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Samsung announces Galaxy S6 (the S is for Shameless)

It's so unapologetically brazen, so "success is it's own reward", that you just have to love it. The only thing is, you have to be successful for it to work. Samsung, with the brand new Galaxy S6 has once again shamelessly copied Apple designs, this time Apple's iPhone 6, Apple's Touch ID fingerprint registration interface, and the Apple Pay interface. Just as shamelessly, they ditched elements like user-replaceable batteries that they used in attack ads as recently as last July. Given their recent problems both in the market and within the company, they've obviously decided doubling down on shameless is just exactly what they need to do. The question now becomes — can they do it successfully?

Ditching the battery access is gutsy, not just because Samsung spent actual money to make an ad disparaging iPhone owners as "wall huggers", but because it's a feature hard-core Android owners still cite as imperative. Same with waterproofing, which Samsung went so far as to co-opt the "ice bucket challenge" to unsuccessfully attack Apple with as well. Same with expandable SD card storage. Same with the Hasbro-style plastic construction.

Samsung ditched almost all of its hardware differentiation to go all in on iPhone 6-style design — though layering in, iPhone 4-like, with glass on both sides.

The sole exception to the retreat is the Galaxy S6 Edge, which curves the display itself down along the sides. Whether or not the Edge will move the needled for Samsung — whether there's enough demand and enough supply to meet it — remains to be seen. But at least it's something.

For a while, Samsung thrived as the not-iPhone you could get on Verzion. Then the iPhone came to Verizon. Samsung still thrived as the not-iPhone you could get that was bigger than 4-inches. Then the 4.7- and 5.5-inch iPhones launched. Now it's unclear where Samsung can thrive, especially given the strength of Chinese phone makers at the other end of the market.

Last year I wrote about the Galaxy S5 problem and it turned out to be true. "Relatively disappointing" is how it's referred to in Android Central's video, above. I fear the "Galaxy S6 problem" will be worse.

Last year Samsung was facing an all-new design from Apple with the iPhone 6 and the Galaxy S5 simply wasn't enough. This year, though if Apple holds to pattern, Samsung was facing an "S-class" iPhone upgrade. Instead of counter-programming that, instead of using that pattern to try and leap ahead, Samsung seems to have barely kept pace. What happens, then, when a 6-month old Samsung Galaxy S6 has to face an iPhone 6s on the market?

There'll always be people who just don't like Apple or Apple's products, and Samsung spends a fortune on making sure its name is the first name those people think of when searching for alternatives. Maybe, even absent gaps in Apple's lineup, that'll still work. It's an absolutely shameless gamble — but could it be a successful one?

Check out Andrew Martonik's complete Samsung Galaxy S6 preview and hands-on and let me know what you think.

Rene Ritchie
Rene Ritchie

Rene Ritchie is one of the most respected Apple analysts in the business, reaching a combined audience of over 40 million readers a month. His YouTube channel, Vector, has over 90 thousand subscribers and 14 million views and his podcasts, including Debug, have been downloaded over 20 million times. He also regularly co-hosts MacBreak Weekly for the TWiT network and co-hosted CES Live! and Talk Mobile. Based in Montreal, Rene is a former director of product marketing, web developer, and graphic designer. He's authored several books and appeared on numerous television and radio segments to discuss Apple and the technology industry. When not working, he likes to cook, grapple, and spend time with his friends and family.

  • Sorry to say but this sounds like an extreme case of butthurt.
  • Rather than personal insults, a productive discussion where you point out a different opinion and the facts upon which you base it would be far more appreciated. Otherwise it just reads like — this upsets me but it's true so all I can do is attack you!
  • Be reply I've read in years!! GO RENE!!
  • No I actually agree with him. It does sound like an awful case of butthurt. And it's not even the first time for this website (or you in particular) regarding a Samsung product. Let's face it, the S6 Edge looks gorgeous, it's being praised all over the web by some big-named writers and general users alike. So let's cut the 'shameless' crap and appreciate a company really turning it around? P.S Where's your article bashing Apple on the iPhone bending?
  • Why would he bash apple on the bending scams? There were many articles on it but its not apples fault people make fake things up about them. Sent from the iMore App
  • Anything bends if you try hard enough, but the stories trying to say they bent with normal use are completely fake. Sent from the iMore App
  • Um go to this site. Not saying the amount is vast, but clearly the numbers of iPhones bending on accident is more than Apple claims.
  • It doesnt make anything clear tho, people will clamor onto things just to make it look like theres a problem. Unless you are trying to bend it, you arent going to have a problem Sent from the iMore App
  • Um that is not true. The original claim is that people had their iPhone 6+ in their pockets doing nothing special and when they took them out they were bent. While true that some people heard of the initial claims and tried to bend on purpose to see if it would work, there have been people after the original 9 that had their iPhones bend for no reason which is the purpose of this site. Basically shows Apple down played the issue. Just because you don't like that something is happening does not make it untrue. That's how reality works.
  • "there have been people after the original 9 that had their iPhones bend for no reason" NO REASON? So the iPhones were just sitting on a table and started bending?
  • In their pockets. You read up on this more
  • Oh no what will apple do. 602 people have reported bent iPhones. Let's see. Based on apples recent numbers of 78 million iphones sold in the holiday quarter (close to 1 million a day) let's say 1 in 10 are iPhone 6 plus which I would bent my bank account would be far more than that number. So based on the numbers apple sold 7.8 million iPhone 6 plus. Now out of 602 people lets say that ten times that didn't report theirs on this site. So let's say 6,200 iphones. He'll just to be fair let's say 10,000 iPhons 6 plus are bent (not to mention probably because most are mis handled and stuffed in back pockets and sat on) that would mean roughly .00128 or roughly 1.2% of all iPhone ) plus (which they probably actually sold way more than that number being 78 million iPhones sold and more than likely way less than the 10k bent). Did I really need to go this far to show you how ridiculous you all sound when you call out this ridiculous site over and over again the last six months when only 602 people have even reported bent iPhones. Come on man. This number is way way way less than 1% and I was being fair. I would bent my bank account that far more than 1% of all Samsung phones have problems off the assembly line. When millions of these phones are being built every day (it would have to be as nearly 1 million was sold per day for the 90 days they sold 78 million iPhones) that some will have problems. Human error for one and then treating the aluminum etc. it's time to start forgetting this BS because that is exactly what bend gate was. It hasn't kept apple from selling far more phones than every smartphone manufacturer combined. Go find something else to bash apple on this one doesn't hold water.
  • "...roughly .00128 or roughly 1.2% of all iPhone " That's actually 0.12% of all iPhones.
  • I have a friend who is an avid Apple fan and had his iPhone 6+ bend within the first couple weeks from normal use just being in his pocket. It's not lies and he was disappointed that this occurred with an Apple product.
  • FYI, iJUNK6 and 6+ bends very easily due to its cheap crap aluminium and poor design. just my neighbor took back 3 iJUNK6 due to issues and BENDING and finally got a iJUNK6+ since he is a brainwashed iSHEEP, that never learned his lesson the first time. Everytime i go to Best Buy stores that has iJUNK6/6+ on display, along with other stores like Sam's club,..........their iJUNK 6/6+ is BENT. If you go to twitter and type #Bendgate you'll see iSHEEP users posting their BENT iJUNK's on there, like 100000x of them. Not to mention what iJUNK6/6+ has others had it 3~4 YEARS AGO. the most Overrated, Hyoed-Up trash ever made, which was COPIED from SONY design originally:
  • That site is ridiculous. Most of the stories are suspect at best. All you need to deflate "bendgate" is simple logic. If it were true that there was a design flaw in the iPhone 6 that led to it being able to bend it "without even trying," then based on the numbers of iPhone 6's sold there would be many, many thousands possibly even *hundreds* of thousands of cases where this happened. There aren't, therefore ... This reminds me of Buzzed where they had a story a while ago that asked people to submit accounts of "that time their iPhone screen broke." More than half of the stories that resulted actually were about people who THREW their iPhones (that then broke), more than half also involved alcohol. A typical story was like, "I was really drunk, and I got mad, and I threw my iPhone at a wall." All of these stories of Apple's "design flaws" in it's products are made up bullshit based on recollections of events that mostly happen when drunk. The very *first* bent iPhone 6 story, the one that started the whole trend, was a guy at a wedding (he didn't say but who doesn't drink their faces off at a wedding?), who had the phone in his tight pants pocket for 8 hours or so while sitting down at his table. When he woke up the next morning, he found that his iPhone was bent. If you read stories like this and then reach for "design flaw" as the cause, (instead of a drunk idiot at a wedding) you are an idiot.
  • Vava, Do the math. If this were a real issue then a significant number of iPhone 6 devices would be return. CLUE: A Significant number is not 9, 90, 900, 9,000. or 90,000. Apple sold 74.4 million iPhones last quarter. This is just nonsense and by the way Samsung are running with it it was probably Samsung that came up with the idea. Here's the thing. I bet we'll see Samsung S6 bend within days of it coming out.
  • You am not saying the percentage is large, but it is definitely more than the number Apple mentioned initially. Regardless of that, Apple is replacing units that do suffer that fate, right? As long as they do that at no charge, that is fair.
  • The S6 frame could bend but the back is glass so either it regains its shape or if it bends past a certain point it will shatter.
  • 600 iPhones of 75 million sold? That's a problem worth writing about?
  • My iPhone 6 Plus was bent right out of the box... Sent from the iMore App
  • And my galaxy s5 was cracked in half when i got it. Sent from the iMore App
  • That's unfortunate. Sent from the iMore App
  • "My iPhone 6 Plus was bent right out of the box..." Then it's a duff device and Apple would swap it out.
    Of course the authenticity of your original comment is suspect to say the least.
  • I had something like that happen once. I bought an iPad 2 on release day. After getting it home I noticed that the screen had image retention of a word like "TEST," though I don't remember the exact word now. I think a test unit had gotten mixed up and shipped by mistake. I took it back to BestBuy and exchanged it. Accidents do happen so I could see both a bent iPhone and an S5 with broken screen shipping. Sent from the iMore App
  • Even BGR, who is a bigger Apple fanboy site than iMore (maybe not now) LOVED the designs and admitted it was not an iPhone copy. Rene is just incredibly butthurt.
  • BGR started out, and has been for most of it's existence, an ANTI-Apple site. They have spent endless ink criticizing everything about Apple. Just because the BG himself, who was a serious Blackberry user, eventually got seduced into buying an iPhone and running a few positive articles, doesn't make BGR an "Apple fanboy site."
  • BGR is very, very, pro Apple now. Sent from the iMore App
  • Are you kidding? Gellar who is their founder is a huge Apple fanboy! BGR is a ridiculously huge pro Apple fanboy site. They even let Papa Snarf moderate who will ban or delete comments that are pro Samsung or anti Apple and Snarf himself is incredibly anti Samsung in his comments. BGR is absolutely pro Apple and is well known to be across the net.
  • How isn't this an apple copy? Samsungs Touch ID now doesn't need a swipe (wonder where they got that one?), 16,64,128gb options (wow Samsung are you serious?), all new premium design (looks exactly like apples iPhone 5 and 5s and now wow look 6 months after the 6 we now have rounder glass), 64bit processor (which Samsung itself was saying is nothing special and now praises their own almost 2 years later because they simply couldn't do it), Samsung pay (again, really Samsung? Are you even trying?), black, white, and gold (good thing you threw in a blue huh Samsung), all new camera that's much faster and simpler (almost exactly word for word apples keynote), no more relaceable battery and micro sd (thought this is what made Samsung phones so much better than us wall huggers), and more. They literally every year do almost exactly what apple does and almost in the same order and your going to say they aren't copying apple? To me they look like desperate fools. They can't differentiate because the only thing they had on apple was bigger phone (which they accidentally fell into because they couldn't innovate smaller batteries in lte phones). Samsung is a joke and they continue to show that apple is the real innovater. Hell, even htc, Nokia, lg, Sony, etc all look like geniuses when it comes to Samsung. At least they all try to do something different Samsung on the other hand do everything they can to confuse consumers. Too bad they are losing their customers hand over fist because they don't know the meaning of keeping customers. Most people buy one Samsung device and then jump to apple or some other phone. Samsung Has done this to themselves. Stop giving them a pass when it is clear as day they shamelessly copy everything Apple does the only difference is they don't do it very well and seem to be a good 2-3 years behind apple at every turn.
  • I almost forgot. They even copied apple on having the camera protrude from the back of the phone which is a huge mistake by both companies. Why would anyone copy that? Shameless.
  • They even copied Apple by putting a screen on the front of the phone why would they do that? It's so stupid....
  • Because until Apple made front of a phone entirely a screen, it was actually 2/3 keyboard. Remember that?
  • Samsung F700 nice try
  • The iPhone was announced and demoed in Jan 2007. Double nice try.
  • Wrong
  • The F700 wasn't announced until Feb 2007 and then didn't ship until Dec 2007. The iPhone was announced and demoed in Jan 2007 and then shipped in June of that same year. The F700 also lacked an accelerometer and proximity sensor and only had a capacitive touch screen.
  • I believe Samsung makes those storage options.
  • you are a PURE 100% Brainwashed iSHEEP that has no freaking clue what you are even talking about. EVERYTHING CrApple has/had was/is a COPY from Others. Including their so called original design that was COPIED from SONY:
    Also, Samsung MAKES MANY parts for iJUNK including that 64bit CPU for YEARS, since CrApple has 0 factories and makes NOTHING WHATSOEVER on their own. NOTHING. Several manufactures were working on 64Bit CPU's, including Qualcomm, Samsung, Intel,........and was in testing stages when SAMSUNG made the 64bit CPU for CrApple, which was 100% useless since NOTHING was made for 64bit when it came out and was ONLY to brainwash ppl like you as a BS Marketing scam. So your CrApple iJUNK with 64Bit was running at 32 like everyone else's. Samsung had 8 core CPU, BEFORE ANYONE else had them. Their HUGE, MASSIVE Factory in Austin, TX makes CPU's and many other components, just so you know. Why release something that no one can actually use and get the benifit from it, till the Apps and OS can actually can support 64bit, which we should see more and more in upcoming years????????????? As for Fingerprinting feature, 2011 Motorola Atrix 4G had that feature BEFORE iJUNK COPIED it, and fooled pl like you. the NFC(invented by Nokia, Sony, and Philips was used by Nokia for YEARS and was used to PAY many things using the NFC Tags in Europe), was made fun of by CrApple in front of 1000s of ppl in MANY occasions(Along with LARGE SCREEN PHNS, which SAMSUNG, HTC,......... had them YEARS BEFORE), and now Used a Limited version of the NFC for CrApple Pay. 750 and 1080p was used by MANY brands for YEARS and now finally on iJUNK6 and 6+. However, iJUNK6/6+ are still at 8 pix camera, very low mAh garbage battery, no 1080p on iJUNK6, NO 5 pix FRONT camera, NO Quad HD screens that is on SAMSUNG S6 and S6 EDGE and LG G3,......................... so maybe in 2019 CrApple will catche-up to 2014/2015 technology we used for a while, on MANY brands.
    Also take a good look at """""""""""""""SONY Xperia Z3"""""""""""", while you are at it. See where CrApple's iJUNK gets its ideas from over and over again.
