AT&TSource: Andrew Martonik / iMore

What you need to know

  • Robbers stole 38 iPhones during a heist in Essex County, New Jersey.
  • The trip flipped their car as they were fleeing the scene.

Three men robbed a phone store in Essex County, New Jersey earlier this week and made away with 38 iPhones in a backpack. All three were later arrested after they flipped their car during the getaway.

According to local reports, an AT&T store was robbed when one of the men pulled a gun and another bundled employees and customers into a room while another made away with the iPhones.

The gunman demanded an employee open the store's safe, where another robber loaded 38 iPhones into his backpack, according to police. They also stole the personal cell phones from the customer and employees, police said.

After the trio got away their car was spotted by police, but a short pursuit was ultimately called off. That didn't stop the robbers from managing to flip their own car though, with police arresting them shortly after. It isn't clear exactly what caused the accident, however, but it appears all three were unhurt.

No information about the iPhones themselves was released, but fitting 38 of them into one backpack is no mean feat! It must have been the miniature iPhone 12 mini, perhaps.

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