Rumor: The Nintendo Switch 12.0.0 update could be hinting at a new kind of Switch dock

Nintendo Switch In Dock
Nintendo Switch In Dock (Image credit: Rebecca Spear / iMore)

What you need to know

  • The latest Nintendo Switch firmware update, 12.0.0, has recently been released.
  • One component of the system update was the ability to update and check the system dock's firmware.
  • Homebrew community members are unsure of whether this hints to the rumored Switch Pro or not.

Dataminers have found evidence to suggest that the newest Nintendo Switch 12.0.0 system update has made it possible for the Nintendo Switch dock to have its firmware updated.

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This is a peculiar new piece of information, as the Switch dock is allegedly quite rudimentary, essentially only having the capability to convert to HDMI and process USB inputs.

While many believe that this is obvious evidence for the existence of the long-rumored "Switch Pro", others may think of it as a pre-emptive protective move against the Homebrew community, in the event that they discover an exploit in the current Switch dock hardware. The Homebrew community has previously found hardware exploits in the Nintendo Switch system, using 3D-printed tools to access an exploit in the Joy-Con rails.

However, those in the Homebrew and video game hardware scene have also found that the updated code checks for whether the dock supports the "Aula" firmware update. According to the Homebrew community, "Aula" is allegedly the codename for the rumored "Switch Pro" that is said to support 4K and be much more powerful than the current models available on the market.

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Nevertheless, it is important that consumers keep an eye on these rumors while also taking them with a grain of salt. Developers and manufacturers can change plans at any moment, even after announcements, and so it is safer to assume that something is fact once it has been officially announced by the relevant companies. In the meantime, fans should enjoy the systems they have, and all the amazing games that come with it.

Nadine Dornieden

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