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What you need to know

  • Apple Watch's 'Ring in the New Year' Activity Challenge is coming back in 2020.
  • The challenge was missing in 2019 after two years running.
  • Users can complete the challenge by closing their rings for 7 straight days.

Apple is getting ready to start the New Year with a return of a briefly missing Activity Challenge for Apple Watch owners. Reported by 9to5Mac, Apple is bringing back its 'Ring in the New Year' Activity Challenge for Apple Watch.

The Activity Challenge, after first seeing its debut in 2017 and continuing on through 2018, was mysteriously missing from the New Year in 2019. However, the challenge is set to return in 2020 and Apple Watch owners should expect to receive a notification on their watch announcing the challenge in the coming days.

Apple WatchSource: iMore

The 'Ring in the New Year' Activity Challenge, for those who complete it, will earn Apple Watch owners a special badge and exclusive Activity stickers for iMessage. To complete the challenge, competitors will have to close all three Activity rings for seven days.

To close all three rings users will have to:

  1. Stand for at least one minute across 12 different hours
  2. Exercise for 30 minutes
  3. Burn up to your personal active calorie goal

The 'Ring in the New Year' Activity Challenge will kick off on January 7th and last until January 31st.