Samsung Galaxy Note 4 to come with bonus business card holder?

While some segment of the internet is still coming down off its yearly collective iPhone launch apoplexy, another big phone looks like it might be poised to make big headlines. Turns out the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 has a surprise bonus feature — it can double as a business card holder on your desk. How does that work exactly? Android Central:

some Korean Note 4s include a gap between the screen and the metal trim large enough to insert a business card.

It's a "manufacturing feature", rather than a "manufacturing defect", according to Samsung's manual:

A small gap appears around the outside of the device case

  • This gap is a necessary manufacturing feature and some minor rocking or vibration of parts may occur.
  • Over time, friction between parts may cause this gap to expand slightly.

Samsung did issue a statement to the Korean press:

The reported issue does not impact the functionality or quality of the Galaxy Note 4. We assure our customers that all Galaxy Note 4 units meet our strict manufacturing and quality control standards.

Can you imagine if the iPhone 6 Plus shipped with a similar gap in its screen, a gap that could rock or vibrate, and could expand over time?

Make all the jokes you want about fussy hipsters, but that would drive a huge segment of Apple's customer base out of their minds. It'd be called #gapgate or #thegappening, and be in a dozen YouTube videos, in the Wall Street Journal and New York Times, and Conan O'Brian would be stuffing his old NBC cards in there on national TV. It'd be the subject of endless tweets and subtweets, arguments and podcasts, editorials and "tests".

The Galaxy Note 4 hasn't launched in the U.S. yet, so it's quite possible that's exactly what will happen in the near future. If so, that'll tell us something about Samsung's place in the modern mobile media circus. If not, well then that'll tell us something about the modern mobile media circus.

However, if iPhone 6 Plus crazy was making you consider a Galaxy Note 4 instead, does Galaxy Note 4 crazy now make you reconsider again? Or does it make you want to put crazy aside and actually weigh these big phones based on their merits?

Rene Ritchie

Rene Ritchie is one of the most respected Apple analysts in the business, reaching a combined audience of over 40 million readers a month. His YouTube channel, Vector, has over 90 thousand subscribers and 14 million views and his podcasts, including Debug, have been downloaded over 20 million times. He also regularly co-hosts MacBreak Weekly for the TWiT network and co-hosted CES Live! and Talk Mobile. Based in Montreal, Rene is a former director of product marketing, web developer, and graphic designer. He's authored several books and appeared on numerous television and radio segments to discuss Apple and the technology industry. When not working, he likes to cook, grapple, and spend time with his friends and family.