  • You can deny it that Samsung doesn't copy apple but everyone else disagrees. Here is what the verge said and they have actually used the phones: "It’s easy to see where Samsung took its inspiration for the Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge: the design is strikingly similar to the iPhone 6 in many places, and the features that Samsung did focus its efforts on are all things the iPhone has had for years. Look at the S6 from certain angles and you’d immediately think it’s an iPhone. Put your thumb on the home key and the phone unlocks almost instantly, just like an iPhone. Even the camera mount protrudes out from the rear of the phone, preventing the S6 from lying flat on a table, just like an iPhone 6. (The flat S6 looks like the lovechild of an iPhone 4 and an iPhone 6, while the S6 Edge is a little more distinctive.) Samsung has be known to copy Apple’s design before, which led to record sales and record-breaking lawsuits. It’s hard to say if the Galaxy S6 will bring about any lawsuits, but the similarities between it and the iPhone 6 are undeniable."
  • It looks more like a Z3 to me than an iPhone 6. The 16, 64, 128 on storage is just a great way everyone has of ripping off customers. If they went 32, 64, 128, not many would buy the 64. Samsung cameras always protrude, which sucks and I hate that apple went that way as well. The pay thing is pretty much Samsung copying apple, that copied Google/softcard, at this point it doesn't matter because everyone is trying to get into mobile payments. The fingerprint sensor is more like the iPhone now but tell me it didn't suck before? Check out the back of the iPhone 6 and the HTC M8. Do you see any similarities? Sadly, android is part of the reason for moving away from SD cards. Google has consistently made them less and less useful. I personally hate that because I like being able to upgrade my storage for half of what the phone manufacturers charge. Sent from the iMore App
  • did you know, CrApple pays BIG $$$$$$$$$$$$$ to these BS tech craps to make their iJUNK better than others and to Hype-Up and Brainwash ppl??????? Have you look at SONY Xperia Z3 that came BEFORE iJUNK6/6+??? Have you seen this design from SONY??? Does that ring a bell?????? CrApple=COPY EVERYTHING and BRAINWASH, FOOL, MISLEAD, LIE,...................they were 1st. NOOOOOOOT, Not even Close
  • The Verge calling it an iPhone knockoff:
  • You said verge lol. Fox news of tech. Posted via the iMore App for Android
  • Of course the Verge is saying that. They are a bunch of Apple loving hipster fanboys. Techno Buffalo, Engadget, and Phone Dog are much better, more balanced sites.
  • So, if they say what you want to hear, then they are more balanced? /smh Sent from the iMore App
  • No but they definitely lean one way
  • Those sites are way better. You are totally right. Sent from the iMore App
  • According to you, everyone who doesn't agree with you is basically an Apple loving hipster fanboy right? Here's news for you. The very fact that you use the term "fanboy" marks you as a bigoted, narrow minded person who doesn't actually have an argument. You are just grouping many thousands of disparate, separate individuals and slapping a bigoted label on them. It's basically the same thing as saying "All old people ... " or "All black people ...". Your very language reveals you as the intolerant idiot that you are.
  • here is a FACT for you: need i say more? I wonder what apple would steal its next design if Sony and others say you can's anymore???? have you seen the SONY Xperia Z3 lately that came out before iJUNK? Did you know, Samung and others had LARGE SCREEN phns YEARS before iJUNK 6/6+ came out??? So if iJUNK6 and 6+ was the same size as iJUNK5 or 5S, would you still think, Samsung 5 inch copied iJUNK?? they would look NOTHING alike then. So maybe CrApple iJUNK now looks like Samsung, since they COPIED and increased their Screen size. Samsung still looks like Samsung. CrApple now is getting more and more look like others.
  • i wonder how much CrApple is paying Verge and similar places to say that????????? Great Brainwashing technique, by CrApple. It does work on Low IQ iSHEEP, but NOT on intelligent, well knowledgeable informed, NOT CrApple users. We know better, how CrApple COPIES EVERYTHING from others. Have you seen the Sony Xperia Z3???? Have you seen this????? need i say more??? EVIL CrApple=COPY
  • That's a whole lot of animosity and paranoia you've got there.
    I hope that stuff doesn't give you a heart attack someday.
    You gotta let that stuff go. Breathe man.
  • I agree, except for Peter Cohen articles, almost all articles on iMore are so pro Apple, anti-Samsung. I am an Apple user myself, but I think the s6 and s6 Edge look very nice, they may have some similarities with the iPhone 6, but so does iP6 with HTC one, the back looks almost identical. All companies copy from each other, it is a never ending discussion, just get over it.
  • You are 100 percent right about the Peter Cohen thing. It's upsetting really, as I used to love visiting this place before it turned into an arm of Apple's marketing division. I just read a glowing review about this new Samsung phone on a mainstream news site and my first reaction was, "I bet Renee will be mocking this thing." Click on my iMore bookmark and to nobody's surprise, that's exactly what I found, right there in the headline.
  • The same place as the articles of 5 billion malware apps being installed on android devices appears on the Android Central site. Posted via the iMore App for Android
  • Oh can it. You haters are always here giving Rene grief. He's right Samsung has no damn shame. You trolls should mosey on to AppleInsider to see the ass whipping Samscum is getting over there. No one is saying Samsung don't have design savvy but they seem to just not try. At least Moto, Nokia, HTC have originality. And Samsung Pay, couldn't it be anymore blatant. You got it right Rene 'shameless' is what they are. Sent from the iMore App
  • I agree. Samsung attracted two groups of people in general terms. 1. Hard core expandeable storage, removable battery, plastic durability fans and proponents, 2. people who just wanted to buck the trend with something that was different to iPhones highlighting all it could do that the iPhone isn't able to. I think they may struggle to keep those groups on board. It is beautiful, as far as looks go, they did extremly well irrespective of the source of their inspiration. But is looks enough? HTC devices have always look beautiful.
  • Trust me, I would've done all you have said. But instead of writing a long comment which would get me being bashed by you in the end, I'll just say this: I have no quarrel with Apple or Samsung (or iOS and Android for that matter). Windows Phone user here who has seen and used plenty of iPhones and Android devices in his life and I just don't see what the big deal is with Samsung releasing their flagship and mocking Apple (comments like: it doesn't bend, charges faster than Apple), that's what companies do. The article doesn't concern me directly but as a neutral competitor, I do have an opinion. This article just grabbed my attention with it's title which is why I proceeded to read it, didn't like how it was written but knew that it was an Apple-related site so was bound to be like this, but I guess I became a bit reckless. Sorry anyways.
  • There's a dedicated forum for your device, I guess you hit the wrong link, sorry your phone isn't as popular and better than the iPhone, Love your trolling though!
  • No, he hit the right link. Just because someone owns a phone other than iPhone or Android does not make them a troll. I own an iPhone 6 and a Nokia 1520, am I a troll? Sorry, people can own another phone and read this forum, post an opinion does not make them a troll.
  • Wow...the level of maturity in your post makes you either consciously biased or extremely retarded. But that's alright, Apple needs people like you. As a long time Apple shareholder (iPhone owner too, but that's besides the point), I salute you. Keep it right up.
  • Can we please just ban the word "troll" already? Idiots like this have no idea how to use the word....
  • Shamelessly copied Apple design? Ummmm.... Ok..... Let me remind you of the Samsung Ativ S (2012). Look Rene, I'm living happily in the apple eco system, and also use the Note 4 edge (for work only, and for reasons to long to list, I really like it). Give credit where credit do. Constantly bashing Samsung is not healthy. Soon apple will come out with curved glass phone, what will you write then? Apple copied Samsung? Or you admit they all in some way copy each other. Cheers
  • They will always say somebody copied Apple. If there is one thing that is a solid definitive, it's that Apple users (and bloggers) are wholly biased and approach nothing close to journalistic integrity.
  • Oh c'mon, everyone knows that Apple invented the rectangle smartphone. How dare Samsung release a phone with that shape!
  • Apple already essentially copied samsung by entering the phablet space. Wait until the iphone 6s is launched, lol. It'll be rocking internals built by samsung including the A9 built on the 14 nm process that only samsung is capable of building, and the newly introduced internal memory standard. The iphone 6s will definately be the best iphone samsung's built yet, lmao Posted via the iMore App for Android
  • When you say built, it means just that. Apple designs all A-Series chips in house at their HQ in Cupertino. All Samsung is doing is just manufacturing the chip.
  • That's right, building it with they're 14 nm process that only they're capable of doing right now. The next iphone's power and battery life are gonna have samsung to thank for it Posted via the iMore App for Android
  • Samsung has Apple to thank for literally every single thing they're doing in the mobile industry. I can't believe how much energy they focus on bashing the very same people that are supposed to be their potential user base. If all you do is trash a company and their customers, and then shamelessly rip them off with an absolutely unparalleled level of reckless abandon, what kind of disingenuous A-Hole does that make you?
  • Why? Samsung was building advanced smart phones years before apple introduced original iphone. Samsung is old hand at building smart phones, way before apple came along
  • Samsung didn't have an exclusive on building the A8/A8+ either. Although they are ahead of the pack on 14nm, it won't last forever.
  • And what nm fab process does Apple have in house? Although you might say being fabless is good thing, that's not true according to Intel
  • You need to do some homework my friend. Apple designs their chips in house. Samsung is merely the company that puts their components together. If Samsung is solely responsible like your saying then why in the hell did it take them almost two full years to come out with a chip that even competes with the A7 let alone the A8? Don't be a moron. I used to work for a company that put together mirrors for Honda and Acura cars so does that mean that Honda and acura owe me for inventing their cars. Do you understand what hiring a company to put together your innovation is? It happens all over the place. If your going to bring something to the conversation at least do some research or have some common sense.
  • Yes, it's well known that the A series is designed by apple in house. And they'll be going right back to samsung this year after attempting to ween off they're dependence on them by going to TSMC to manufacture the majority of A8 chips. And why? Because samsung is the only one currently able to mass produce mobile SoC's on a 14nm process. Hopefully they charged those assholes a premium when they inked their deal the other day Thanks for regurgitating the same bullshit that every apple fanboy always does when you mention samsung builds they're chips, lmao Posted via the iMore App for Android
  • LOL! The latest articles indicate that Samsung is apparently having yield problems with their 14nm process. As such, orders for Apple's A9 are going to TSMC.
  • Looks like Samsung Exynos chip is way ahead of apple A8, so what's your point? Why should Samsung copy apple when they are ahead of apple in virtually every engineering and manufacturing discipline? Don't forget, Samsung produces everything in house down to every component, where as Apple lacks engineering and manufacturing prowess and cannot compete without vast amount of outsourcing to asian companies, including their arch competitors.
  • All butthurt. iPhone 6 and 6+ are a collection of copied ideas from the Android phones before them. Samsung has had a TON on innovative designs above and beyond Apple's evolutionary (in time too!) design improvements. iPhone is a solid product, but it has been WAY behind on innovation and to even hint that Samsung is taking it's cues from Apple's design is pure butthurt! Get over it, Apple does a few things very good and does many other things poorly. They are fortunate to have the lead in a hot market, but fall they will. Also, iTunes is a pure piece of shit! How can any company with the record setting numbers like Apple continue with such a piece of software shit! ?!
  • As is ios8, copied from Palm and Android Posted via the iMore App for Android
  • Dude, check out the 2012 samsung ATIV-S. I couldn't believe it when I saw it, someone just pointed it out to me earlier. The frame amd form factor on it is practically identical to the iphone 6. Makes me wonder who really came up with the rounded frame design first Posted via the iMore App for Android
  • The ATIV copied the iPod Touch.
  • Lol! I guess no one remembers Samsung's 132 page doc on how to copy the iPhone.
  • How is that even an insult? Posted via the iMore App for Android
  • Its his default response, for someone that spends a lot of time complaining about people de humaning each other, he really lays into anything Samsung does, while always defending Apple. I like a lot of content from imore but posts like this really put me off, I mean he did no research into other Samsung devices, like the Ativ S that has similar rounded edges, and other OEMs that did it first. Also whenever Apple copies/borrows its "Oh they would have reached that natural", but if it seems like anyone copies apple its "BURN THE WITCH TO THE STAKE". Really brings down an otherwise great site.
  • I agree 100%. iMore is a fantastic site, as are all of the Mobile Nations websites. But I'm disgusted when Rene spews out articles like this. We see an article like this from him every other week. NO ONE at Android Central bashes Apple in articles the way Rene bashes Samsung and/or Android.
  • If you wanted a productive discussion, you should have written a better article. Instead, you wrote the same tired "Samsung rips off Apple" article that you always do.
  • Indulge me to continue the thread away from "butthurt," which I agree is meaningless and pointless. The article starts with a sensationalist headline and premise, and then really just does not follow through, with a word here and there with no exploration of the actual changes, much less their motivations. As a result, this reads more like a shrill polemic than insight - more assertion than analysis. Is the very existence of layered glass and removing the user replaceable battery alone enough to cry "shameless?" If so, an explanation of the 6/6+ aping the GS5/Note series, and how that differs, is required. Lacking context, it certainly seems that Apple moving into not one, but two, Samsung sizes is far more shameless than Samsung sealing the battery compartment. And that context is lacking in this piece. If they very existence of these features alone is not enough, then an explanation of that context - or at least some facts or analysis of the changes to back the assertions made about Samsung's motivations is required. Without either, this seems like an attack for the sake of making an attack, and not much else. Sent from the iMore App
  • Really disappointed by this article. The bitterness is off the charts. But what the heck, at least it gets you the clicks. Posted via the iMore App for Android
  • Rene, that was really a lame article and it just makes you look like a rabid Apple fanboy. Your sole intention was to try and make Samsung look bad and you probably had this article written days before the official reveal. Does the iPhone 6 not steal design elements from the Samsung Ativ such as curved edges? Also, it's hilarious that you're asking him to have a productive discussion when you write articles that align more with Apple Insider garbage rather than respectable journalism. Your article was nothing but a hit piece driven by your allegiance to Apple. Christ, you even vacation in Cupertino. I bet your dream is to one day work for your God. Is this how you go about it? A pity Apple doesn't hire rapid fanboys.
  • Who the hell vacations in Cupertino?!
  • Rene,
    When I see articles like this it just makes me sad that I switched back to Apple. I mean come on man do you really have to bash Samsung? I mean Hasbro? I read imore for the facts based on unbiased opinion. This was just a bitch session, an unneeded one at that. SO it has the shape of a iPhone, BFD! I love my Plus and i'll keep it. Also love my iPad Air, Apple TV, and Mac. I also use android, Chromecast, Samsung 12.2 Tab Pro and a Nexus 9.
    Stop being a fanboy and stick to sound reasoning. Something you excel at.
    Flame me if you want, but I'm tired of the anti- android crap. Sent from my Superfish free Lenovo laptop
  • +1
  • Regardless of "what " is hurt Rene you make a good point regarding Samsung, they just altogether don't care if it's so obvious that they were "inspired" by the iPhone 6 it is kind of sad but expected really, if you are the leader those that follow will try to replicate what you do and follow the example Apple should be flattered that others look to them for design.
  • Go and look at that phone, the Samsung Ativ S, you might be surprised at which company did the copying. But what does it matter? I wish a company would come in and copy all of the features I like from each phone model and make my perfect phone... but they won't :( Sent from the iMore App
  • A simple Google search would reveal that this latest Galaxy phone closely resembles EVERY other Galaxy phone in recent years. So who's copying who...? See below:
  • The only thing I see closely looking like the iPhone is the plastic relief in the metal frame for signal issues. Everything else is pure Samsung. Shape, home button, software and internals. Because the back doesn't come off it is a iphone knock off? Looks like a killer device with the best internal components available. You complain about Samsung dissing Apple about non removable batteries, what about Apple laughing at Samsung for their very laughable large phablets. Apple's new iPhone 6+ is even bigger than the Note 4. You can go back and forth depending what side of fence you're on. The SGS6 is an ass kicking device. That is all that matters. Quit the hating Rene, it gets worse all the time. Just my opinion. I own both Apple and Samsung products. Sent from the iMore App
  • Are you going to make a post about how the i-Phone 6 stole the design of the Samsung Ativ S (2012)???
