Feeder 4 On Big Sur ScreenshotSource: Reinvented Software

What you need to know

  • Feeder 4.0 is an app designed for podcasters and other people who need to publish an RSS feed.
  • The new update adds a macOS Big Sur redesign, iCloud syncing, sharing, and more.

Reinvented Software has released a big new update to Feeder, an app that is used by podcasters and other creators who want or need to publish their own RSS feeds. This 4.0 update brings a few big changes including a new macOS Big Sur redesign.

That redesign makes Feeder 4.0 look very much like a Big Sur app, complete with a new sidebar and color-coded icons.

Feeder 4 works on macOS 10.14 or later, but takes full advantage of the new features of macOS Big Sur, with a full-height sidebar, color-coded icons in the sidebar, an inset item list, sectioned toolbar, collapsible search field, and new icons throughout the app.

In terms of syncing and sharing, Feeder 4.0 adds iCloud support so that your feeds will follow you from device to device. Changes ar esynced automatically.

This update also includes support for Apple Podcasts following the deprecation of iTunes. A big deal for those using Feeder as a podcast tool.

Feeder's podcasting support was previously based on the iTunes Store. Now that iTunes has been replaced by the Podcasts app on all of Apple's platforms, Feeder 4 shows podcasts as they will appear in that app: seasons, trailers and bonuses are grouped and listed in the correct order, and a new per-episode preview shows how each episode will look.

Artwork for podcast previews is now based entirely on what's in the feed, rather than artwork in the media file, which is not used by Apple Podcasts, and Feeder now validates the format, dimensions, resolution and colorspace of artwork that you choose.

Other changes come to the editor window as well as how previews work. There's a lot more too – head on over to the announcement post for the full feature rundown.

Feeder 4.0 is available now for $39.99 from the App Store. Existing users can upgrade from Feeder 3.x for half price, though.