Rumor: Apple releasing iOS 4.0.1 next week?

Apple Insider is reporting that, before being removed, a thread in the Apple Discussion Forums confirmed iOS 4.0.1 was being readied for release next week to address bugs -- including the dreaded antenna "hold different" issue (or "death-grip" if you prefer).

iOS (iPhone) 3.0.1 was released July 31, 2009. 2.0.1 was August 4, 2008. 1.0.1 was was July 31, 2007. So next week for 4.0.1? Unusual.

If real, that's good news in that 1) Apple is moving quickly and 2) the reception problem is software related, which means its much easer to fix.

Meanwhile the New York Times Bits blog has a theory as to why Apple didn't discover this problem before the iPhone shipped - at Apple HQ the signal was strong, and when it was taken outside HQ for test, it was in that case that disguised it as an iPhone 3GS -- and insulated the antenna. Ironic much?

So in the spirit of hope we're keeping our eyes -- and mouse-clicks -- peeled for updates... You?

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Rene Ritchie

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