    This post is a ironically a SHAME xD
  • Apple spent real money attacking the screen size of Android devices when the iPhone 5 was released with just a hand and a phone showing that they've "discovered" the perfect size for a phone. By doing this they totally ignored the fact that what they were really saying is that "we were wrong with the millions of phones we've sold you up till now, this is the correct screen size", and now their screens are the size they once made fun of "you can't get your hand around it"... "no one's going to buy that." -Steve Jobs. Yes the GS6 does resemble the iPhone 6 but can you honestly and objectively say the iPhone 6 was the first phone ever to possess that general appearance? It takes a long time to develop a new device, I have a strong feeling the GS6 design was probably finalized or very nearly so around the time the iPhone 6 was announced.
  • I admit, there are lots of similarities, but competition is good; and it'll push technology forward. For all I know, Apple may even had copied the iPhone 6 design from this handsome devil that came out in 2012.
  • Rene Ritchie; Your response almost sounds like a pot calling kettle black.
    All your arguments in name calling Samsung are not based on facts, they are based on your imagination, your non logical opinion, I am thinking he simply opted not to waste time as you did lying through your keyboard and just name call you straight up.
    So, let me see... I agree with him more than you.
  • I could say the same about you attacking Samsung. If anyone's been "shameless" over the past couple of years it would be Apple without a doubt. This article is in no way a "productive discussion" whatsoever either. Your facts are just assumptions and unjust conclusions based on your bias towards Apple products. Yes, Samsung has had a decline in profits as of recent, but that doesn't mean they "copied" Apple's design to somehow get back into the game. PLENTY of phones have used the glass front and back design over the years. PLENTY of phones have crafted aluminum bodies. PLENTY of phones have similar interfaces for their features of apps. Funny how you choose to call out Samsung on their shameless copying, but forget to mention the shameless copying Apple's done over the years with iOS 6 and 7? Copying Zune, Windows Phone and Android on the multitasking interface, notification centre, minimalistic modern design, and banner notifications-- does any of that ring a bell? Oh, and not to mention the 2.5D curved screen that Apple apparently pioneered and gets all the credit for when Nokia has been doing it since the N9 and Lumia 800, and have continued to use with the Lumia 920 and 1520, just to name a few. Oh, but how could we forget the fact that Apple fought so hard to make the world think a 3.5" or 4" screen was the perfect size for a phone, but quickly jumped ship and made the 6 and 6 Plus when they saw Samsung, as well as every other phone manufacturer, was in-fact right about screen sizes? I may not know much about mobile tech but I can say for sure that no one in the race to the top has played it fair. On a side note: you manage to single-handedly ruin the reputation of iMore and Mobile Nations as a whole because of your bias towards Apple. You may work for iMore but that doesn't mean Apple products are the holy grail of technology, because they have their faults too (which you always somehow forget to mention). Respect the fact that Samsung used some design cues from the iPhone and move on, because clearly Apple has done the same from everyone else.
  • Do you think if CrApple iJUNK did NOT COPIED """""Large Screen"""" phns made by SAMSUNG and others for past SEVERAL YEARS, and still released the iJUNK6/6+ with the same size screen as iJUNK5 or 5S, would you still think Samsung copied CrApple??????? Don't you think, since CrApple iJUNK COPIED and released """"""larger screen iJUNK6/6+""""""""", now its looking more and more like Samsung and others??????? If you put an iJUNK5s next to Samsung S6 and S6 EDGE, you would NEVER EVER made a dumb BS article like this. So you should focus on how CrApple is starting to look like Samsung, not other way around. Samsung always looked like Samsung(put them all next to each other and see). Now put ALL iJUNK phns next to each other and SEE. HUUUMMMMM HUGE COPY isn't it? That's CrApple for you.
    BTW, Have you also seen SONY XPERIA Z3 lately??????? YOU SHOULD
  • OK. You started the "extreme butthurt" discussion.
    I'm going to end it (no pun intended.) In January, Samsung reported its first annual profit decline since 2011.
    Samsung's mobile 2014 profits were down 40% over 2013 (down 2/3 in Q4.)
    Samsung Electronics will freeze employee wages for the first time since 2009.
    Xiaomi is the most popular smartphone vendor in China, beating Samsung. The main problems for Samsung:
    1. Samsung's smartphones just aren't good enough to differentiate themselves.
    This forces Samsung to copy the one truly differentiated class leader: iPhone.
    The problem with that is that Xiaomi is also copying iPhone. 2. Samsung's smartphones aren't cheap enough.
    This allows the Xiaomis of the world to undercut them in price.
    So Samsung will also drop their prices, cutting their profits because their costs are higher. And those are two problems that Samsung can't solve without even more butthurt.
    It's just going to get worse for them. The S6 won't save them.!
  • Thank you sir for ending the butthurt! Sent from the iMore App
  • And the Android retard army fanboy legion strikes!!! You can always tell the douchebag fanboys when they use the word "butthurt". Did you learn that in your GED classes during summer school?
  • ....seriously? Your post sounds like butthurt from butthurt. Sent from the iMore App
  • Android fanboys bring nothing constructive to anything. It's always "butthurt" and "itoy" and "itard" and anything juvenile.
  • Flame upon flame...... How is this still up? Posted via the iMore App for Android
  • It pays the bills, as much as Rene likes to complain about other sites doing similar things, it doesn't seem like iMore is much better.
  • He is one of the worse writers on Mobile Nations.
  • Lol, yea. I totally agree. I actually think WPCentral is the MVP blog in Mobile Nations at the moment. I don't even own WP, but I do read their articles (cause I still use Windows along with OS X, Android, and iOS) and the writing and writers there are superb. They are very professional as well in the way they engage with the users. Android Central, not so much. Even the writers are flamers there. For Forums: WPCentral = Crybabies, CB = Looney Bin, iMore = Apologists, AC = Vulgar 13yo basement flamers. I do enjoy reading Ally's articles though, and she's typically engaging with readers in a more... productive... manner. Even helped me fixed a very annoying problem, followed up and everything. Props. She somewhat comes across as keeping a bit of a lower profile, but she's the MVP. Super helpful, quite objective. Rene is a fanboy. He's the stereotypical fanboy everyone loves to hate, but many act like the love him because he's "in charge." If his name was John Doe and he posted this in a platform-neutral forum, he'd have been laughed off the boards and labeled a troll, because that's basically what this article is. Serenity is nice and all, but she's such a deep Apple apologist that I can't stomach reading her articles about Apple software/service and devices. I always envision her motto to be "It's okay to be mediocre." because that's basically the gist of what she has to say when Apple mucks something up in one way or another (yes, this does happen). I don't read any of Peter Cohen's articles because none of them fall within my interest graph, and I'm not currently in the market for security tips (got that covered, thanks). That being said, there is no mechanic on the internet that is FORCING anyone to read Rene's drivel. If you don't like it, don't read it ;-)
  • Your picture screams butthurt
  • I know! It's so crazy that they use these terms too. They want us to believe they are being serious and having a debate and that there are reasons and facts and so forth, but then they use some imagined homosexual rape metaphor ("butthurt") and couch everything in bogged terms like "fanboy" etc. YOU COULDN'T PROJECT A CLEARER IMAGE OF A TEENAGED MALE THAN TO USE THESE RIDICULOUS TERMS. The very language they use outs them as completely immature, juvenile people who DON'T have any facts at their disposal. Why else would anyone resort to the generalisations and name calling? Do they really think that anyone who is an ADULT actually uses these terms or argues in this way? Ridiculous.
  • So you rant about terms that lump everyone together in a non realistic way then say all teenage males are like this? Really? Come on now be smarter than that. Posted via the iMore App for Android
  • Hahaha - yeah, seems like.
  • the s6 looks really cool,who gives a shit who copies who.
  • as an android fan i have to say i mean come on this is bad lol i am ashamed at how the bottom of it when i showed my wife thought it was an iphone 6...nuff said..MOTO X FTW!!! at least they try something different.
  • Again the fanboy. You too scared coz they implement the mobile payment properly....
  • How properly ? How long is it even explained and demoed in the boring keynote ? Sent from the iMore App
  • It doesn't require the tap to pay terminal, it uses the actual magnetic reader for normal CCs. So, it will be usable anywhere a regular CC pay terminal is.
  • Pretty sure Apple did it properly the first time through. Samsung Pay copied the name, plus they are still scrambling to catch up.
  • Actually Apple Pay is a rip off of Google Wallet but thanks anyways.
  • I didn't say that Apple was first, I said they did it right the first time.
  • Wallet works great. Nothing wrong with how it functions. Only difference is Apple Pay was not blocked by carriers for a few years trying to push their own payment system and Apple marketed the hell out of Pay whereas Google did not market Wallet enough which I give kudos to Apple for doing.
  • You know Google Wallet wasn't the first NFC payment system right?
  • No it is not by any means but Wallet has always worked well and still does. There is a misconception that Wallet did not work well and Apple Pay got it right, which is wrong. What Apple Pay did right is they marketed the hell out of Apple Pay so end consumers would be aware and Apple Pay was not blocked by the carriers for a few years like Wallet was. Functional wise, Wallet works great and is just as easy as Apple Pay and works everywhere Apple Pay does since they both use NFC with host card emulation
  • "coz they implement the mobile payment properly"??? Aaaah! NFC was the next big thing forever until Apple implemented a full payment system that got support from the banks rather than blindly having NFC and leaving it to others. The payment system they implemented is one they purchased that tricks any magnetic strip card reader in a POS into thinking a card has been swiped. Trouble is, there is a growing movement to eradicate this form of reader. Doesn't this make the Samsung payment system based on a DECLINING TECHNOLOGY. I would say that Samsung should carry most of the blame for the NFC availability not being as widely adopted as it should be! They did boast to having almost all the Android market sewn up for much of the past few years and they did include NFC in their phones? Yet they chose to not promote to banks and retailers the pro's of the NFC functionality and left it to Google and Softcard to do it, both of which seemed to have chosen not to. Why didn't Samsung use it as a way of promoting their devices when it was an advantage. All these years and all these launches and Samsung said zip about NFC. I'd say they dropped the ball, they should have pushed that as being the big advantage but they sat on their backsides. In fact the whole point of the Samsung Payment system is that they saw that Apple had a success with NFC and they are like the baby throwing the teddy out of the crib and wailing and need something that they can wail "Our payment system is better". Samsung though will do what they did with NFC. They will not make a deal out of it they will not promote it and they will not do what is most important and get retailers, especially small retailers that don't have the money to invest in replacing their old P.O.S. terminal to have Samsung provisioned signage promoting that the beat up old terminal will work with the Samsung Payment system. Again it will struggle because it will rely on people understanding that it will work and being comfortable with it working and it takes SIGNAGE to make people realize that it will work more than just telling them on a single page of a 4x3 page of a tiny instruction booklet that people rarely read! Your statement thought is stupefyingly arrogant and ignorant all at the same time. Saying that though, nice selfie of your hands and half your face. Get a friend to take your picture or if the focus is of your phone get your buddy to photograph it for you.
  • TL; DR
  • Samsung pay works with NFC also. Posted via the iMore App for Android
  • Was iOS 8's android features copy just as shameless as this one? I wonder... Although you're right, it definitely looks like a chinese copy of an iPhone. But still fanboyism.
  • Cut Rene some slack here. He has a hard enough time keeping Leo Laporte in line on Mac Break Weekly.
  • Haha... Yeah it's always Leo and Andy being reasonable and giving Apple credit where due vs the defend everything apple Rene brings to the show. Posted via the iMore App
  • So Rene, tell us, where's your 'Apple is shameless' article about iOS 8 ripping off custom keyboards, interactive notifications, notification centre and a crap load of other features from Android?
  • I don't believe they downright ripped off those ideas. It was practically inevitable that they eventually implement those core ideas (gesture-based contextual menus, actionable notifications, third party keyboards) and they did so in a way that's very different from Android.
  • "and they did so in a way that's very different from Android." You're kidding me right? And the S6 isn't a downright ripoff of the iPhone 6 either, if it's a ripoff to begin with.
  • I mean it was inevitable that samsung would have metal frame, and that it would be curved since it just fits better in your hands, everyone knows that.
  • How about an article about Apple shamelessly ripping off the HTC One M7 or M8?
  • Design is different than features tho, who copied who with feature goes back and forth for a while. (Btw, where are your posts complaining of the features samsung stole?) Sent from the iMore App
  • Apple vs Android by google is very different from Apple vs Samshit my friend. Why is android concerned Sent from the iMore App
  • The better question when talking about copying is "who came up with this idea first"? If you check, you will find that there is NOTHING that Apple "copied" from Android, that Android didn't either copy form someone else first, or that Apple actually invented in the first place back in the day. The kind of idiots that are spouting all the anti-Apple crap on this thread aren't smart enough or knowledgeable enough to realize this though. For instance a lot of the stuff they supposedly "copied" from Android, Android copied from Palm, who originally copied from .... Apple! Look it up fools.
  • Android didn't copy Palm smart guy. Duarte, who was the lead designer at Palm for Web OS, left and joined Android back before 4.0 which is why Android feels a lot like Web OS. -_-
  • We have a saying in my country, patadas de ahogado, meaning kicks of a drowning man, samsung always copied apple but now with the chinese market growing very fast and iphone 6's sells they needed to do something desperate, they went the way they know that worked for other companies (apple) like the non-removable battery, less blot ware, simpler camera controls, i mean they said the s6 has 40% less features... They know the formula that apple uses work, but it may not work for them... I mean now they are wall huggers too right?
  • My daily driver is 6 Plus, my wife uses the 6...we used all iphones since the 3GS...only samsung series i liked were the Note, i like the stylus :) even though they copied iphone 6 design in their latest S series i have to say they realized people want slim phones with no bullshit design...they are praising apple lovers and its fine by me..the world is getting a nicer place :) plastic is out long live metal glass era...the S6 edge looks cool although no utility from the screen in the software...the qHD screen is an overkill an 1080p like my 6plus is just super..the s6 will sell by large numbers but wont solve evergrowing samsung lost with their A, S, note etc...series tidy up a little guys
  • "Now it's unclear where Samsung can thrive, especially given the strength of Chinese phone makers at the other end of the market." Especially since the Chinese phone makers can copy iPhone just as well as Samsung.
    And they're cheaper. There's no room for "second-cheapest." Nowhere to hide.
  • What did Android fanatics say about the aluminum & glass iPhone4? Well - same to you now. :)
  • Who said we were praising it?
  • Good thing Samsung is not Android. Sent from the iMore App
  • Huh?
  • He indirectly defines Android fanatics as Samsung users. Samsung =\= Android. Even Rene writes this in a way that Android as a whole all comes down to Samsungs offerings. That's bullshit. Don't like what Samsung does. Cool because you can still get a fantastic Android experience on a phone from a different manufacturer. Sent from the iMore App
  • No you can't. Don't you know Samsung is the only android manufacturer? I mean, the only not iPhone maker. "I'm da Blur boys!" - Me with 1200 ping. Fiber in Nashville? Save me based Google.
  • I know right? I mean where is the iMore article about the M9? Never. But like clockwork when a new Samsung device or controversial ad comes out this exact article will pop up over and over and over. Sent from the iMore App
  • Didnt sound like thats what he meant at all.
    And samsung most certainly does = android.