  • The hate for Samsung is strong with this one.
  • Actually, your comment makes obvious your cluelessness about Rene's record and how reasonable his article is. "Projection" I believe the psychologists call it...
  • Are you referring to Rene's record of bashing Samsung?
  • No, to his record of not bashing Samsung, but instead providing objective analysis and criticism when criticism is due. If you see it as "bashing," it says a lot more about you than anything else. For example, you're the one who used the word "hate." A little extreme, no?!
  • And it says a lot about you when you have to resort to personal attacks.
  • Wow! Maybe you should read your original comment?! "The projection is strong with this one."
  • His record of not bashing Samsung? Have you been reading a different iMore? This is probably the first article he's written regarding Samsung that actually has been objective and seemingly unbiased.
  • He doesn't bash Samsung or any manufacture specifically but he is an Apple apologist. Wants to be in Apple's good books, can't blame him since he runs an Apple news website. I don't take anything he says seriously. I selectively listen to good opinions he gives on certain stuff. Sent from the iMore App
  • Actually, Rene bashes everything that's not Apple. He's very convincing too. But if you're smart and understand how these things work his arguments don't hold a lot of weight. He really feeds on vulnerable people who don't have a good understanding of tech.
  • I don't know what we stupid and ignorant folks would do without you smart (and modest!) people around.
  • AvalanceRyder, Provide evidence and I'll admit my error.
  • Sadly, this is pretty accurate. Whenever I see an article from Rene with Samsung in it, I usually know what to expect, though this particular piece was far better than many of his past posts.
  • *facepalm*
  • Am I allowed to hate Samsung if I've owned 4 of their galaxy flagships and all of them suffered quality control and hardware failures that Samsung dropped the ball on? My favorite was the 3+ months at a Samsung centre with main board failure in a 61 day old phone. My Samsung hate? Is documented and justified. That's Samsung hate. Rene? He wasn't showing 'Samsung hate'. He was pointing out the hypocrisy.
  • Ouch!!!!! Sent from the iMore App
  • Samsung centre? a flagship? After your 3rd phone why in the world would you go for a fourth?
  • Except the hardcore power android users, I, personally have convinced whole lot of android users from android to iPhone or iPad or future product be an idevice.
    How? Because the day people see me holding my iPhone 3gs and iPad mini and find me happy using it and after meeting me 6 months, or 1 year or even 2 years later find me same HAPPY, while they are asking me for fixing their andr-ogen-oids and then thinking of having idevice, just makes me happy because my choices were stable and thrifty. I'm never gonna BUY android unless my father gift wraps it to me coz i can't refuse my father's anything. Precious to me from him. As I always thought and say, "Smoothness comes after perfection". And Apple is the only example I know of, yet.
  • Despite the poor battery life of the pre-2014 models?
  • Can you imagine the defense iMore would have made if it was an iPhone? Wait they already and always do. Sent from the iMore App
  • It's a "feature"? Hahahahaha.
  • If all that craziness did occur for Samsung, it's a win. That means people know their brand and care enough to spawn all that stuff knowing the mainstream would eat it up. At the same time, let's not go down the path of justifying any of Apple's flaws (or what could be flaws) by pointing fingers and saying Samsung does it too. So what? I'm not paying Samsung. I'm paying Apple. And at a premium as well. I hold Apple at a higher standard because they're a premium brand. I'm not concerned about the bendgate nonsense. I am concerned about Apple's response and tactics towards media sites it deems as unworthy (of event invites) because they spill the beans on Apple all the time or they might be too critical. Apple is paid very well to battle these "gates" that pop up. I think their PR could handle it a lot better. Just throwing out figures like 9 people had issues just kills credibility. Why mention this at all? Sure you want to downplay it and make this issue go away, but you don't do so with stats that just don't make sense. Apple needs to do better. There were users bit by the iOS update bug and now have these concerns. If I was Apple, I would have offered these users an itunes credit who suffered through this and offer an iron clad guarantee that they stand behind their product with any very unlikely bending resulting from normal pocket use being fully covered.
  • I agree 100% Sent from the iMore App
  • Absolutely spot on!
  • The double standard is ridiculous. 9 retards bend their phone (most likely on purpose) out of 10+ million, and it's the next fill-in-the-blank-gate. This plastic Samsung cheese piece comes out with a shell they couldn't even fit the parts in to, calling it a feature? The android crowd with their one way mirrors and smoke screens, tisk tisk. Maybe it doesn't really matter because in 8 months the next note will be here or hey I'll just wait 60 days and they'll throw a new galaxy at us.
  • Wow. Another. People actually believe this stuff. You believe Apple puts the customer before the dollar too eh?
  • Lose the ”R” word. Use it for ignition timing but not to describe people. Posted via the Android iMore App!
  • It's good to know where to go to get all my Samsung news. iMore :P
  • lol, Joe.
  • We make fun of it now, but in a couple of years, Apple will release an iPhone with a gap and claim to have made the first phone with a built in cardholder. The same way they think they just made the first phone with a curved screen. Of course, I'm just kidding. Please don't rip into me.
