Rogers/Fido push out OTA iPhone Carrier Settings Update -- iOS 4 handles on-device

Interesting - Rogers and their Fido subsidiary pushed out a Carrier Settings Update for the iPhone (to version 7.1 for those keeping track). More interesting - iOS 4 seems to pop-it up over-the-air and offer to install it on-device. (Best as we can remember, the last update popped up in, and was installed by, iTunes on the desktop).

One more step towards the tether-less future. Anyone else, anywhere else, get an update?

[Thanks for the tip, Alex!]

Rene Ritchie

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  • your welcolme!!!!
  • Would that explain why 3G is painfully slow in Kelowna today feels like Edge!
  • Hint. There are only 2 periods in the whole thing
  • Wow is someone watch my posts no sooner did I publish my last post and bingo it asked me to update to 7.1 I'm already running iOS 4 maybe that's why. At least my signal seen stronger!
  • I am on Rogers with iOS 4.0, got nothing like this.
  • Running iOS 4 GM here and I got the popup when going in the about page. Don't know what it changes though.
  • Yeah. AT&T just pushed iOS 5 to me with free unlimited data, tethering and SMS and an eCoupon for $300 off my next iPhone.
  • Same for Bell ! 7.1 release 1 min ago !
  • On Rogers here got no pop up. Using 4.0 GM.
  • Update: Go into About and 5 secs later you'll get the popup.
  • Nothing yet on my phone... course I'm not sure what exactly I should be looking for. :)
  • Got it. Not sure what it changes though.
  • O2 uk done this yesterday, I clicked update
  • Just got the update for telekom germany up from 7.0 to 7.1 installed OTA in the about page
  • Bang on as soon as I entered about on iOS 4. Anyone know what the carrier update tweaks?
  • If we're on 3.1.3, how do we get the update?
  • on iOS4 and just got the message. I'm guessing that I'll have to update sooner or later, but really want to know what changes before I do. rumours of limited tethering - any else hear that?
  • No update on AT&T.
  • Will there be an update for Tmobile USA?
  • Same here at Telekom Germany. To Be honest I don't have a clue what this means, can anyone help me?
  • I keep getting the update, but when I click on "update" it clears the message and it does nothing. My Rogers carrier version is still at 7.0. Also, tethering is not an option with iOS 4.0, well for me anyway.
  • If anyone can find the Carrier Settings file so that I can force a Network through the Network menu, please let me now. I'm on AT&T and they don't allow this option while Rogers does.
  • I am having the same problem as Vernon. It seems I can't use my 3G until I update the carrier setting, but the carrier version stays at 7.0 no matter how many time I try the update, either from the popup in the phone or from iTunes.
    To James, The carrier update files are stored in the following locations. How do you "force a Network through the Network menu"?
    In Mac OS X:
    /Users/[Username]/Library/iTunes/iPhone Carrier Support/
    In Windows XP:
    C:\Documents and Settings\[Username]\Application Data\Apple Computer\iTunes\iPhone Carrier Support
    In Windows Vista:
    C:\Documents and Settings\[username]\AppData\Roaming\Apple Computer\iTunes\iPhone Carrier Support\ in Windows Vista.
  • Still at 7.0 too!!! Can't use 3G for now. I'm with Fido. Any help?
  • *** updated SOLUTION! ***
    I had the same problem as the commenters. Update won't take no matter how many times I try, either through iTunes or the one pushed by Fido. I called Fido technical support and was able to resolve the problem. The key is to let Fido push the update to your phone AFTER a restore instead of using the carrier update from iTunes.
    Please NOTE that following these instructions, you won't be able to restore your iPhone using your backup. You will have to setup your iPhone as new and sync the data on your computer back to the iPhone.
    Here are the steps I took:
    1) backup your phone (even though we won't be using it later, Mom says always backup your data)
    2) restore your phone by connecting to iTunes and press the Restore button (you should have at least iTunes version 9.2
    3) During the restore iTunes will give you a little message saying the iPhone is restarting, click OK. Then iTunes should be asking to setup your iPhone. Do NOT set it up yet. On your iPhone, it should say, "iPhone is now activated." On the iPhone, go to Settings > General > About that we have become so familiar with by now.
    4) Wait for the carrier to push the update to you. It should happen in less than 2 minutes. If it doesn't, go back out and back in again. Click OK to update.
    5) The carrier version should now say Fido 7.1
    6) You can now surf using 3G. Your faith in humanity should also have been restored.
    7) At this point, if you restore your old data using your backup on iTunes, the carrier setting will be returned to 7.0. The only way is to set up your iPhone like new. I will post again if I can think of a better solution. Though I don't think there is a better way.
    Note that you do not need Wi-Fi connection throughout this process for the iPhone.
  • hey Li i had a question i have a at&t iphone and i jailbroke 4.0 n unlocked it i hav a fido simcard in it and i have data but cant use it bcuz of the carrier its stuck at 7.0 can i still update to 7.1 with the steps u have taken