    Its android that does not equal samsung. Sent from the iMore App
  • Oh true
  • I vividly remember Androidians throwing punches left and right about the front and back being breakable. I guess 5 years later, it's all of a sudden a good idea. Sigh... Sent from the iMore App
  • Nexus 4 did it and it was one of the most positively received Android designs of its time. You guys sure love to lump "Android users" in a big 'ol pile of hate. It's not cool. When in reality many of them are like myself and much more open minded and less locked to one operating system giving them more insight than the average user. Sent from the iMore App
  • You guys all seem pretty upset, I don't see every single Android fan in the world saying its a good idea, nor did I see ever Android fan in the world saying it was a bad idea for the iPhone 4/4s. Those are personally my fav designed iPhones, but having a glass back will bring a lot of problems that metal/plastic avoids. This is really putting iMore in a new light, that shows only Apple fans are welcome, did not expect this at all.
  • They did. A lot of people complained about the Nexus 4's Glass front and back because a lot of people noticed the phone got cracks from vibrating when sitting on a surface and was just as much of a damage (Crack, Shatter, Break, etc.) magnet as the iPhone 4 Series (arguably more so, since the device wasn't as compact due to its larger screen). I think you're really, really being disingenuous in lumping all Android users together (not sure how else to interpret "Androidians," To Be Frank). Those of us who were disgusted with the Glass, got Galaxy S4's, and Note 3s, and S5s, and LG G2's, or HTC Ones, or Moto X's, etc. and a myriad of other phones. One thing that is advantageous on that platform is that you don't have to stomach dumb design decisions the company makes like you have to on iOS. You simply buy a phone that lacks that dumb design decision. Glass is beautiful, until it cracks, shatters, scuffs, scratches, etc. Yes, plastic felt cheap, but one thing it allowed me to do was go naked without fear that my phone would be so easily damaged and have its resale value plummet as a result. People who don't like the Glass on the S6 (and if I were in the market for an Android phone, which I am not, I'd be one of them) will simply buy a different high end flagship device from another OEM that gives them a choice other than "damage magnet." Cause that's what the iPhone 4 and 4S were. Damage magnets. The LG Nexus 4 was as well. It was no exception to that. There are tons of complaints on the internet and many threads on popular Android forums filled with people who reviled the glass panel they used on the back of that device.
  • Like the first reply said, no one is praising a glass back. It's always been a terrible idea, and continues to be so. The Nexus 4 (or was it the 5, I lose track) had a glass back and people complained about that one as well. It's bad design because it's a damage magnet. Don't care what kind of magic glass they claim to put on it. Complain about plastic all you want, but one thing I could do with confidence was go naked with an S/S2/S3/Note 3. I'd never do that with my iPhone 6 Plus because chips, scratches, scuffs, etc. come too easily on these aluminum finish phone. Great for press shots, not so amazing when you're carrying it around doing a plethora of things throughout the day.
  • I believe the biggest killer will be the battery powering the S6. The cosmetic comparisons to the IPhone are obvious however Samsung took away one of their key selling points which was the removable battery. Many of their customer base enjoyed the convenience of swapping batteries on the go and it was a good selling accessory for Samsung. Overall if the Touch Wiz UI brings more of the same and battery performance is less than acceptable then the redesign is rather pointless. Sent from the iMore App
  • Take a look at the SoC that the S6 has. Battery life is going to reach uncharted territory Posted via the iMore App for Android
  • I'm not too sure about that being true. The screen for the S6 will be the bigger battery drain. It may negate the benefit of the smaller build process of the SoC. Here's the fact one really knows yet except for Samsung and they haven't released battery life expectancy yet but the reviews will be out in a little bit and then it can be determined but not until then.
  • It's easy to dismiss this article as fanboyism or being "butthurt" because he's very strong in his stance against Samsung but he actually backs up his opinion with very thoughtful points. There's no denying it, the new Samsung phone looks terribly similar to the iPhone 6 and doesn't sport the removable battery, etc. that was very recently used to bash the iPhone. So it makes perfect sense to question what Samsung's strategy is besides emulating the iPhone. It may be an unpopular/unpleasant discussion, but I think this article does an excellent job of tackling it head-on.
  • "So it makes perfect sense to question what Samsung's strategy is besides emulating the iPhone." I think strategy *is* emulating the iPhone. If they wanted an "all-new" design for the S6 like they've been claiming why didn't they include front-facing stereo speakers like most other flagships? Instead they chose to copy the iPhone's (mono) speaker placement at the bottom (using the same series of precision-cut holes).
  • I like your post mostly, but you lost me on "stereo speakers." Anyone who thinks that stereo speakers is something that you want in a phone, doesn't understand actually what "stereo" is or how it works.
  • I'm pretty sure that's not what that means at all. Posted via the iMore App for Android
  • Pretty easy concept: Two speakers with left-right separation. I know, it boggles the mind, having multiple speakers on a phone, but I hear there's a new Taiwanese company with a phone that features stereo speakers, and there's also a Japanese gaming company that has a phone with stereo speakers. What a world we live in!
  • This place is reaching wmpoweruser levels of fanboyism lately.. these articles.. yeesh..
  • What? You expect an apology?
  • Apple would have to apologize to Samsung if Judge Denise Cote had any say in it...
  • totally agree!! Rene hates everything beside Apple. It better off to read Engadget or the verge Sent from the iMore App
  • I don't really see a resemblance to the iPhone 6. In my opinion, it looks more like they copied ideas from the Xperia Z phones. Either way, I don't really care. I wasn't a fan of Samsung phones before this, and I'm still not a fan.
  • Even when looking at the bottom of both phones you do not see a resemblance ?
  • That is about the only major resemblance, Vegeta.
  • "Even when looking at the bottom of both phones you do not see a resemblance ?" Not really. I mean, no more than I notice that the iPhone 6 and this new Samsung phone borrow a bit from the Xperia Z3 design. Nothing I would call 'shameless', and definitely nothing to get upset about. All in all, I think it's pretty obvious when looking at this phone that it is a Samsung design. The square protruding camera lens, the overall shape, the oval home button, etc. Even if it wasn't labeled at the top of the phone, you instantly think 'Samsung' when looking at it.
  • Rene you are nothing but butthurt. The only appearance similarity is the speaker grill on the bottom (which to be fair my Nexus 5 had similar speaker placement BEFORE the iPhone 6 came out). Other than that, the S6 (and especially the S6 Edge) are easily to tell the difference from the iPhone. Get over it. I will give you credit that them calling it Samsung Pay was stupid, but guess what? Apple Pay did not invent mobile payments either and Loop Pay integration means it will work at 90% of retailers as besides NFC payments, it will also work with existing magnetic strip readers through the new fingerprint reader. Just freaking get over it.
  • Im guessing butthurt must of been the word of the day in the fandroid news letter this week. :p Sent from the iMore App
  • Why is that?
  • No it fits right in with the general homophobic panic of the teenaged boy crowd that uses it.
  • If you don't like the insult, don't insult someone with stereotyping. You are no better and have added no positives to your side of the debate. Posted via the iMore App for Android
  • You're the only butthurt one here. Doesn't look like an iPhone 6? Yes it does: - Rounded aluminum edge? iPhone 6
    - Chamfered edge? iPhone 5/5S
    - Aluminum frame that doubles as the antenna? iPhone 4/4S
    - Glass back? iPhone 4/4S
    - Headphone jack on the bottom-left? iPhone 5/5S (Note: Galaxy S series was on top for the last 5 years. Why the sudden change?)
    - Speaker on the bottom? All iPhones, since 2007 (Note: Was on the back of the Galaxy series for the last 5 years. In fact, instead of trying to copy other competitors and include front-facing stereo speakers, a la Nexus 6, M7/M8, Z3, etc, they *specifically* copied the iPhone's at-the-bottom placement.)
    - Speaker being an array of small holes? iPhone 5/5S
    - Fingerprint reader that requires a touch instead of a swipe? iPhone 5S This is an iPhone with a few Samsung tweaks, plain and simple. In your own words: "Get over it."
  • Most of what you describe was on the HTC M7/M8 first... So are you saying apple copied HTC? Posted via the iMore App for Android
  • He is. Apple fanboys are just too butthurt to admit the iPhone 6 and 6+ were HEAVILY inspired by the M7 and M8.
  • The M7 has a plastic edge, not an aliminum edge. It (and the M8) don't use the frame as an antenna. It doesn't have a glass back. It doesn't have a headphone jack at the bottom (although it is symmetrical with the charger). It has speakers on the front instead of the bottom. It doesn't have a fingerprint reader. So what the hell are you talking about?
  • The m8 is an aluminum edge, and the earphone plug is on the bottom... The antenna is in the case too... Posted via the iMore App for Android
  • iPhone had it in 2012 for the aluminum edge (steel in 2010-2011)(M8 in 2014), earphone plug in 2012 (M7 in 2013), antenna in the frame in 2010.
  • Apple did not have a full metal body until AFTER HTC did it with the M7 in 2013. They did have chamfered edges starting with iPhone 4 in 2010 and they had a partial metal and glass hybrid back with the 5 in 2012, but they did not make a full metal back until the 6 in 2014 which HEAVILY shared design aspects of the M7 and M8 including plastic antenna lines on the rear and sides.
  • The iPod Touch 5th generation had a full metal body in 2012. The iMac had a full metal body in 2009. MacBook Pro in 2008. How far back do you want to take this pissing contest?
  • The Galaxy series had the headphone jack on the bottom before Apple. My Galaxy Nexus back in 2011 had the headphone jack on the bottom.
  • Great. I was talking about the Galaxy S series, since Samsung literally has thousands of Galaxy phones, and this article is about the S6. The Galaxy Nexus is completely irrelevant.
  • that line of reasoning...Galaxy did it first, then Apple did it two years later...then 3 years later, another Galaxy mode does it again...and it is a ripoff of Apple's copy, not their own earlier effort?
  • Not quite, you've almost got it. What I'm saying is that in the Galaxy S line they consistently put the headphone jack at the top, *despite* putting it in different places in different models. They thought having it at the top was the best options for the Galaxy S line for 5 years. Then, this year, when they copy the iPhone's design more than ever, they also copy the placement of the headphone jack. That's no coincidence.
  • ...and Apple had it at the top for 5 years, and then changed it to the bottom after a Galaxy phone did it. I'm not saying Samsung does not have a history - I am saying now, as then, the proper response is "so what?" There is no ownership at stake here. If it is a poor derivative, it won't sell. If it works together, it will.
  • +1
  • ^^^Blind fanboy ignoring facts and dates
  • Check out the rest of the thread. I'm providing all relevant dates and facts. I can't help it if you're blind to them.
  • Putting it on the bottom makes sense because, it makes sense. It means that if you want to charge and listen to the phone, you can still slip it into a case or something because all plugs come out of the same end. It makes it easier to build accessories like Docks because you don't need to build a cord to go into the headphone jack for something like a Speaker + Charging Dock. It just docks in reliably and security via mUSB and the 3.5mm headset jack. It makes sense, and I doubt Apple's phone has anything to do with it. And really, moving a headset jack means someone is copying someone else? Am I hallucinating here? HTC has the headset jack there on the One M8. Did they copy? You people are falling off the rocker... Expect more phones to make that change, the same way more phones are changing their power buttons to be on the side instead of on the top. Did Apple rip that off from Samsung? No, they did it because it makes ergonomic sense. Apple didn't invent ergonomics, the fact that it took Samsung that long to do it says nothing about their willingness or urge to copy Apple, and more about their unwillingness to make the right changes for whatever dumb reasons kept them from doing it.
  • "Expect more phones to make that change, the same way more phones are changing their power buttons to be on the side instead of on the top. Did Apple rip that off from Samsung?" No. They ripped it off of Nokia. ;) JK!
  • "literally has thousands"... Name fifty... You said literally... Posted via the iMore App for Android
  • That's not my job. Are you so lazy that you can't use Google? Edit: Here's a list from Wikipedia with more than 50 Galaxy models:
  • So you're still gonna be short by 900+ at least a thousand to get to thousands... You embellished like Rene is what you want to say, correct? Posted via the iMore App for Android
  • So you're... calling me out on... using hyperbole? What a noble cause...
  • Literally is not hyperbole Posted via the iMore App for Android
  • Oh, wow, so you don't know? I hate to be the one to break this to you, but they changed the definition of "literally" back in 2013. It literally no longer means literally.
  • Yes, ignorance and laziness once again won out over intelligence. Sent from the iMore App
  • No, it doesn't look like an iPhone 6, it looks like a Samsung Ativ S. Then again, since the iPhone 6 is a pretty close clone of the Ativ, I guess it does look like the iPhone 6. In the past Samsung has indeed copied apple. Then again Apple has copied some features and design elements from android phone manufacturers. This is one time that it isn't true that Samsung is just copying. Sent from the iMore App
  • Shall we revisit this thread when some estimated sales reports arrive. I say estimated of course because Samsung refuses to release actual figures themselves. When they were forced to (during the trial) it turned out they were lying through their teeth about their tablet sales. Like Rene I also find it quite shameless that the S6 has a sealed battery after all the snarky videos denigrating iPhone users for it. And of course the iHater crowd still harps away at the battery “issue” every chance they get. Now, suddenly, it’s okay? Well isn’t that special.
  • "When they were forced to (during the trial) it turned out they were lying through their teeth about their tablet sales." - actually the trial proved the estimates were extremely accurate. Some clueless journalists made wrong conclusions about the sales data and the ignorance train started (after they corrected themselves, the damage was done).
  • Read some posts from Samsung users, especially elsewhere. They are not supportive of Samsung on these models by a pretty good margin. That's as it should be.
  • The sealed battery might be a "copy" or it might be a design change due to wanting a slimmer phone. The same could be said for iPhones going with a larger screen size, no? I don't see what's wrong with changing design for attaining a goal. For the battery in Samsung's S6 case; a slimmer phone which is what the trend is currently. For the screen size in Apple's iPhone case; a larger screen which is what the trend is currently. No harm in going with what the trends are especially if you want to sell more phones.
  • I'm really disappointed in both HTC and Samsung today. HTC because they didn't really change much in regards to improving the design and the lack of OIS is a bummer. Samsung can say they're new processor is a lot more power efficient, but android can be a battery hog and with that QHD display, the "small" unremovable battery they built in has me worried. Looks like I may be sticking with my 6 Plus for longer than I expected.
  • Agreed. I would have rather seen HTC implement OIS than up the MP count that much. Sent from the iMore App
  • I think everyone needs to hold their fire on the non removable battery until we get real data on battery life. Posted via the iMore App for Android
  • +1. Will be skeptical in the meantime, though.
  • Renee, while I agree with the sentiment of your article I do believe it's missing a solid dose of humility and realism when processing these things in light of the industry as a whole... Everyone copies and then builds upon others in the industry... I mean let's be real here, you think the iOS notification shade was developed in a vacuum without design and functionality cues from Android? Apple borrows design cues both in hardware and software but when they do it is 'borrowing' and when others do it is stealing... Case in point, here is a picture of a Samsung phone from 2012... Look like any flagship released recently? Like I said, I'm not saying Samsung doesn't borrow quite a bit, but let's not get ahead of ourselves and act like they are alone in the borrowing island...
  • +1
  • +1
  • Wow. This does deserve a response. I love Rene and all the pod casts he does and his knowlege but as he said in the past. We are tribal creates and he has let his tribal nature out a bit to much sometimes. This is one of those cases. No pun intended. This looks nothing like an iphone except the bottom and if that is enough to get your panties in a tissy then your trying to pull water from a stone. This phone is one of the nicest looking Samsung phones. It appears the touch sensor is finally ready for prime time. The camera in the note 4 was already slightly better than the newest iphone and this s6 looks to have improved on that even more. Finally no one should be expending this much energy trying to defend Apple over what amounts to Rene saying because it has a sealed in battery and no longer water proof it's copying. The link to the samsung phone above which came out in 2012 looks way more like an iphone 6 which came out before the iphone so Rene should have been outraged when the iphone 6 was released that Apple didn't do something original.