  • I don't know an Android owner that would care about something like a gap in their phone. Android owners fall into one of three categories: 1. They bought their phone because it was cheap or they were pushed into it by some salesman. They likely don't use their device for much more than an occasional email. 2. They want anything that isn't an Apple product and are willing to convince themselves that their choice is a good one even though they spend more time talking about Apple's issues than they do enjoying their own device. 3. Fanboys that are more concerned with useless tech specifications than usability or design. They don't consider the Galaxy to ever have been a copy of the iPhone. (shows how little they understand design) They are quick to point out features that came later on the iPhone even if they never use those features themselves (and they actually are usable on an Apple device). They selectively pick details to compare with the iPhone, but dismiss the idea that Apple is on its second generation of 64-bit (they HATE the 64-bit thing!) They will never understand that something like Apple Pay, which will actually become quite popular and very secure and usable, is anything more than a copy of NFC (which they never use). They troll blogs and social media ready to jump on any praise people make about Apple. They do their best to sell Android to their friends and family and will even try argue with Apple owners every chance they get as to why they should switch. They are the kinds of people you unfriend in social media and stop hanging around with because they spew the same old arguments they have been making since 2009 and its getting quite old. So yea, a gap in a phone won't phase them. It could be all plastic and pleather as long as it has more useless memory or more pixels etc. Its all about meaningless stats and justifying their device choices.
  • The same could be said about Apple. Apple Iphone isn't a better phone it's just what you like as a user. Don't hate Samsung just because you like Apple. I use both and iPhone and Note 3. Each one does something better than the other.
  • 1. iPhones are cheap too. You can get them free on contract. Salesmen push iPhones to people too, I have been there.
    2. Maybe they just don't want an Apple product because an iPhone doesn't do something that they need from their phone. Example: large screen prior to iphone 6/6+
    3. Not all people who buy Android phones are "fanboys". Stop assuming because someone likes an OS you feel is less superior that they are somehow 'stupid' for doing so.
    4. What if I don't want my phone to have a gap in it or bend?
    5. Lists are dumb in comment sections.
    6. Bonerfart.
  • Lol. He said Bonerfart! Sent from the iMore App
  • iPhone are not free in Canada even on contrac but some Samsung phone are !
  • This post is absolutely brilliant. Don't forget thought, the idea that a changeable battery doesn't mean a battery that needs changing. Sent from the iMore App
  • My buddy had a 5. Battery went south about 14 months in. It would only last until about lunch. Factory reset did nothing. I love my 5 but a changeable battery is pretty awesome.
  • Hahahahahaha right on dude, right on!!!!
  • Right on brother! Couldnt agree more Sent from the iMore App
  • I was agreeing with hockey guy Sent from the iMore App
  • Not on target gopherhockey. Posted via the Android iMore App!
  • I'm glad you know all about Android users and how they think. What would we have done without your insight??
  • Nobody will care. They will make excuses why its alright. Its Android afterall. But 9 iPhone's bend......uh oh. Better scrap the iPhone.
  • Wow. So people DO actually believe Apple's report of 9 iPhones. Yikes. I think even the most hardcore iFan can admit thats *probably* not exactly accurate.
  • Only 9 people officially went to a store and complained. I think that's the truth. Now when it comes to how many people haven't complained even though their phone is bet. I don't know. Sent from the iMore App
  • "The Galaxy Note 4 hasn't launched in the U.S. yet, so it's quite possible that's exactly what will happen in the near future. If so, that'll tell us something about Samsung's place in the modern mobile media circus" While Samsung as a brand is well-known, their individual smartphone models haven't captured an interest level similar to Apple's. Not likely Samsung glaring product design defects would get coverage like the iPhone.
  • I saw some people chuckling about this in the forums, but to actually publish this piece? Quite a step down into the gutter.
  • It's a fun piece. I enjoy these types of articles every now and then. Being someone who visits both Android Central and iMore (and WPCentral), it's entertaining to see them take playful jabs at each other every now and then. Maybe it's not for everyone, but you don't have to read them. My particular favorites are when I see the same articles posted on both Android Central and iMore, but with a different spin (ie - iMore had an article about Apple being set to announce the Apple Watch (iWatch) and on Android Central, you had an article with basically the same information, but titled "Apple set to invent smart watches".) I think these articles are all in good fun, in the spirit of community (the entire Mobile Nations as a whole, rather than just individual Apple, Google, Microsoft, etc. communities).
  • I just see it differently. One of the few problems with Mobile Nations is the incessant forum wars. It's ridiculous because as any reasonable poster has often opined (and it was one of the primary points made when Mobile Nations was announced) mobile devices have reached a point where every ecosystem has something to offer. Look at the comments this "fun piece" has spawned--a bunch of staid fanboyism. As far as not reading these type articles, that is certainly an option. Another option is to read them and voice my displeasure. I choose the latter.
