfortable as possible. 

Using the headset:

After charging the device, I paired it with the iPhone 3G and it worked as advertised. I could listen to voicemails and make calls with ease. The answer/end button was responsive. However, I did find it difficult to adjust the volume while wearing the headset. A good resolution for this is to briefly take the device out of your ear, crank the volume up and manage the volume directly from iPhone's volume controls. 

The Jabra is comfortable in the ear; much more so than some other headsets I have used. What I like most of all is the headset gives you options; you can wear it with or without the earhook. For example, you can place the device directly in the ear (It is more comfortable than the Apple bluetooth headset, I was surprised) and it fits snugly without being uncomfortable. This is due to the earpiece being a kneadable unlike the Apple headset which was plastic with a solid rubber edge. If you use the earhook, the headset just "rests" in your ear canal. Since the device is so light, you can almost forget you are wearing it (is this good or bad?).

When talking on the device, I had no real static issues. I typically find there is always some static with bluetooth; the technology is far form perfect, but the fact it is 2.0 compliant with EDR (Enhanced Data Rate) means that you get good clarity on a call.

Talking with friends, the typical feedback I received was that the device has great noise-cancellation ability. I talked in grocery stores, malls, etc. and most friends said that they heard no background noise or very little (sometimes if you are under a speaker in a store, there is not much you can do about how loud noise is). The only concern here is wind. Yes, when the wind is howling outside and you are trying to talk on your headset... apparently the recipient can't hear a thing...

Charging the headset took no time; 1.5 at most. You can get about 5 hours of talk time. This is sufficient for me since I rarely talk than 2 hours on my iPhone in a single day. 


I really like this bluetooth headset. It is relativly inexpensive, light weight, good call clarity and comfortable. If you are in the market for a smaller-style headset that looks good, the Jabra BT2070 might just be for you! There are better headsets out their, but they typically cost about twice as much. For what this headset is, it is a good value.


  • Comfortable
  • Light
  • Good call clarity


  • Difficult to adjust volume while in your ear
  • Even on maximum volume, could be louder
  • Useless in windy conditions



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