  • +1 well said
  • The funny thing is that if the Galaxy S6 looked like the Ativ S with Android running on it, people here would be outraged that they blatantly carbon copied the iPhone. It shows how out of touch a lot of tech writers are with what goes on in the industry, because they are too invested in their own bubbles within it. Granted, it had been so long since I seen that device that I'm even a bit shocked. And to think of that... Samsung didn't even bother to sue Apple over it! ;-)
  • Your example about the notification shade is incorrect. The shade wasn't "invented" by Android, Google, or Samsung in the first place. So they both "copied" it in your parlance.
  • The notification shade as you know it does have a USPTO patent for Google. Whether or not you like it, they have a patent for it and if Google wanted to be a jerk, they could take Apple to court over it. This is just as bad as all of the crap obvious patents Apple has that they never should have gotten, but in case Apple ever tries to go against Google in court, Google could pull this one out and block further sales of iPhone for violating this patent.
  • Holy Shit. I didn't even know that. It almost looks like an iPhone 6+ with Windows Phone 8 on it...
  • I really thought the GS6 was an iPhone 6 when I saw the Metal Frame ... especially at the bottom of the phone. Thought my exhaustion got the best of me & started clicking wrong pages (did it before) lol. I didn't know Samsung ditched the removable battery & SD cards.
  • What are you talking about? It doesn't look anything like an iPhone 6. At all. The iPhone 6, however, shamelessly looks like the HTC ONE M8. Where was your article then? Where was your article on the android-like notification shade? I can mention many more examples. In addition, a lot of apple marketed features are simply.purchased, not designed. Apple Pay, SIRI, The finger print scanner, etc. The S6 is a better phone than iPhone in every way with the hardware. The software is a matter of opinion. Posted via the iMore App for Android
  • Doesn't look like an iPhone 6? Yes it does. The rounded aluminum edge (iPhone 6) with a chamfer (iPhone 5/5S) that also doubles as the antenna (iPhone 4/4S) with a glass back (iPhone 4/4S), headphone jack on the bottom-left (iPhone 5/5S, Galaxy S series was on top for the last 5 years, why the sudden change?), speaker on the bottom (all iPhones since 2007, was on the back of the Galaxy series for the last 5 years), and a fingerprint reader that requires a touch instead of a swipe (iPhone 5S). This is an iPhone with a few Samsung tweaks.
  • Released 2012... 2 years before the iPhone 6. Just saying....
  • Shhhh facts make fanboys mad
  • The ATIV S doesn't have: - An aluminum frame that doubles as the antenna
    - A chamfered edge
    - A glass back
    - A headphone jack on the bottom-left
    - A speaker on the bottom
    - A fingerprint reader Which the iPhone and the S6 have. Got any more irrelevant garbage to post? I can do this all day.
  • Apple did not invent chamfered edges and Apple did not invent a headphone jack on the bottom. And had Samsung continued with plastic you would be trolling on them. Had they gone with all metal you would still say they copied Apple despite Apple ripping off designs from the HTC M7 and M8. No matter what Samsung did, you would be shitting all over them. The phone itself is easily distinguishable from an iPhone 6 or 6+. You and the rest of the Apple fanboys here like Rene just want something to hate on because for once Samsung has a well-designed phone and it can once again possibly do for Samsung sales like the S3 did but you guys are scared a d don't want to admit it. I personally could give two shits about Samsung (I would rather have a Nexus, Moto X, or HTC One), but the degree to which die hard Apple fans distort things and hate on Samsung is ridiculous.
  • But the Ativ-S does look a hell of alot like the iphone 6 from the front and sides, doesn't it. Posted via the iMore App for Android
  • Yes, you can pick and choose portions of arguments to refute all day without ever really answering the whole issue. I fail to see how pointing out the glass back that resembles an iPhone 4 makes the S6 similar to the iPhone 6. If we are going to pick and choose what parts we compare then the iPhone 6 does look like the Ativ s with a HTC M8 inspired back. Don't let fandom blind you to facts. Since we have pretty much established that all phones are some form of mishmash of devices that came before, what does it matter? The important thing is that technology builds on that which came before and gets better and better. The only way I could see getting upset at who copied whom this iteration would be if you had a large stake in one company or the other and were afraid of stock prices falling. Sent from the iMore App
  • Ok, I know this completely off tack, and sorry to everyone and rene in advance for this, but just seen this bbc article and saw the video about the Samsung VR headset, and couldn't help thinking 'are we seeing the future of apple tv', and 'why would they want to produce a TV set when they could produce a headset, especially in light of recent patent applications by apple. But then again would everybody want to put on a headset, just to relax, put their feet up and watch the tv, not sure!!! Sorry, dreaming again!!!
  • I think the problem with the article is that there's not even the facade of being fair handed. The best hit pieces always wrap themselves in the guise of being open minded - without it, it's too obvious. The design is classic Samsung, especially from the front, though the bottom and top edges are clearly derived from the iPhone. Does taking some design elements automatically result in a phone being dismissed? I hope not as the 6/6 Plus clearly use similar design elements to the HTC One for the entire back. And like Apple "doing big screens right", Samsung will probably market "doing battery right". Super fast charge (10 min = 4 hour usage; 1/2 the time to charge), support for both major wireless standards built-in, and if battery life is similar to the S5, I think they'll be able to run with it. This is what competitors do. But for the first time, the writer actually seems...nervous. Also dat camera - not too bad.
  • +1.
  • Yea, I was talking to a friend earlier and I think I might actually divorce my 6 Plus for this phone... I mean, the camera. is. going. to. be. amazing and the OIS will actually work on Video. That, and Android can shoot DNGs, which an iPhone cannot do (and findings have already shown how you can create much better pictures in Lightroom from the DNG than the smartphone's JPEG processing, if you're willing to put in the effort).
  • You guys can bitch all you want.Its all over the Internet that they ripped fluff the iPhone big time Sent from the iMore App
  • Besides the speaker grill and Samsung making its own mobile payment platform called Samsung Pay , which is a copy of Apple Pay which is a copy of Google Wallet, what is the S6 copying?
  • It looks nothing like the Iphone you moron! God your post are so freaking biased! I like everyone else on here except for you. How about you go to the Verge and work with them because that's better for you. In that case, Apple copied the HTC One M8 from the backing.
  • I would love to see each of these websites do less bashing of the other platforms. Why not just stick to Apple stuff. Again I am a canadian that appreciates and loves Rene's commentary (especially his podcasts), but the criticism of Samsung needs to stop. Even if its routed in fact, the criticisms will always feel inauthentic coming from the imore site.
  • I really don't care about copying. I love my iPhone and if Apple copy Android features to make a better iPhone then good. I know plenty of people with Samsungs. If Samsung copy Apple features to give my friends a better phone then good! Everyone gets a better phone so what's the problem? It baffles me why people get so bothered by it. Sent from the iMore App
  • Amen brother! Can you imagine how crappy software OS's would be if only one company could do 1 thing. So one company can have multitasking. The other maybe invents notifications. That is crap. Look at the war between windows and osx. everything gets adapted making a better experience. Same goes with hardware. OMG, I created the circle wheel for a car. Now everyone else can't have circle wheels. Give me a brake. That world SUCKS!
  • This is just shit link-bait to drive controversy and page hits. Tech bloggers are just an ass-hair above ViAg ra spammers!
  • I'm convinced Rene wants a job at Apple.
  • Well his Steve Jobs beard and attire sure hint at that....his smugness too
  • Renee's articles are quickly becoming a joke. Leave the bias at the door please. And I hate Samsung.
  • Agreed. Be the bigger person and just leave it alone. It literally adds nothing to iMore. But it gets clicks. So there is that. That is about as shameless as Samsung if you ask me. Sent from the iMore App
  • He is just as terrible a journalist as Jonathan Gellar is on BGR.
  • Wow, I hear the headphone jack is going to be on the bottom *head explodes* Sent from the iMore App
  • Galaxy Phones had the headphone jack on the bottom for a few years before Apple. The Galaxy Nexus for example did this in 2011 at Google's suggestion.
  • That's not my point, but the fact that they made fun of the iPhone 5 when it came out yet 2 yrs later they pull out the same stunt. It's not about who copies who, to quote Fight Club everything is just a copy of a copy of a copy. Sent from the iMore App
  • True. No denying Samsung is desperate to reclaim lost glory. IMO, the M9 is better, though, because it still has an SD card reader, a larger battery, and the M9 uses a 1080p display (still looks great) so it hypothetically should have better battery life.
  • Not if it's using a S810. Samsung is using Exynos in this version, also, and will almost assuredly have better cameras (Samsung is just... better... than HTC at cameras). The S6 will come in SKUs similar to the iPhone 6, except it starts at 32GB instead of 16. You can get up to a 128GB Phone. SD Card will matter to those users about as much as it matters to iPhone users: not much. Especially since Android OEMs tend to charge half what Apple charges for storage upgrades, so at the highest storage tier I expect the S6 to be a bit cheaper than the iPhone 6 still (basically allowing you to get a 128GB S6 for a price similar to a 64GB iPhone 6). But, that's just speculation based on past pricing structures ($50 per storage upgrade vs. Apple's $100 per storage upgrade).
  • So, what's your point?
  • Rene, kill comments. Let the trolls go back to standing and screaming on milk crates outside bus stations.
  • So Rene can run around and give half truths and you all can hate and circle jerk with him over half truths (ie you call Samsung a copier with the S6 yet the iPhone 6 clearly was heavily inspired by the HTC M7 yet Rene will never admit it.)
  • I think the real problem is that the Apple sites are mixed with the Android sites under "mobile Nations" so that every time there is an article here criticizing Samsung, all the goons and children come here to inexplicably call everyone "fanboys" and "butthurt" when in fact they are the ones that are both.
  • Your responses indicate you are too. And last I checked, AC does not spew hate mongering like iMore does. Phil actually has nice things to say about Apple products (he likes Macs) along with Jerry H, but Rene absolutely loves to take any chance he can get to trash other OEMs and OS's and acts as if he knows better than everyone else. His type of attitude is the bad attitude that people associate with some Apple owners and makes the Apple brand look bad. Arrogance is never looked well upon.
  • I think the thing to remember about Samsung copying apple design is that it is not an opinion, it's not fanboyism, or being "butthurt". It is a proven FACT that Samsung purposefully went out of its way to rip off the iPhone as much as possible. There is a 130+page document that was revealed during the apple/Samsung trial the proves this. Again, this is not an opinion. Anyone who says otherwise is flat out lying. So when they release a new device with multiple similarities to apple products can you really blame anyone for thinking they still might be doing the same thing. They have been proven time and time again to be a shady company on many fronts. Truly disgusting.
  • That happened in the first two galaxy s phones. That hasn't happen since. If you can't tell the difference by looking at the S3 to S6 and see it's clearly a Samsung then what your saying is any phone that glass and aluminum / metal and is a rounded square is a copy of an iphone. Why do you think the lawsuits stopped? Because the returns they got from suing went down just like Samsung profits.
  • Sent from the iMore App
  • I wish I could cherry pick from all the different manufacturers and design my own cellphone. "Butt" I can't.... so I'll stick with the iPhone for now. The same thing goes with everyone's comments. So I'll stick to reading Rene's articles because he is mostly right and just a smart, well informed writer. Sent from the iMore App
  • XD
  • I realize my comment is going to be downvoted into oblivion, and that's okay. But as someone who computes on Macs, has an iPad for a tablet, but prefers Android to iOS and still uses a Note 3 for his phone, I need to ask this... Why is it shameless stealing/copying when Samsung does it, but year after year, when Apple takes software ideas from Android, it's framed as being great and innovative and not-at-all stealing/copying? Being as neutral as I can be here...this is how the industry works. When one company designs something great or has a great idea, the rest of the industry follows, and if they don't, they get sunk. Sorry, but I'm not a fanboy of any of the three companies, they take each other's stuff all the time, and it's whatever. Buy what you like and stop caring about what the other guy is doing.
  • +1 Posted via the iMore App for Android
  • Apparently borrowing/copying software design cues is perfectly OK. But doing so with hardware is shameless. Idk. Sent from the iMore App
  • This deserves a huge +1. Where is Rene's fervor and enthusiasm to call Apple out for their copying? I, too, love my Macs and iPads. Rene is an embarrassment to real Apple fans. Rene is exactly why the terms iSheep exist. He thinks these articles help Apple out, but they don't.
  • The term "Sheep" exists because bigots like words and because emotional immature people without arguments and facts on their side, generally resort to insults.
  • Sheep is a term that exists because it refers to someone blindly following something without thinking or making a sound, rational decision on their own similar to sheep following a shepherd in a herd.
  • He makes the Apple fanbase look bad and embodies the smug arrogant Apple fanboy stereotype of thinking like "I am better than you and know more than you and don't have time to talk to someone as little as you."
  • Precisely. Rene is an embarrassment to real Apple fans.
  • I prefer Android but I can respect and admire some of the things Apple does and depending on the person, I will recommend iPhone over Android to them (I got both my parents iPhone 5's a few years back and helped get my dad his iPad 2). I can look beyond brands and see positives in all areas of tech. Rene, on the other hand, is a hate mongering smug troll that dreams he could be reincarnated as Steve Jobs.
  • Because if Samsung ever had an original idea it would die of loneliness.
  • Nice looking phone! Too bad I don't like TouchWiz. Posted via the iMore App for Android
  • Good point. Touch wiz has some good points but way more bad points. I prefer vanilla android, though I'm currently using an iPhone 6+. Sent from the iMore App
  • I'm not a Samsung fan, but this article is nothing but a shameless hit piece full of vitriol. Shame on the author. Posted with my Sony Xperia Z3 via the iMore App for Android
  • He is one of the worse Mobile Nations writers/editors. Hell, he even has a beard to make himself resemble Steve Jobs.
  • Sometimes i reall dont understand mobile nations. i feel like every time samsung launches a new product Rene has something to say about and also how Phil gets off on bashing blackberry any chance he gets. it just feels so high school to me sometimes.
  • That's because Rene is a hater. Always has been Posted via the iMore App for Android
  • lol i wouldnt go that far but i feel like a lot of times they let the fanboi come out of them, and this is from all the sister site but mostly with imore and ac.
  • AC is not bad. iMore has gotten to be bad in Rene articles and Windows Central can sometimes be a flame war too.
  • AC is pretty bad. WPCentral and Crackberry are pretty good, but iMore and AndroidCentral are pretty trashy these days, which I guess is expected as they are the most populous OSes and both camps think they have something to brag about (Android has the most marketshare, blablabla... Apple makes so much money, design looks so good blablabla). It comes across as one big ePeen measuring contest. Anyone I know that follows tech knows that Rene is worthless and not to pay him that much attention. The Fact that so many people get worked up by his hit pieces tells me that a lot of people aren't up to date on what should deserve the bulk of their attention at this blog. Rene's writing is not that thing. We already know the iPhone 6 Series is almost as close to a carbon cop/clone of the Samsung Ativ S as one can get. It looks more like an Ativ S than a Galaxy S Vibrant looked like an iPhone 3G/3GS. We know Apple shamelessly rips design cues from competitors. We know Apple shamelessly rips software features form other OSes. Notification Center (Android). Toast Notifications (Windows Phone). iCloud File Picker & Cloud Storage Integration (Android Storage Access Framework), iCloud Photos (Google+ Photos), etc. I mean, one of the biggest thing about iMessage was that Apple smartphones FINALLY had a 1st party chat protocol that allowed them to speak to computers and other Apple users (Windows Live Messenger (WP7 Mango), Google Talk (Android-Since-Forever), BBM). This I call evolution, however, people here would call it shameless copying (which is why every in-built IM services gets labeled an "iMessage clone" or "iMessage competitor" and not simply "a value-added service to increase the stickiness of that company's ecosystem and services package or platform." This happens on both ends, too, so I'm not just trying to denigrate apple for the sake of denigrating them. Samsung does it too. How many times have they created an app or service just to see how many people will bite on it. And they run the same type of strategy as Apple. If theirs don't succeed well, they don't shy away from buying another service and trying to piggy back off of that one (both Apple and Samsung have somewhat recently bought streaming media services, for example, because their own services didn't catch on). And you know what, Google and Microsoft do it as well. I mean, people are actually coming to iOS because it has finally ripped the features they needed from other OSes.