  • That is definitely your right to do so. Please don't take my comment as suggesting otherwise. I'm in favor of everyone having an opinion. I don't even mind the opinion of the fanboys and the comments that are spawned from them. I do find them entertaining as well. I just don't take any of it seriously. I mean, really, I'm not here for serious. Just to pick up on some news and have a little fun (heck, I've been part of communities with far more rampant fanboyism and much more severe "back and forth"ing).
  • I won't say the "gutter" because I respect Rene and agree with him most of the time. But it does seem a bit hypocritical to say all the iPhone bending media is sensationalist journalism and then turn around and call out Samsung on their "manufacturing defect" on a product almost no one has touched yet.
  • Yea but they keep bullying the iPhone nonstop!! Its enough!!
  • It's Gapghazi.
  • Well, if it is a 'feature', why do only 'some Korean Note 4s' have it? If they all have it, it's a feature. If only some have it, it is a gate-worthy amount of manufacturing tolerance. Now, what is it?
  • They all have gaps, the size of them varies. Posted via iMore App
  • Something to always complain about with Samsung. Magenta is the new Yellow
  • Shockingly, Rene missed the biggest Galaxy news of the day - that Galaxy Quest is finally available on Netflix streaming!
  • Seriously, this is getting old. Either you are doing what Apple PR is commanding you to do or there is a serious insecurity issue on your part. Here's an idea, why not discuss the numerous tv ads where Microsoft is killing Apple over Siri?
  • why? They remind me of political attack ads.. I hate politics and so I hate any attack ad... I don't think those ads are doing Microsoft any favors by mimicking politics so.. they'd be much better off showing their stuff and only their stuff and use cases in everyday life.. Those ads just tell people Microsoft is threatened. LOL and before you go on about how Apple used to do that.. yes.. and they didn't work for them then either. Apple learned from that mistake.. Microsoft obviously has not.
  • The main difference between the issue with Samsung's phone and the 6 Plus, is it's a physical flaw with Samsung's phone, and a Physics law with iPhone 6 Plus aluminum. The first can and should be fixed prior to shipping, the second is generally something that people should be already have been aware of when it comes to metal encased phone and decide to accept it as a risk when purchasing. Me, I never used my pants pockets for my phone, almost always used a belt clip of some sort.. so a non-issue and love my 6 Plus. A supposed water proof phone with a gap path direct to it's circuitry .. umm yea, I would be upset. Time will tell how that turns out or if people really care about water-proof phones. lol
  • Unlike the GS5, the Notes never have been claimed to be water-resistant. Whether that is because of this, or something else, I have no idea.
  • Always thought Samsungs had that snap off back ,insert card ,,
    snap back on.
  • I can't help but remember all my old Palms when I see people stylusing on their Notes. And I shudder.
    On my 5S I can comfortably take notes with one hand while carrying groceries, by lunch bag, walking the dogs, or holding open a book (you get the idea). The "Note" requires two hands and a stylus to do the same thing? Seriously??
  • No. You can also type without a pen. The pen is just a nice addition.
  • #GAPGATE hahahahahahaha you damn haters take that now! Card holder, be aware of roaches crawling in and then getting into your ears!!
  • Funny how people will latch onto the smallest thing just to have fodder to rifle at the opposition. This "Gap" is also noted in the Manual for the Samsung Note 2 and 3 which sailed along without notoriety. Funny how when a feature or flaw is called out it's instant wildfire, some legit but many are pure minutia. Is this "gap" a necessary evil ? In my opinion most likely , like most things there is expansion and contraction regarding heat and cold and this may be some measure to safeguard the device, again my opinion only and you are more than welcome to take with a grain of salt.
  • They're called iSheep for a reason. What iSheep dont get is, Apple PRIDES itself on build quality. It also does a great job of acting like its a charity. Its users run around claiming the same. So, when they jack something up like bendgate and show zero remorse, its hilarious. If the Note has a gap, its not amusing because Samsung has never claimed to be a product built and designed by the gods. Frankly, Samsung users just arent THAT concerned with how a device looks. Aluminum? Nice trim? Feels premium? Who gives a crap rofl. Samsung users are more concerned about stuff that actually beneficial, like replaceable batteries, durability, etc.
  • The reason why Samsung isn't held by the same standards is because the industry does not expect them too. That is why they can get away with a "defect" in their new flagship device. Sent from the iMore App
  • No, Android users are usually more concerned about stuff that actually matters. Like, big screens, common sense features, battery life, you know, all that stuff iPhone users are JUST NOW getting or still hoping for lol
  • About "modern mobile media circus", I am betting that Samsung will get nowhere near the amount of attention, or coverage, as the iPhone's (starting from the original to the latest model). The positive effect of this overblown bending issue is that the next iPhone (iPhone 6s) should be getting some 'more-than adequate' structural integrity designed right in. To answer your question "weigh these big phones based on their merits", my answer is *no*. Every little feature should matter, from the design trade-off between weight vs environmentally friendly reusable material (aluminum) vs indestructablibly vs plastic and non disposable but replaceable batteries.
  • A phone with 1/10th the sales of the IPhone won't get the same amount of press coverage as the iPhone? shocking!
