Review: Krusell Hector Leather Case for iPhone and iPhone 3G

I'm a big fan of not using a hard case as doing so hides the beauty of the iPhone. So I tend to look for pouches, sleeves, and sometimes leather cases. Enter the Krusell Hector Leather Case for the iPhone and iPhone 3G which happens to be available in iMore Store for $29.95. I've spent a good amount of time using this case, so read on for the full review!


Lets start out by saying when you first see this case you probably won't come away that impressed. But after a closer look at this side case, it might just make you change your mind. The first thing that you'll notice is how the Krusell Hector Case is built out of a very soft, high quality leather. A lot of leather holster cases out there are very stiff but that is not the case with this Krusell. It is by far one of the most subtle leather cases that I have personally come across in a very long time.

On the inside, Krusell has lined it with a soft suede leather. So there is absolutely no reason to worry about this case scratching any part of your iPhone. On the outside, you have a magnetic flap keeping your iPhone securely in place along with an open slot underneath so you can push up to get the iPhone out with a great amount of ease.

On a negative front there is one thing that I found to be missing... a normal clip. All you get here are belt loops... More on that later.

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Daily Use

Like I mentioned, I'm a big fan of not hiding my iPhone 3G in any way, shape or form. When my phone is not in use and is in my coat pocket or pants pocket it is always in one of my pouch cases to be kept well protected. So giving a new case like the Krusell Hector a try was a very welcome opportunity.

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Right away I could not help but notice it's one and only major flaw. It only has belt loops and it omits a regular clip! Seriously? While this may work for some of you, it is something that I just could not get past. When my iPhone is not in use it stays protected, whether it's sitting on a desk, table or whatever it may be. In order for this to happen with the Krussel Hector case I would have to undo my belt. Not very convenient in my honest opinion.

Another gripe about the lack of clip is what if you don't wear a belt one day? It pretty much renders this case useless. So note to non-belt wearers out there: This may not be the case for you.

Now for all of your who like having your iPhone attached at your hip all day long. This may just be the case you've been looking for.

When it is attached to a belt, it is actually more sturdy than a normal clip, which leaves you with less of a chance of actually leaving your device behind for someone else to pick up. That is obviously a plus. While wearing the Krusell on your side you will notice that it is reasonably comfortable and eventually you forget it is attached to your side. It's also important to note that removing your iPhone is also a piece of cake. So no worries there.

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The Krusell Hector Leather Case for the iPhone and iPhone 3G, available at iMore Store for $29.95, is a good side holster case with one major drawback. Yes, you guessed it. The lack of a normal clip. Now if you are the type of person who likes to keep the case attached at your hip for your entire day, I suggest you give this case a try. You will not be disappointed in it's build quality. It is very well crafted and it suits it's purpose well.


  • Superbly built with high quality leather
  • Comfortable to wear
  • Does a good job of protecting the iPhone while holding it securely


  • Lack of removable clip!
  • Did I mention belt loops only?

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  • Should anyone worry about the magnetic closure on this messing up their iPhone? I thought that magnetic cases were pretty much a no no for iPhones? Please let me know as I am a full time belt wearer and very interested in making this next iPhone case I buy and use for a month and then get another.
  • Okay, it's not the best looking. But it does look very sturdy I must say.
  • @Evilhomer, no you should not worry about the magnets. They are no where near strong enough to do any damage to the phone.
  • Thanks Jeremy. I want to get one. I have a dozen "cases" and and not happy with any of them. I am happiest with my iPhone naked, (The iPhone, not me.)
    Can I get your employee discount?
  • I don't mind the belt loops. The problem is sometimes I wear scrubs so...
  • The belt loops are what I'm looking FOR! I've had several cases with 'clips'. And I find my phone all over the place, like in the grass. I had a Drusell case with belt loops on a previous phone and it NEVER fell off! This is exactly what I'm looking for.