  • Get em!!! Posted via the iMore App for Android
  • Had no idea AC got bad. I get news headlines there but rarely read the full article there. I prefer Techno Buffalo, Engadget, and Phone Dog.
  • Phil bashes BB?
  • Or maybe Rene is just upset because the S6 essentially destroys the iphone 5 in every way, shape and form. Better display, far more powerful processor, certain to be much better battery life, better phone, period Posted via the iMore App for Android
  • I meant "iphone 6" lol Posted via the iMore App for Android
  • Man... are you ever behind. iPhone 5 was last year. We are talking iPhone 6. Sent from the iMore App
  • I corrected the miswrite 30 seconds after the post. Unfortunately there is no option to edit posts on the imore android app Posted via the iMore App for Android
  • There is, you touch your post after typing it. There is a time limit though. It's a few minutes. Not sure about specific numbers. "I'm da Blur boys!" - Me with 1200 ping. Fiber in Nashville? Save me based Google.
  • It's odd, when I posted that comment earlier I immedietly tried to edit it but the option wasn't there. Further down the thread a while later the option was there on another one of my posts, strange. I'm always editing posts, lol Posted via the iMore App for Android
  • In other news, Rene Ritchie, staunch Apple apologist and local madman, was admitted to the hospital this afternoon after apparently suffering a mental breakdown of sorts. Ritchie was found on top of a building, wrapped only in a bathrobe screaming incoherently at all passers-by with only the words "Samsung" "fuck" and "Tim Cook" being clear. He was shot with a tranquilizer dart, caught in a net, and transported for observation... We now rejoin our regularly scheduled program already in progress... Posted via the iMore App for Android
  • Thanks for that mental image Posted with my Sony Xperia Z3 via the iMore App for Android
  • So instead of debating his point rationally, you resort to a personal attack?
  • I have debated his fallacies... The Samsung Ativ had the rounded glass three years before apple invented it, and the rest of the i6 copied the M7/M8. Posted via the iMore App for Android
  • Hahaaa, lol Posted via the iMore App for Android
  • In all seriousness, the way Rene defends and apologizes for Apple is akin to religious lunatics. Apple truly can do no harm. Rene is such a champion to remind us of this! : puke :
  • He truly stands as a stereotypical Apple fanboy. The epitome of one if you will. He even tries to physically resemble Steve Jobs from his later years.
  • LOL.
  • Yes, ad hominem always makes for such a strong argument./s
  • Lol! Posted via the iMore App for Android
  • +1
  • Honestly, I think it's a nice a looking device. Does it have cues taken from the iPhone 6? Sure. But I don't really think it's that big of a deal. I am disappointed they got rid of of the removable back though
  • At the end it doesn't matter, the Chinese manufacturers will copy it and sell it at half the price. Overall. It is the same phone. Samsung can never sell at a premium like they used to now. It is so easy. Just wait a few months and they have huge discounts. Sent from the iMore App
  • Well besides a 2K AMOLED that draws less power than the prior 1080p version, a 14nm Finfet 64-bit SOC, UFS 2.0 storage, a camera that beats the already class-leading Note 4 camera, Samsung Pay, multi-window support. Oh and a couple years of software updates. Lots of things Chinese OEMs can do, but there are things that only Samsung can do right now. Maybe in 6 months you'll be able to get some of these features, but not now. And even with the same hardware (e.g. Sony 16mp sensor), how you use it is equally important.
  • You see what you are describing has very little value. Would you pay premium for features you may not even notice. Overall. I can get the same phone for $300. It runs the same android software. Sent from the iMore App
  • Yes, and that same Android software gives a better user experience and better output (for things like Camera, for example) when paired with better hardware. The Screen, SoC, Storage, Camera are all better than what any Chinese OEM has out right now. Really, you cannot debate that. It's what separates computers in price - componentry. People pay a premium for a Notebook with a FHD Display, SSD Drive, i7 CPU, and better battery [life] than a Notebook with 768p Display, 5.4KRPM Drive, i5 CPU, and 2 hours less battery life because it's better. And it's better because the parts in it are better. Some things *are* worth paying more for, especially if you're going to keep the phone for 1.5-2 years and across 2+ Major Software updates (and practically every Samsung Flagship gets 2+ years of updates, since the Galaxy S2). Going by your logic, why not just get the iPhone 4S over a 6 Plus. It runs largely the same iOS software. Right?
  • Yes it does because as Apple has proved and you are touting China has plenty of wealthy people who have money to spend and will drop said money when they want. If the S6 is great people in China will pay for it increasing margins for Samsung. One thing you find with wealthy people is their fickle. When you have money and feel like you can buy anything your more likely to buy the next best thing and the S6 is the next best thing.
  • This is a serious question, but would they have had enough time to copy the design of the iPhone 6 that was only unveiled 6 months ago? Though the iPhone 6 did copy some elements of the HTC One. Sent from the iMore App
  • Samsung are self-described fast followers.
  • I'll just say, look at the bottom of the iPhone 6/6+, look at the bottom of the Galaxy S6, compare the bezels. That's where the direct iPhone copy is. I didn't believe it when I saw the images from The Verge, had to choice but to believe when I saw the same images from Android Central. Sent from the iMore App
  • That is pretty much where the physical similarities ends, though.
  • Those Bezels and the Curved Glass comes from a Samsung Windows Phone released in 2012.
  • The S6 bottom is not different then when Apple copied Samsung by making bigger screens and putting the power button on the side.
  • It might sound funny, but the GS6 edge reminds of an Apple magic mouse upside down. Seriously speaking I don't see any practicality in the curved screen other than making the phone more comfortable to hold, which btw is already a feature of the iPhone 6. Most of the supposedly extra software features that the the curved edges brings, could just have worked without the edges being curved. On the specs side increase in cpu/gpu power, camera improvement are as expected, and the 500+ppi is insane as usual. It is just wastage of resources. Touch fingerprint reader is of course better, just like TouchID before it, but its implementation on the GS6 is by far not as elegant as on the iphone/ipad.
  • The 550 some ppi actually is important if you invest in a gear vr headset. When that display is put up to your eyes you see every dot which is why a 1080 p screen like the iphone 6+ has (I think) looks like shit when used in vr. Yes it's useless when just using it in phone mode but they are trying to do more then just a phone. It's a phone, A VR Headset. Getting it! It's a phone, and a VR Headset!
  • I tried a note 4 edge but couldn't get into it, but I'm hearing good things about the S6 edge. What is the difference that I'm missing? Sent from the iMore App
  • This is why.. MKBHD explains the curved sides of the Galaxy S6 Edge:
  • Oh come now Mr Ritchie. Doesn't the design hark back more to the iPhone 4 or 4S or even the Google Nexus 4. Getting your blood pressure up on a piece of Korean Tat that was more about firing off jibes. When a company starts their spiel with claim that they listened to customers when their customers all seem to still wet their underwear over having a removable battery. They are bigger things to be upset about. In fact I had to laugh when they claimed that they had invested curved glass, try telling that to the glass industry and the production of automobile glass who have been making in mass curved glass. I watched for a while and then stroked my iPhone and merely said "My Precious" and then got on with something productive and it wasn't a hacking cough! I do agree though, when I saw the outlines etc at the start it looked remarkably like the outlines edges of the iPhone 6 or 6+ but as to their other claims which they have be known to make and back up with figures or information that is hyped and inaccurate. It is the nature of business for people to make their product sound as good as they can and Samsung do that so very well. Now go and sit in a dark room, don't you dare look at anything about Samsung for a day or two, better still go to the Gym and beat the heck out of something. Life's too short to be ired by shenanigan's.
  • Copy? You need to recheck what happened after the Iphone 6 was unveiled. Here is the reminder Rene: The only difference is Apple says it "invented" when they really meant "we reverse engineered to get the same result and then patented it."
  • This is like comparing the Accord with the Camry...two vendors selling the same hardware with different badges. Comes down to loyalty and tweaks that speak to you. Sent from the iMore App
  • I think Samsung was smart. They took what people complained about and fixed it. Plastic? No more. They improved upon what people complained about and now there will be something else people complain about. Battery life is to be seen as well as how touchwiz is, but I think Samsung is in a position where no matter what they do someone will complain. There's so much android competition that it's going to be tough for them. Sent from the iMore App
  • Well I agree that it's shameless. They couldn't even come up with a different name for the mobile payment system. The fast charges no is a joke yes you can charge fast but the overall durability of the battery will suffer. An iPhone 6 can be charged faster with an iPad charger, but there is a reason apple opted to send it with the iPhone charger not the iPad charger. The batter should last for 2 years at least. Sent from the iMore App
  • Quick charging doesn't harm the battery in new Android phones that are using Qualcomm's quick charging technology. It regulates the amount of power going to the phone to keep from harming the battery. Yes, it can harm iPhones because they do not use that technology, but compatible Android phones will be fine.
  • All phones use the same lithium-polymer battery technology. Quick charging creates more damaging heat because your inserting the same energy at a faster rate with essentially the same efficiency. Your can't break the laws of physics, you're going to shorten the battery's life-span. It's not as big a deal though, if the battery is user replaceable.
  • Wait is this android central? Oh no it's just that incompetent reporter Rene writing irrelevant articles again on iMore. You're really clutching at straws this time Rene as the S6 looks nothing like an iPhone. Apple didn't invent non user replaceable batteries and the use of so called premium materials. I honestly don't understand why you needed to write this pointless article instead of something actually worth reading like the other journalists on iMore produce. Samsung products have always been rubbish so I don't understand why you need to get so upset over a product that clearly isn't copying Apple anymore. The S is for shameless alright as that's exactly what you are Rene.
  • I'm an Apple user & fanboy and even I hate reading articles like this. "Butthurt" doesn't even begin to describe it. Grow up.
  • Pour that truth tea!
  • Ditto. I'm a fellow Apple fan, but iMore is becoming shameless with their childish articles.
  • This is not the first time that Rene bashing other companies. I love Apple but this site it's just too biased. Stop being an extreme biased fanboy Rene.This article is just disgusting. Sent from the iMore App
  • I come here for the lulz. Rene is comedy gold. What's worse is, he doesn't realize what he's doing is damaging to Apple fans everywhere. He thinks he's helping Apple and their fanbase. Rene, you're just embarrassing us.
  • "I come here for the lulz." I have to agree. I'm guilty of that as well. Sometimes it's just too enticing now to just peek in and see what the latest hilarity is.
  • He knows what he's doing. He's getting clicks. Might be damaging to the fan base, but it lines his pockets. You know he's bad when fellow Apple fans such as myself can't defend him. He's the worst kind of Apple fan.
  • Yeah. It's a shame that people lump real, respectful Apple fans with the likes of Rene and his ilk. It's absolutely embarrassing. I have no doubt he's aware of what he's doing, be it for clicks or money, or just in the hopes that Apple will one day hire him. But hey, if that's the role he wants to play, then he deserves all the criticism he gets.
  • Idiots from both sides widely displayed here Posted via the iMore App for Android
  • 1) If all you can do is hurl insults, I'm going to assume you agree with me, hate yourself because of that, are incredibly frustrated, and are just lashing out. That's fine. I understand. I'm disappointed. But if you choose to engage in productive discourse, I'll happily do likewise. 2) I'm criticizing Samsung because, after starting to go their own way, and doing things like water proofing, which is a great technology, instead of doubling down on that in the face of increased competition, they backtracked. That's bad for everyone, including people who love Samsung. Hopefully the Note remains more Samsung. 3) I forgot to mention the new Touch ID-like fingerprint reader or the Apple Pay-style Samsung Pay. (No, I'm not making either of those things up.) 4) I urge you to try and actually read the article I wrote. It's very specific. After my article about the GS5, I got the same comments here — that I'm a fanboy, idiot, obsessive stuff about my hind quarters, etc. Flash forward a year and was I wrong about the GS5? Even Android Central calls it "relatively disappointing.) Wait a year and let's see if I'm wrong about the GS6. I hope I am. I fear I'm not.
  • Can you blame samsung for wanting to improve its fingerprint technology when there have been so many complaints about having to swipe to use it? As for the new "samsung pay" I'll give you that, they should've named it differently. Then again, i don't see it as that big of a deal. Here's something interesting for you. Someone told me to take a look at the 2012 Samsung ATIV-S windows phone and the rest would speak for itself. I was shocked after seeing it. The phones frame is practically identical to the iphone 6, and it's overall form factor is very similar. It makes you begin to wonder who really came up with this rounded frame design first. All the negative comparisons aside, the S6 is a significantly more powerful device than the iPhone 6 in practically every way. That cannot be denied. With Its Exynos 7 SoC and new internal memory standard, and a camera sure to trounce the competition, samsung just produced the most powerful, and power efficient phone on the market Is it possible that you might be a little upset because the tech media is giving the S6 and edge high praises like never before? It's been quite a positive reception today, hasn't it Posted via the iMore App for Android
  • He won't respond to the questions about the Ativ S, because it would destroy the entire premise of his "article." The S5 *was* disappointing, but so was basically everything else released in that timeframe. Frankly, the S5 was held back by he Note 3 which was almost every bit as good as the S5, and not much more expensive. It also only shipped as a 16GB variant on most US carriers, which is increasingly becoming a deal breaker to consumers here (microSD is not a replacement or a stand-in for internal storage, for reason obvious and discussed already ad nauseum on virtually every tech forum on the internet). I have used an S5. There was no reason to upgrade from an S4. I'd also argue that the M8 wasn't worth upgrading to from the M7, and the LG G3 wasn't really worth it coming from the G2 - even mores because the G2's internals were even more current than the S4 and M7 so there was LESS performance and capabilities to gain going from the G2 to the G3 than those others. And if you have a Note 3 then the S5 was basically invisible as the Hardware upgrades were fairly minimal and you didn't gain much performance at all with that "upgrade." All of those flagships were released at a bad time. Qualcomm didn't really have a decent SoC upgrade by then and those people who wanted something more performant had already moved onto devices that had more performance SoCs in them, and those devices were still capable camera phones and mobile gaming monsters. People call the S5 disappointing, but it still outsold all of its competing Android flagships. The phone didn't have issues because it was disappointing, it had issues because it wasn't an upgrade in the way many consumers view upgrades. It just wasn't enough, and since Android smartphones are specced to be future proof-anyways, it wasn't worth upgrading from an S4 to an S5. What will be interesting is how many of those S4 hold-outs jump onto (or back to) the S6.
  • So you're saying since Samsung copied apple, they took a step "backwards"? Thanks for clearing that up for everyone :) Posted via the iMore App for Android
  • Honestly the only criticism I have for you Rene is the fact that the only Android device that seems to get any attention from you is a Samsung one as if Samsung is the only manufacturer of Android devices. And they are such an easy target for you or anyone because they are the top of the food chain. Where formal discussion about the m9 on comparison to the iPhone 6 or 6+ or the LG G3? Or the hundreds of other phones and tablets not made by Apple. You will rarely mention something about a Nexus here or there but I think your community could greatly benefit from comparison to other flagships and opinion pieces like this for phones that Samsung doesn't make. But based on the past is don't see it happening. Sent from the iMore App
  • What's the matter? Write a flame bait article about a brand that has nothing to do with this site and can't handle the heat you get back? Dude you seriously need to change your method of writing as your "opinion pieces" reflect poorly on the Apple community as a whole and help perpetuate the Apple fanboy stereotype of an arrogant smug try hard who looks down on any other brand besides your favorite and act like they are stupid or do not matter. It is disgusting. You should go write articles for BGR. At least tasteless flame drivel is the norm there.