  • I don't remember a gap on my Note 3 so I wonder why the Note 4 has one? It's probably blown out of proportion like the iPhone 6+ bending but if the gap truly is big enough to put a business card in that would bug me as it will be full of dirt, makeup etc in no time.
  • Thank you for this article! Sent from the iMore App
  • The best feature that iPhone 6/6+ copied from Android is.....bend into an L.
    Anyways, I rather have this manufacturing defect than an engineering defect that is bendgate.
  • Big gap = lousy design and crappy manufacturing from the plastic factory. Just another example why Samsung will never be Apple.
  • Samsung is Apple. All those parts.... made by Samsung and companies that Samsung partially owns. Manufacturing can't help poor engineering.
  • Good point.
  • Exactly. A gap in the phone or a "premium" phone that bends in your pocket. LOL
  • Agree 1,000%. But, it's a simple case of "the bigger you get the more people want to see you fall". The fact that everything Apple does is magnified and all of Samsung's marketing efforts are focused on Apple means that everyone knows who the big dog in the room is still.
  • How about a cup holder too?? Sent from the iMore App
  • This is what a real phablet can do, which also has a bigger and sharper "quad HD" screen and is smaller that the ridiculous looking iPhone 6+, which is the same as the iPhone 6 and the previous iPhone 5. I always thought that 4" was the ideal screen size, keep drinking the Apple Cool-aid. Posted via iMore App
  • You spelled kool-aid wrong. Sent from the iMore App
  • Funny... but I never seen a line-up going around the block for Samsumg when they announce their new phone. Apple charges a premium for their products and people still line-up around the block to spend their money. Good food for thought. Sent from the iMore App
  • I'll be starving with that food you are trying to pass around. Thank you, tho.
  • That's what sheep do, they flock to any pasture they are told to flock to, with no sense or reason. Posted via iMore App
  • Its samsung none care about the defect of a samsung its not a mark to beat, its silent total coz samsung is not in top position ,if it was apple that would be a different story.
  • "Some minor rocking or vibration of parts may occur". For a while there I thought I had flashed back to the previous century and was reading a GM press release.
  • #Bendgate or #GapGate? Well, #Bendgate takes the crown as the worst feature between both phones. Don't worry, Rene, #GapGate won't be as famous as the iPhone 6/6+ feature ;)
  • +1^ Posted via iMore App
  • Apple deserves a break after the past couple of weeks. My Z10 seems to have a toothpick holder on the top, but it is not mentioned at all in the manual. I dont use toothpicks normally, I am from the UK, but when the toothpick is in plaice it increases the size of the phone to the point that it is unnecessary for me to upgrade to a phablet.
  • The Galaxy Note4, now with S-Pay
  • Funny, not. So this is what Apple is coming back with after their bendgate fiasco, years ago it was antennagate, many phones come with minor manufacturing defects, like a seem not being tight, there is certain tolerances allowed in mass manufacturing, and goes with cars, TV's and do forth, but not to the extend of the device bending in someone's pocket. In regards to this Note 4 minor issue, makes you wonder who, cough cough "Apple" brought this to light, even though we all know it will not be an issue for the millions of units that will be bought. Trying to justify the purchase of that ridiculous looking iPod touch with phone capabilities and call it the next iPhone is a joke, at least the Note 4 had uses for its size. Posted via iMore App
  • Just come out and admit you dislike Samsung and pretty much anything non apple. And no just cause you have a nexus device or whatever don't make you not a apple fanboy. There's nothing wrong with being a apple fanboy, I prefer Android but at least admit it and stop pretending you have no bias towards apple. I'm not apples biggest fan but I use an ipad at home and it's the only reason I come here. The thing is you have a problem with others talking negatively about apple so you doing the same is just as bs. You can't be against others talking about bendgate if you happily criticise anything non apple mainly Samsung. You should also read upon this gap stuff, nothing new it's to allow for easy replacements of display. The whole expanding stuff is just there to cover there back. Posted via the iMore App for Android
  • I'd have to see it. It could not be there when it gets here to the US. The one thing I can say for the note line is that it offers way may use cases for a bigger screen than the 6+ does. In fact if "rumors" are true and Google does drop a nexus 6 phone /phablet then Apple might get shown up by Google. Rumors are Google is adding ways in Android L to take advantage of the larger screen and I'm sure it won't be a middle step of a 2 column view that Apple added in the 6+ that requires special coding in the app to take advantage of that.
  • The iPhone6 plus shipps with a similar feature. If you place the phone in your pocket and perform day-to-day activities, you can place just about anything you want inside the device.
  • I saw an article on this issue right after it was released in Korea, and hypocrisy was my first thought. Where is gapgate? Where are the Apple commercials pointing out this gap? If an iPhone shipped with a gap in the frame the world would be all over it. If a gap in my phone that could eventually lead to internal hardware vibrating and moving is a feature not a flaw, "you're holding it wrong" shouldn't have been such a big deal. After the first bent iPhone 6 article came out, scores followed. This is only the second article I've seen on the gap in five days. Double standard or the media doesn't care because it doesn't have an Apple logo on it? And if this is in fact nothing new and has been there before, why was it ever news in the first place? Why did those first customers in Korea even bother to point it out?