Ridge Racer Slipstream now available for iOS, the arcade racing king is back

Today is the day; Ridge Racer Slipstream has launched for iPhone, iPad and Android devices. After some recent releases in the franchise that didn't live up to expectations, as we hit 20 years of Ridge Racer it's back on form with this latest mobile release.

We've had the pleasure of taking the new game out for a test drive, and it's pretty darn good. The graphics are superb, the track layouts are challenging enough yet fun to race, and importantly you get the full game for the asking price. That's not to say there aren't in-app purchase options, but these are there for you to accelerate your progress, you don't need to go anywhere near them. Unlocking the new cars, tracks and upgrades happens during the natural progression of the game, but if you want to cough up and be impatient, then you can.

The important thing to remember with Ridge Racer Slipstream is that we're looking at an arcade racer. So while it allows you to pull off insanely long drifts around the bends, it feels far removed from a simulation title such as Real Racing 3. But Ridge Racer has always been this way; even in the early PlayStation days, if you wanted realism you went for Gran Turismo.

We get 10 different venues, 20 different courses and 108 racing competitions to get stuck into, all combined with 12 different cars and 300 customization possibilities. 6 'perks' give you advantages which the developers say you'll appreciate.

There is a career mode with progression ladders, new challenges to unlock and the like, but Ridge Racer Slipstream is also really simple to just pick up and play. There's a selection of control methods to choose from; concerning manual throttle and brake, and tilt or touch to steer. My own preference for this particular game is tap to steer and just a brake pedal. It allows me to concentrate on drifting with ease, and since you need to drift to fill up your boost bar, it's important.

If you're into your racing games, then definitely check this one out. It's Ridge Racer back to its best, and well worth a few minutes of your time.

Richard Devine

Editor at iMore, part time racing driver, full time British guy. Follow him on Twitter and Google+