  • Well done !!!!! I think Rene would need a break for awhile if he were to read your post, lol. You pretty much killed him right there Posted via the iMore App for Android
  • I actually have no beef with iOS or Apple products. The things that irritate me are the super stereotypical fanboys like Rene or condescending Apple leadership like Jobs, Cook, or Ives who act smug and take the attitude that "the customer does not know what they want until we tell them." That kind of attitude REALLY pisses me off.
  • They can be quite fanatical and smug. Posted via the iMore App for Android
  • Rene if you're criticizing because as you say Samsung is not going their own way then what about Apple for years laughing at the size of the Android devices. Now their 6+ is bigger than the Note 4. Apple swore they would never build a phone any larger than 4 inch screen. Shit happens, people change, people ask for and want different things including mobile phones. You are not being honest with your readers. Doesn't look good for the website. Very transparent. Sent from the iMore App
  • Poor Rene. lol.
  • I think Rene grew up very insecure. Just a guess.
  • BTW: at first blush I like to HTC One M9 far more. Since I skipped the N6 I'll probably get that as my next Android phone.
  • If there was no TouchWiz on it, I'd like the S6. I have an M8 and have zero complaints though. Posted via the iMore App for Android
  • I would get an S6 IF they had a Google Play Edition for it.
  • Me too Posted via the iMore App for Android
  • The In-Use Battery Life of the M8 is terrible. I also hate On-Screen Buttons. I have one too, I use it as an MP3 player, though (have an 6 Plus as my daily driver). Also, the camera is junk.
  • Can we see an article from you about this very thing and include your thoughts about how those phones compare to the iPhone? That's all I really want. Sent from the iMore App
  • I can definitely see some resemblances between the S6 and the iP6 when viewed from the bottom. But I don't see why Apple users think that Samsung is copying them. With metallic build, sevreral Android phones have had that like the HTC m7 and m8 and Sony's Xperia line. Glass back was used in the Nexus 4 and Sony's Xperia line. Bottom placed speaker was used in several Android phones. Sure, these design features have been used by Apple, but they have been used by other OEMs too. Why do the design queues have to be taken from the iPhone? Why can't we think that Samsung took them from other OEMs? Do iPhone users think their phones are the only ones worthy of being copied? I'm not trying to say that Samsung didn't copy Apple, but it's childish to assume that is the only option.
  • Everybody needs to chill. They all take a little from each other. No harm
  • Exactly.
  • Wow, when I look at my iMore widget, I want to see the latest info and events concerning Apple, NOT some uneducated fanboy childishly yelling at a rival company. This is very unprofessional, and I do hope your editor doesn't let you put out any more articles like this. Posted via the iMore App for Android
  • Speaking of education, what credentials does Rene have? It's evident he doesn't have a journalism degree.
  • He probably got it from the same place that Jonathan Gellar at BGR got his LOL.
  • Imore is becoming more pathetic by the day. I don't even know how the guys at Android Central can hold their tongues with the senseless and shameless reporting on this sister site. Posted via the iMore App for Android
  • Like night and day
  • I actually completely agree, Rene. The first thing that ran across my news feed was "Samsung Pay". I had to double check just to make sure it wasn't just a nickname the news outlet had given to their payment system.... Nope. Couldn't even come up with an original name. Then once I saw the lack of waterproof and sealed battery, I thought "didn't they make fun of the iPhone for this?". Then I gave another eyeroll at the built in finger print sensor in the button... I am an Android user, but am laughin at how shameless Samsung is being. I'm interested in seeing how effecient the new processor is and I applaud the camera specs. But specs are only specs, and performance has pretty much plateued for most of the current app uses. I am most interested to see if they just removed any advantage for people to choose them over another Android phone or an iPhone, because that's how it seems. Posted via the iMore App for Android
  • Cry more. As an iP6+ owner, you sound excessively sour. Wall hungers had nothing to do with replaceable batteries. It was about the bad battery life the non-Plus iPhones get. And compared to an S5, the battery life was bad especially when you consider how few pixels the iPhones were driving compared to it. As for the design. I don't see much to complain about. The back looks the same as most of their other phones with a near identical camera bump and the front isn't that grand a departure either. They had a bottom speaker on the Note 3 and people complained when they moved it to the back of the 4 so that part is quite expected if user feedback is to be taken seriously. What will tell the tale is the software and services on the phone.
  • Apple needs to place a sd card slot on their devices and they need other improvements. Everyone copies everyone. Posted via the iMore App for Android
  • They could call it the iCard! Posted via the iMore App for Android
  • Not much to see read here. I've grown tired of these types of articles. My friend, let it go. The only thing that looks like an iPhone 6 is the bottom of the phone. Having the speaker on the bottom of the phone, needs to be an industry standard, if we can't get them on the front of the phone, like the HTC. You can't criticize Samsung for their design, and then criticize them for addressing your critiques. You are going in circles. I think the S6 looks great, from a design standpoint.
  • The headphone jack is at the bottom "MIND BLOWN"!
  • As a Galaxy S4 user looking to upgrade to the S6 later this year, I have some thoughts:
    1) Samsung and Android fans (and I) have been calling for Samsung to ditch plastic in favour of higher quality materials (metal and glass) for years now. It's to be expected that as soon as they decided to go in that direction the copy-cat accusations would fly, as Apple have been using those materials from the start. Granted, Samsung could have gone with a slightly different design, but I've seen plenty of metal smartphones which look like an iPhone from one angle or another. I think this comes down more to the logistics of creating a metal framed phone than anything else.
    2) The vast majority of regular users have never carried around a spare battery for their Samsung device. Most people will carry a portable charging bank instead, and I recently made the switch to carrying one instead of my spare battery also. So sacrificing a relatively niche feature for a slimmer, lighter, better constructed phone is not as drastic and 'shameless' as it has been made out to be.
    3) Glass on smartphones has come a long way since the iPhone 4/4S. Gorilla Glass in particular gets stronger every year and smashing both sides of the S6 shouldn't be as much of a fear as it was a few years ago.
    4) Will this phone bend? Probably. Will it bend under normal use? Probably not. What happened with the iPhone 6/6+ was a freak thing and I don't think the bending issue should be dwelled upon much for ANY phone.
    5) "Everyone copies everyone" is the best thing I've read on this page. It is also the most true. We wouldn't have the amazing smartphone market we do if manufacturers didn't take inspiration from competitors once in a while. Can we please just let this pointless perpetual argument go?
    6) I believe this article does leave a bad taste. The criticisms are fair enough, but they were not delivered very well. Even when the authors on Android Central take the piss out of Apple devices, they do it with a little more class and humour than what has been written above. You might want to rethink your style, as it encourages not informed discussion, but straight up fanboyism and shitty back-and-forth comments.
  • All iPhones up to the 3GS were made of Plastic, so no, Apple hasn't been using these materials "from the start." All Samsung did was take the design language of the Ativ S Windows Phone (which the iPhone 6 series blatantly copies) and apply design cues that users liked from the Note 3 and Note 4 to it, while improving things that people complained about (speaker volume, fingerprint scanner improved further, more uses for the HRM Sensor unit, Better Camera Speed and Low Light Performance, Higher Resolution FFC with better Low Light Performance, Higher Screen Resolution & Color Accuracy, many people were clamoring for an Exynos Galaxy S phone (and this looks like the perfect time to give one to US users), debating TouchWiz of many Built-In S Apps, Wireless Charging (can't do that with Metal Back, and Plastic wasn't an option due to complaints with other devices using it), Battery Life (continuously improving - the S5 was already besting its rival M8 and G3 in that department), etc.). The Move from DropBox to OneDrive makes sense in that Windows integrates the latter and more people use Windows than any other platform. It gives a lot better continuity (OMG, no!) of the device for PC users. I'd say the same for Skype and Office Apps (OneNote being completely free - no restrictions anymore, especially) especially seeing as how Google doesn't have any real desktop apps for their services while Microsoft does (I expect to see Word, Excel, and PowerPoint added in - maybe?). To be frank, the above paragraph is actually the part that is most compelling to me, because when I was on Android I had forsaken most of Google's services for Microsoft's because of how well you an move across devices with them, without having to live within the confines of a web browser.
  • The hypocrisy of this article is startling. This article is borderline ridiculous. Look, I don't like Samsung. But I seriously don't think anyone would mistake the Galaxy S6 or the Galaxy S6 Edge for any iPhone device ever made. Given how much Apple lifted, "or rather got inspired", from the Android software and hardware platform over the past half-decade and in particular for iOS 8 (nfc, tap to pay, sharing and inter-app communication, widgets, icloud drive, replaceable keyboards, nofications, OTA updates, always-listening assistant, cloud sync, photo sync, battery stats etc) and the iPhone 6 (larger screens, clearly inspired from the HTC One M8). iOS 4, iOS 5, iOS 6, iOS 7 and now iOS8 basically just copied features from Android. So much so that's it's become a running joke that Android is Apple's R&D department. So, Rene, how do you find the gall to write an Article about anybody copying Apple when every single feature you write glowingly about the iPhone 6 and iOS4/5/6/7/8 was copied from the Android software and hardware platform?
  • +1
  • Let's be honest, it feels like an unconditional admission that Samsung's design manifesto is completely wrong. They've finally admitted what Apple have known for years, and that Dieter Rams always preached - less design. Sent from the iMore App
  • Rene is always one eyed, but also very informed. This article does seem particularly harsh, though. Rene tells us that Apple has a product roadmap years out. Does Samsung do the same or is this just a reaction to a bad year? This certainly seems a big shift in terms of hardware philosophy. In any case, I won't be tempted. I use both iOS and Android and have never warmed to the latter.
  • Everyone. Let's be honest. They all copy each other in some way shape or form Sent from the iMore App
  • These comments are hilarious. Rene, what a shitty article. Adios, Imore.
  • From BGR which is very pro apple "Leading up to today’s unveiling, Samsung caught a lot of flack for building more phones that bear a striking resemblance to other phones we know quite well: Apple’s iPhone 5 and iPhone 6. Having handled both the Galaxy S6 and the Galaxy S6 edge, I can tell you that there are definitely some “similarities,” but it’s not quite as bad as what you might have read."
  • I don't care what it looks like that phone looks great. Battery size has be worried tho. Sent from the iMore App
  • From the headline onwards, this article was really nothing but flame/click bait. The sad thing is, I like reading Rene's posts simply because I know he is going to generate these kinds of (entertaining) responses. I just don't know if he's doing it on purpose or whether he really does believe what he writes.
  • Rene hates Samsung and loves writing about them. Funny he talks about Samsung should quit talking about Apple, yet he sure loves to bash Samsung and give Apple a pass anytime they "shamelessly" borrow a feature. Sent from the iMore App
  • Rene "vacations" in Cupertino. Who else besides a fan obsessed Apple loving person does that? Sports fan's go to Wrigley, Fenway and Yankee Stadium - Rene goes to Cupertino.
  • He dresses and has a beard like Jobs too. The guy screams Apple fanboy hipster.
  • I think this article was written out of a passion for hatred of Samsung and nothing else. Everyone takes design cues from each other. I use Android phones and rock an Apple iPad and MBP. I am not ashamed. I really, really enjoy the design that Apple can always come up with in regards to phones. However, I hate their limited OS and love the Google ecosystem. I am in love with this S6. To me, it feels as if an Android powered phone finally has that premium, luxury look and feel to it. I am excited and cannot wait to see it in person. Does it have a design similar to the iPhone? Sure. But isn't imitation the biggest form of flattery? P.S. - The "shit" lines in the article could have been done without. It comes off as unprofessional and childish.
  • They found him on top of an office building screaming at the top of his lungs. He's sedated and resting now. That's why he isn't posting responses. Posted via the iMore App for Android
  • The S6 looks no more like the iPhone 6 than the iPhone 6 looks like the Samsung Ativ S from 2012. Or the iPhone antennas look like the HTC One's
  • Man I agree with a lot of those points but sometimes the articles you write make me shake my head. You are extremely knowledgable and I'd say like able but you're a little too unforgiving for Sammy especially. Don't get me wrong I am an Apple guy through and through but I love Samsung. They're kind of in a rut but the ballsy way they just throw everything they can think of into everything is cool and when something sticks we get stuff like the Note series which gave us phablets which gave us the iPhone 6 plus. I'm not saying they're the best with their user experiences but they give us great cameras and battery life with top end specs and usually a feature or two worth owning the phone for. Will I ever buy another Samsung phone? Probably not until iMessage makes its way to other platforms which I believe you wrote about at some point and how it was supposed to be open sourced or something (correct me if I'm wrong). I just wish you wouldn't attack them for all of the wrong they are doing, which as I stated I agree with, and instead find some balance of good vs. bad. However I will continue to read your articles because you are so knowledgeable. Keep on keepin on Mr. Richie. Sent from the iMore App
  • I would also like to point out that Samsung did something I wish Apple would have done and released a 32gb as their lowest memory option instead of the 16gb. 16gb now should be only for the low end like 8gb was several years back. We need more storage, the limit on apps just got bumped to 4gb, you think someone with a 16gb iPhone will install that without thinking twice? Sent from the iMore App
  • Hey Rene, does this mean your godchildren aren't getting a Samsung S6 for Christmas this year?
  • Shhhhh... He's resting Posted via the iMore App for Android
  • I am absolutely SICK and TIRED of your endless tirades against Samsung, Rene. This reeks of yellow journalism, and you should be ashamed of yourself.
  • SIGH.... I remember the day when iMore and all the Mobile Nations were one of the bright spots in the tech world comment wise. What have we become? Can't we go back to being a bright spot?
  • Ritchie needs some of that Appleinsider juice so he's squeezing it for all he's worth.
  • Rene, how did you feel emotionally when the iPhone 6 copied the back of the M7 and M8? Where was your "shameless" article then?
  • He is a hypocrite
  • Just because another company realizes that people like metal and nice curvy edges that are easy to hold doesn't mean that they are now copying apple. People are quick to call out copy cats when a phone vaguely resembles the iPhone but of course all phones are going to look similar because at the end of the day they are all trying to do the same thing. The Galaxy S6 is a fantastic phone, I was impressed, and it looks like nothing I've ever seen before. If Samsung keeps on this path I would expect them to perhaps regain their spot at #1 smartphone manufacturer in the coming years. And in case you think I am biased here I am not, this is written on an iPhone 6 and I would buy a S6. Sent from the iMore App
  • Dude, Apple tried to sue Samsung for making a RECTANGULAR PHONE! Posted via the iMore App for Android
  • I'm still pissed at the guy at Apple who copied Samsung and put the power button on the damn right side of the iPhone.
  • Samsung Pay being backward compatible with current payment terminals is a big blow to Apple Pay. Sent from the iMore App
  • +1
  • Here's the point that Rene was trying to make, but with less fanboy courtesy of PocketNow "I'm da Blur boys!" - Me with 1200 ping. Fiber in Nashville? Save me based Google.
  • Now THAT is a proper first look. Much more fair and balanced assessment of their device vs the iPhone 6.
  • I generally go to PocketNow for video reviews, because they have the best quality I've seen so far and it's very very informative. I don't have to read the article and watch a review to get the full story. One or the other works. That, and they tend to at least hide their bias better. It's there sometimes (watch the Passport reviewl) but even then, it comes across as subtle jokes that do point out flaws. Not calling the product as a whole shit because of the name on it. "I'm da Blur boys!" - Me with 1200 ping. Fiber in Nashville? Save me based Google.
