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What you need to know

  • A robber used an iPhone to track his victim.
  • After the attack, the iPhone was found.
  • And it had a photo of the robber's wife on the screen.

When robber Nick Miller came up with the idea of using an iPhone to track a potential victim, he was probably pretty pleased with himself. So pleased that he then forgot to take his wife's photo off his lock screen. It was ready and waiting when the police arrived.

According to WESH 2 both Miller and victim Jordan Mai were regulars at a poker game at the Orange City Racing and Card Club. And Miller wasn't particularly subtle when it came to finding his victim.

"He would always make super weird questions though, like, 'What kind of car do you drive? How much money do you usually have on you?'" Mai said.

That meant that alarm bells rang after the attack, with Mai thinking that the robber might be someone that he knew. Sure enough, when he checked his car he found a tracking device in the form of a red iPhone.

Soon after the robbery, Mai looked under his car and found a bag attached to the undercarriage, by magnets.

He said inside the bag was a red iPhone with a cracked screen.

"It was clearly like a personal cell phone. It was like still getting snapchats and text messages and stuff," Mai said.

Despite trying to skip town, Nick Miller was caught by police in Indiana. Not only is he now having to deal with the repercussions of his abysmal attempt at robbery, but he also has to explain to his wife where her phone is.