  • @ Li & q, I had the same problem, my Fido 3G was updated to OS4, jailbroke unlocked by redsn0w and ultrasn0w. At the point of running ultrasn0w, i still could access data. After unlocking, I couldn't.
    I called Fido, they mentioned to me about the Fido 7.1 issue, exactly like Li said, "Update won’t take no matter how many times I try, either through iTunes or the one pushed by Fido. "
    I called Apple technical support, they instructed me to restored the phone via Itunes. I did that, the carrier setting was 7.1 after. Then, I re-jailbroke, the carrier setting remained 7.1, but after unlocking, it reversed back 7.0. However, no problem to access 3G data this time.
    I really have no clue how to fix this problem but as long as I have access to 3G data now, I will leave it and hopefully some smart ones will find the way to resolve this soon.
  • Yup I'm with fido and I've done the ota.
  • I call Fido with this problem and I will get a brand new phone!
  • Mii,
    I have the same issue, but even if I retry I still have no access to data. I was wondering what's your original iPhone carrier ? Did you have to activate with an other SIM card, so you could see you were on the 7.1? Than unlocking it with UltraSn0w?
  • @Blip, My phone is from Fido but I unlock it for the reason I always travel aboard.
    Check update 4 about the APN at, I wonder if this is the solution to resolve our problem.
  • @Blip, I fixed the problem already.
    Simply by running redsn0w 0.9.5b5-5 again. Now, I have Fido 7.1 and I put my PCCW sim card in, working ok as it roams Rogers...
  • Hi Li -- I mean that the NETWORK menu doesn't show for AT&T phones, whereas ROGERS customers always see the NETWORK menu. I want to force the Rogers Carrier settings into my iPhone4, but don't know how. I have the .ipcc file but my phone won't take it, even without the SIM installed.
  • Has anyone managed to update their carrier settings without having to restore to factory settings first?
  • Lost my tethering with FIDO and 4.0 upgrade for iPhone. FIDO seemed anything but helpful for this issue.
  • Thx for the info to re-jailbreak using redsn0w 0.9.5b5-5 this is all that was needed. Once I did that everything worked correctly.
  • I had a problem with the carrier as well. I downloaded and did re-jailbreak with redsn0w 0.9.5b5-5, but my carrier is still saying Bell 7.0. My phone is still working, but I have to have 3G enabled (which doesn't make sense for me since when I had iPhone running before the upgrade, I always had 3G disabled).
    Other than that, my phone is working now.
  • I'm on a locked 3GS with 7.1 and I still can't connect using 3G (wifi and Edge are fine). Anyone else?
    Jeff: the tethering problem is a iOS4 bug. The work around is that you need to open iTunes on pur computer, plug in you phone, and volia, you'll be able to tether again.
  • My locked Fido 3GS updated fine to OS 4.0 and the carrier settings became Fido 7.1 but I had a lot of issues getting data to work properly. Most of the time it would say I'm on 3G but no website would load. I just fixed it by going to on my phone and just picked Fido (the first one) and created a profile on my phone. Very simple fix and 3G has been working perfect ever since.
  • Update showed up on mine today
  • Yup OS 4.0.1 with carrier 7.2. It fixes nothing.
  • Update hit here in Canada too. Bell carrier 7.2 now. Does anyone know exactly what the changes were?
  • Thanks baraccus- Worked great for fido and fixed my 3G connection problems as well. If only fido tech support would have Provided this in the first place !!
  • Ps- choose the first one - fido on that site not fido (2). Or it wont work. Anyhow many thanks!!
  • I updated to iOS 4 and lost 3G. Restored as new. OTA to 7.2. Restore from backup but ota does not take. Stuck at 7.0 with all my data vs 7.2 with no data. Brilliantly stupid. Faith in humanity restored only when my backup and 7.2 both work.
  • This is weird. I have two JB'd & unlocked iphone 4's; one from Telus, with a Telus SIM; and one from AT&T, with a trimmed down Rogers SIM. The Telus one worked fine after JBing. The AT&T one with the Rogers SIM showed a strong 3G signal but had no data service. I couldn't perform the restore because 4.0.2 just came out, so I decided to swap SIMs. The Rogers SIM game me a SIM error in the Telus one while the Telus SIM worked fine in the AT&T one. Next I took the SIM from my Rogers JB'd iPAD and tried it in the AT&T one. No registration but no SIM error. Then, I put all three SIMs back where they started.
    Low and behold, now the 3G data works fine with the Rogers SIM in the JB'd and unlocked iPhone 4 (4.0.1 OS). Weird. I guess using the Telus SIM successfully in it fixed what was likely a corrupt APN file issue.
    It would be interesting to see if this test was a fluke or whether it can be replicated among friends (assuming that not everybody has a couple of iphone 4's with different carrier plans!
  • You can manually input the required basic carrier settings so you can get on with 3G and o
    You need the settings for ur sim provider just google apn carrier settings this page has most of them. This works if you don't want to or can't take the carrier update.
  • You get the manual input option on 4.01 jail broken, go to settings, general, network turn on data connect and edit the son settings. After taking update you can't edit manually again
  • OTA is going so slooooooooow, but it's working!
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