  • I will add them to my bookmarks along with TehnoBuffalo and Phone Dog and Engadget.
  • Rene is very passionate about a product and company he loves. He may not be as balanced in every view point as say a writer like Andy Ihnatko, but I generally appreciate his viewpoint. Sometimes it may feel a little too apologetic to some, but in this case, perhaps stated rather passionately, Rene is on to something. Remember Samsung's "wall hugger" ads making fun of iPhone users and touting their own removable batteries? And their big push on waterproofing, like during the ice bucket challenge? Both features gone now. And making fun of the headphone jack on iPhone? Now theirs is on the bottom too. And come on. A change in the fingerprint sensor and "Samsung Pay" is a little too on the nose. It's like they backtracked their own innovations and said "maybe Apple was on to something", especially after miserable S5 sales.
  • Ha!!!!!, Shameless!!!!!, another disappointment Samsung!! Sent from the iMore App
  • Outside of this site, Samsung got a lot of praise today for what they showed off.
  • Just like Apple and iOS8 "Shamelessly" copied several Android features? This article is a joke. The new iPhone shamelessly copied Android and many Android handsets... You have it twisted pal... Get honest. You lost any respect I had for you.
  • Rene, you are shameless. I wonder why we never see articles on Android Central bashing Apple for all that it copies from Android and Samsung. That list is a mile long. Maybe it's because they are not rabid fanboys that have no journalistic integrity. Rene, you make me gag. You and people like you are the number one reason I could never use an iPhone. I would not want to be associated with the likes of your kind.
  • @Rene Ritchie
    Samdung is a Serial Offender so this should not be a surprise to anyone with a Brain.
    They have been rewarded for their Thievery so why stop now, when they are hurting more than ever.
    (Rene) You are a true Voice of reason and a very Fair Person, who say it as you see it and for that i Applaud you. (Thumbs up to you Sir)
  • Bahhhhhhhhh
  • My GOD, Rene wants to work for Apple, and you want to be his butler?
  • No personal attack needed here but these incessant attacks on all things Samsung are getting very old. In this day and age everyone copies from everyone else. The "card" metaphor that Apple put into iOS was a blatant ripoff from WebOS (including the swipe up to close out applications). The Notification Center in iOS again is a blatant ripoff from pure Android. Apple innovates and Apple "borrows" ideas from others. Samsung innovates (not always in ways that people like) and Samsung "borrows". Sent from the iMore App
  • BTW the guy that designed Web OS, Duarte, left Palm when it was crumbling and went to Google/Android before Ice Cream Sandwich (4.0) which is why it gradually has gotten more and more influence over the years of Web OS.
  • Hey RENE iPhone 6 is ripoff of the HTC M7/M8
  • +1000
  • Wow just wow. Let's look at this logically
    1 if you want a phone in the 6mn range you loose the removable battery
    2 if you want premium materials but want to include wireless charging your left with glass or plastic.
    3 Samsung has caught flack for the note 4 trim being uncomfortable
    4 Samsung probably learned that waterproofing doesn't sell phones ( ask Sony)
    5 Samsung even mentioned that the removable battery and sdcard slot weren't that important to the average user.
    everyone copies everyone, the IPhone wasn't the first phone with a finger print sensor (Motorola atrix) Apple just used the first good implementation. Let's say in the next version of the 5.5 inch iPhone is released with split screen multi tasking . Would we not be thrilled even though samsung has been doing it for years. So please let's let logic dictate or conversation rather than sounding like a bunch of fan boys. They goes to both sides. I see this as a positive with better competition between both companies they will both have to step up their games.
  • Yes!
  • Ok I am an android fan I use a 1+1 as well as an iPhone 6 + I think the Galaxy s 6 looks great, but I do have to just comment on two things I'm glad Samsung went aluminum finally but it kills me with all the attacks apple received over the glass backed iPhone 4 Samsung would choose to go that route. And then all the criticism apple forever the camera hump they did the same thing. It's just funny that's all.
  • OK, after reading all the hate, all I could think of is Rodney King........"Can't we all just get along?" I guess I am spoiled - I use Android for work (Galaxy S4) and an iPhone 6 for personal use. I love components on both of them. First off to come clean, over the past four to five years, I have pretty much converted over to the Apple ecosystem - so you can call me a fanboy if you want, but I try to keep an open mind all the way around. For what I do and want at THIS time in my life - it satisfies my needs. When I initially saw the picture of the S6 - I thought it was a photoshop of an iPhone 6 with an android operating system on the screen. When I saw it was the S6, my next thought - "Looks awesome." Does it look like the iPhone 6 - sorry but you would be lying to yourself if you said no. Does the iPhone 6 look like the Samsung released in 2012? You'd be lying to yourself if you said no to that also. Here's the deal. Every technology company takes ideas from other technology companies - that's what patents are for. I personally love the Samsung/Apple battle that goes on. In the end, we the consumers win and so do the manufacturers. I love google search on my S4 (and my iP6) and can't stand Siri. I love google maps and can't stand apple maps. I love iTunes on my iP6 and can't stand dealing with music on my S4 (other than Pandora - it's a tie). I can't imagine not having Touch ID on anything. I've never once taken a battery out of any of my android work phones, so removable or not - isn't an issue for me. There's a give and a take in each platform, and like I said, I don't care who "copies" who, if I were the CEO of a company, I would be flattered to see the influence of my design being "copied" as it means that is what the public wants. I want BOTH Samsung and Apple to succeed, as well as other manufacturers. It is a win/win for all of us, no matter what platform you choose. Congrats Samsung on what appears to be a for sure hit with consumers (yes I will be upgrading to the S6 at work - was NOT impressed with the S5) and thank you for continuing to raise the bar for Apple - in the end - I benefit as a consumer.....
  • I'm a fellow Apple fan, but this whole "they copied us!" rhetoric gets old. Everyone in the industry is influenced by someone, in some way. Was Apple's sudden foray into the phablet market shameless? I'm sure the other camp can make an argument for it being so. Especially with how often I've heard the argument that 4" screens were perfect. Hell, Apple even made a commercial showing thumb maneuverability, justifying the tiny screens. I for one have Samsung to thank for my wonderful iPhone 6 Plus experience. Competition is good, especially for us. Stop trying to troll to get people to read your articles.
  • On the contrary. I find the S6 and S6 Edge to be beautifully made and this is coming from a guy who used iPhones for years. Android phones are becoming irresistible now. Wish their apps were as polished as the iOS compatriots. Sent from the iMore App
  • Galaxy Note 3 Bottom: Microphone - USB 3.0 - SPEAKER GRILL LOL! P.S. Also, what company will put a glass back on a phone, and drill holes into it for a speaker grill. Really, before yelling "copy" or complaining... Use that brain of yours. THINK. What would you have done if your back panel was a slab of Gorilla Glass 4? Would you drill holes into it, or would you just put the speaker grill onto the bottom of the device? Drilling holes into glass has a negative effect on the integrity of the glass panel. It makes complete engineering sense to put the speaker grill at the bottom. You don't have to be a copier or thief to see that. You just have to be half decent at what you do if you design and build smartphones.
  • Though I generally agree with this article, I'd still say a bit harsh Rene .... Sent from the iMore App
  • Who is going to buy something like an iPhone for the same price as an iPhone... With a fugly home button, choppy Androi and an in-burning oled screen? And that s6 edge better has palm rejection or it is crap. That one at least looks unique. Sent from the iMore App
  • "Just as shamelessly, they ditched elements like user-replaceable batteries that they used in attack ads as recently as last July." Out of interest, when the iPhone 6 invalidated the thumb ad that they were using for the iPhone 5, were you as quick to write an article as you were today? Having recently left Android to come to Apple, I enjoy the stuff, but articles like this might make me go back. The risk of being identified in the same group of people as those that write this trash is pretty annoying.
  • While I agree, I also disagree that a particular site should make you give up the piece of tech that you like to use. Let the tech speak for itself. 90% of iPhone users probably don't even read this site. I have a 6 and a note 3, which is like liking the Red Sox and the Yankees at the same time. Posted via the iMore App for Android
  • Just goes to show how much Rene is hurt (i mean butthurt as mentioned by evryone). But my suggestion to him is that; quit being an apple fanboy, we know u like their products and u r getting something out of this crap u r writing. but dnt just say for the sake of saying, deep down inside we know how much you appreciate the galaxy s and s edge, but just that u r running shitty "i site" doesn't mean, u cant appreciate others efforts and hard work. Just like apple has be copy pasting all the new features in their ever changing new iOS platform, Samsung does have some influences from other contemporaries, but going downright by saying samsung copying iphone doesn't make u an intelligent person, which u think u r. I thought u could do better than that. well, my opinion for Samsung new phones: great product especially the radical Galaxy S Edge, which i'm going to buy for sure.
    p.s.: and i dont hate any apple products, infact im using Macbook Pro Retina13" and , i have been using iphone 3Gs, 4S and currently 5S. and i did not buy into the iphone 6 and 6+, but hey i dnt say anything bad abt them. so learn to appreciate and co-exist rene. Cheers!!!
  • It's Ok Rene. We all know everyone copies each other. Let's wait for  watch with bated breath!! Peace out.. Sent from the iMore App
  • .. and yes, that camera housing on Samsung phones is a pain in the but* Sent from the iMore App
  • This really isn't a copy of the iphone. They look completely different.
    You sound a bit jealous that iphone is always pretty samey (if pretty). This is a fanboy site though. (I'm currently using an iphone 6 plus, but will probably change to the galaxy s6 edge when it's released).
  • I agree. This looks a million times better than the iPhone with those ugly lines on the back. Hopefully apple copies this design and adds wireless charging. Sent from the iMore App
  • Well I don't think Samsung had a choice. They had to go all metal and by doing so they had to have a sealed in battery. They could have offered an SD card slot as HTC can manage it even with the unibody design of the M8. However this is negated by offering it with up to 128GB of internal storage Whether carriers will stock this remains to be seen though. Of the two the edge interests me the most. I haven't watched the official announcement yet so I'll reserve my final judgment until then. However from what I've seen so far nothing is making me want to leave my 6 plus or Apple and return to Samsung. I was an Apple user for 3 years and then used Samsung devices for 2 years (although still used Apple devices like ipads, Apple TV and iPod touch). Once the 6/6 plus was released I returned to the Apple fold as Apple had finally brought out a phone with the features I liked in Samsung phones and then some. However now it seems that Samsung themselves are doing away with any remaining features I liked in their phones. I'm heavily invested in the Apple ecosystem (iPhone, iPad, MacBook Air, Apple TV) so I don't see myself changing anytime soon and this release hasn't changed my mind. I'm saving my money for the Apple watch. Sent from the iMore App
  • @shanghaichica - then why are you even posting here, your concern is altogether different than what we are arguing here. Infact it seems to me u r talking to urself and dont have anything to say. So please out urself mate.
  • It's ok buddy, the user was just sharing his/her thoughts and I reckon it's allowed! Peace out.. Sent from the iMore App
  • Hmm so because I don't want to bitch about Rene's post I have nothing to say?? I'm just posting my own opinion on the new phone Samsung just announced. Samsung are not Xiaomi so I'm not going to comment on copying Apple as it's not relevant. Sent from the iMore App
  • There is no doubt that Samsung has left behind things that set them apart in the past from the iPhone. The S5 was not a great phone, and rightfully Samsung noticed that in the sales numbers. They had to change it up. To say that the S6 is a shameless copy of the iPhone in certain aspects does feel a bit off the mark, though. Apple has no patent on metal designs, with built-in batteries and storage, or a finger print reader. Any manufacturer can mix and match different product features, particularly if they feel that consumers prefer that. There is nothing shameless about that. I personally think that Samsung put together an attractive product. I had an iPhone 6 and I returned it because I did not like it enough for the ridiculous amount of money that Apple wants me to pay. If battery life is good, I most certainly will try the Samsung Galaxy S6 (Edge) and I will probably like it better than the iPhone. I respect you, Rene, but I feel that you are for whatever reason personally hurt by the S6 (Edge) and I don't feel that is necessary.
  • This post is dumb. There are only so many ways to design a smartphone. What if the aluminum chassis was straight instead of the curves? Everyone would be like, "oh it's an iPhone 5 copy." Glass back? Sony's phones and the Nexus 4 had a glass back. This S6 is a nice nice nice phone. The android diehards aren't going to like it for the reasons already pointed out, but for the average user, the S6 kicks ass! I'll still keep my iPhone though.
  • Rene, language please!
  • Honestly, I would have expected better from the entire Imore staff. Hope you're all enjoying your flame war.
  • All the praise that's going on about a new phone or phones equaling some kind of successful turn around needs some actual sales figures to be a real success. Not to mention profit margins. They can't PR their way out of last years lost revenue.
  • Lets just try to appreciate the fact that Samsung is finally stepped up its deign, and material build. granted i will say the bottom of the phone definitely looks like and iPhone 6. But no one care not argue that the dual screen bend edge is rather interesting. Samsung is a company that isn't afraid to take risks.
  • I think people seem to forget the iPhone was out before the g1 the first mainstream android just saying don't forget your history kids Sent from the iMore App
  • And there were smartphones before the iPhone.... Your point being? Do your historical look up on Android. The OS was developed way before.
  • People really hate the truth. Samsung fans are mad now because every time they look at the s6 it reminds them of the i6 smh Rene did a great job with this one. Like I said people just HATE the truth Sent from the iMore App
  • This article is gonna' break the internet...
  • Lol, I'm buying one. Doesnt feel like a rip off to me though.
  • Great device. Beautiful Hardware, killer specs and the camera is over the top. Looks like the SGS5 built with much better materials. Has the latest and fastest processor, 3gb of ram. Not much to complain about. Like this phone a lot.
  • I'm pretty critical on most of Renes articles but I think he is spot on with this one. Of course these are all just opinions.
  • Again, I'm an admitted Apple fanboy, but Rene's articles are absurdly over the top. You're being critical of Samsung copying Apple Pay, when Apple copied Google Wallet, which was introduced in 2011. Android OEMs will borrow from Apple and Apple will borrow from other OEMs. There's only so much you can do to the form factor of a smartphone to differentiate it from others. And companies can't implement something as essential as TouchID and expect other companies not to follow suit. It's the way things work. Apple has copied MORE THAN IT'S FAIR SHARE over the years.
  • Haha, i totally agree, samsung 360 degree style of design philosophy illustrate how desperate it is in catching up with apple, and admittedly saying that they were wrong with everything on those marketing attacks they made againsts apple (non removable batt, no sd expansion stuff etc) The lack of innovation make this company looks very pitiful almost copying everything (apple pay, touch id)
    Men just look at that s6 it has every genes of the iphone 6. Haha
    Trying hard copycats. Sent from the iMore App
  • Wow, you are the reason people largely consider Apple users ignorant and generally impossible to have a tech-educated conversation with. Just one example, its amazing that even now, after the iPhone 6 release, some users can actually still overlook the Galaxy Note lines influence and convince themselves its Samsung thats catching up lol
  • You know what else is silly? Silly people, like Rene, getting hung up on the term Samsung Pay. Rene -- again, where is your fervor for Apple copying others who have used that naming set up? Magic Pay. Loop Pay. Apple Pay? Gosh, can't Apple come up with anything original? : roll eyes :
  • Or worse... MaxiPad, iPad.
  • Wow. Add this article to the mix of why Apple users are largely considered tech-illiterate elitists that forever will dispose of anything, no matter how good, if its non-Apple. Even your readers think its a bit much. This article DOES sound butthurt/threatened by the S6.
  • Thank you.