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What you need to know

  • Running app Tempo has gained personal bests, wheelchair workouts, and more.

Tempo has long been a popular running app but it's also had one missing feature – the ability to track your personal bests. That's now been fixed in a new update with more thrown in for good measure.

The addition of wheelchair workout support is an excellent one and the more fitness and workout apps that include these kinds of workouts, the better. There's also a new annual highlights feature that gives users more data on their past selves.

This release brings one of the most awaited features — Personal Bests. Tempo's implementation of Personal Bests not only identifies fastest performance at workout summary level (average pace), but also aggregates data samples for the fastest times within every workout to detect interim fast segments.

In terms of personal bests, the developer behind the app says that actually implementing it wasn't as easy as some might expect – thanks in part to the fact all data remains on your device rather than being shipped off to a remote server.

Personal Bests has been one of the oldest on the list of most requested features for Tempo. While it seems fairly straightforward at a surface level, implementing it locally on the device (vs taking all of our fitness data to a server) made this feature complex enough that I have had a few planning/design iterations for a couple of years now. So I am really excited to be finally releasing it.

Regardless, it's here now, and users can now see their personal best data from within Tempo for the first time. You can download the updated Temp from the App Store now. The app is free with in-app purchases available for those looking for more advanced features.

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