Flashmob at Sydney Apple Store tells customers and staff to 'Wake Up'

Samsung and a marketing team working on its behalf were reportly behind a flashmob protest at an Apple Store in Australia. The flashmob took place outside the Apple Store in Sydney; a bus full of protestors all dressed in black left the bus and lined up outside the store's window. They then produced signs that they held up against the windows with the words 'Wake Up' emblazoned across them. The flashmob then chanted 'Wake Up' through the window at Apple's staff and customers.

An Australian blogger just happened to be in the Sydney Apple Store at the time of the flashmob's appearance and managed to capture it on video. Maybe a coincidence or maybe not, who knows but he certainly seemed to capture the action from all angles. This is not the first time that Samsung has targeted Apple's customers with its strange marketing tactics. We have already seen a few adverts which blatantly make fun of iPhone users.

Samsung looks like it will be announcing its latest Galaxy S III Android phone in the next few days. This sort of marketing is its attempt at creating some buzz for the launch, but also at hitting Apple in an area where it may really hurt -- the perception that Apple is "cool". It's a risky gamble. Some Apple or would-be Apple users might have second thoughts and consider Samsung. Others might just think Samsung are a collective bunch of jackasses and want nothing to do with their brand.

Samsung initially became the largest Android manufacturer in the world largely by making products as close to Apple's as possible without being made by Apple. If you wanted Apple but either couldn't get it, or were adverse to getting it, Samsung positioned themselves to be there for you. They brilliantly rode the wave of general smartphone awareness and preconceptions Apple established in the modern market.

Now Samsung has become bolder and are striking out with different devices like the Galaxy Note line, and are trying to distance themselves from Apple, aggressively, with their new marketing.

It's more interesting, more exciting, and more offensive. It's also likely transitional. After "we're just like Apple" and "don't be like Apple", the next phase has to be "we're Samsung" and that will be the one to really watch.

UPDATE: Samsung has denied that they were involved with the flashmob... Anyone taking bets on who else would want to do this? Maybe Greenpeace? They've had protests at an Apple store in London following on their iCloud report; maybe this campaign in Australia is a part of the same movement.

Source: The Next Web, SlashGearYouTube


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  • ok, now this is getting dumb... wake up samsung...
  • What's even dumber is that the whole "Samsung is behind it" was just someone starting a rumor.
  • Wow, they need to do that just to get some intention while apple don't. epic face palm
  • I think this is just classless. I'm a huge Samsung fan [love their TVs, phones, tablets are ok, and want their washing machine; lol] but this is ridiculous!
  • The best thing to do is just ignore it and give it zero attention: meaning stop writing about it.
  • ^THIS.
  • Samsung has just beat Apple smartphone sales again, so we can be sure some of their marketing tactics are working. I think this is very amusing, and a nice counterpoint to the usual smugness of Apple employees.
  • Really ? :))
  • 78% of phones activated last quarter were iPhones across ALL carriers. Good luck with your math class.
  • Sorry to burst your bubble, but Apple and Samsung compete worldwide, not just in the US. This is all over the news, sorry if you missed it.
    You guys want numbers? Samsung sold 44.5M smartphones in the first quarter, while Apple sold 31M. 5,05 trillion revenue, a 81% increase over first quarter last year. Apple is still more lucrative, at our expense, of course.
    It is not that Samsung does not release numbers, you guys seem to be a little resistant to look them up.
  • I admit that Samsung sold more phones but here is the thing and many people would agree with me on this.
    I'm a iPhone user since 3 years ago, there is so many phone brands out there right now that every month we saw like 3 o more phones coming out so the thing is that if a get a cool smartphone today its just a matter of 1 month to a new phone come out so now we want to get that one and after that one we want the next one and so on, but with iPhone we got one each year and with all the features that a iPhone has is enough for many of us, that without saying about their apps like apple said " there is a app for anything " and they are so damn right about that. so i love all kind of smartphones but there are so many out there that i prefer to stay with the iPhone until they new one come out. they are even collectibles i got from the 1st iPhone to the 4s. I'm sorry if i made my comment to large i just want to said what i tough
  • Easy to sell phones when most of them are under 50 bucks. Quantity over quality has to be Samsungs motto.
  • Easy to sell iPhones too. When some are free.
  • The report I saw said 78% for AT&T, not all carriers.
  • Unfortunately those statistics are more than likely false. Samsung doesn't release numbers, so you're citing "unites shipped" estimates. A new estimate puts Samsung's units shipped much lower than Apple's units sold. Wake up, as they say.
  • if Samsung doesn't release their numbers then how can you tell they sold more than Apple? your point made no sense.
  • Not only that, but Samsung doesn't need to release numbers for that 78% statistic to be counted and verified.
    The CARRIERS are the ones releasing the numbers, no the manufacturers.
  • Again, Samsung 44M units sold against Apple's 31M units sold, 5.05 trillion revenue.
    The numbers are out there and yes, Samsung does releases them. It is not their fault if those numbers are not in iMore, or in the Cult of Mac. Broaden your horizons people.
    Want a tip, google "Samsung beats Apple smartphone sales".
  • Is Samsung including dumb phones & BADA?
  • So how many phone models has Samsung had to produce, and with how many carriers, to get that number? Furthermore, but slightly unrelated, Android is a fragmented piece of garbage. Even Google is ready to give up on it.
  • Samsung sells more smart phones than apple period. It don't matter that apple has one phone and Samsung sells more smartphone models. Bottom line is Samsung makes less of each phone but makes up for it in numbers of models sold. While apple charges a 3x premium of each phone. Last I saw it cost a little under $230 to make a iPhone and they charge either you or the carrier $650- 800.
  • Haha.. Samsung Fanboys are so cute..
  • Not a Samsung fan boy just stating the truth whether you people want to believe or not.
  • i agree. i think its not tasteful at all. i love my samsung TV, Fridge and Range. But i love my iMac, Iphone, Ipad, Apple TV as well. seeing this stuff just pisses me off. come up with some original new advertising all on your own. dont slam apple because you cant think outside the box!
  • Siri, I'm tired. Please send a flash mob to work at 2 pm
  • I have no doubt that Samsung had something to do with this. But honestly there are no samsung logos, no mention of saying or there products. So the Sammy bashing is really uncalled for.
    To be honest I think it's great. I like the tactic, aggressive competition I'm all for it.
    (for the record I own a lot of apple products by in no way am I a fanboi, I actually hate apple as a company just like there products)
  • hahah this is hilarious. Not to mention how upset the isheep are getting over this. Good to see some competition and samsung isn't going to lay down and just let apple sue/steal(which apple calls innovating and the clueless masses believe it)
  • First off, the isheep take is old and tired. Just like that great Motorola commercial with everyone wearing the white headphones and hoodies. Yep, that sure was impactful as the Xoom sold tens and tens of units. And those Samsung ads......even more brilliant!
    And, it doesn't piss us off. It just looks stupid and it makes us laugh, just like that kid in school yelling, "hey, look at me.". Uh, OK dork!
  • Saying is supposed to be Samsung. Damn auto correct.
  • I wake up to my iPhone as an alarm. Works a treat
  • Imagine your at an Apple Store. You are purchasing a $2000 Macbook Pro or an iPad. A flashmob from a competing company which you have spent thousands on their products as well makes a very uncomfortable scene at the exit of the store you are at tells you to WAKE UP with signs and screaming. This silliness clears, you go home, turn on your Samsung TV and see a commercial poking fun of you for the brand decision of the phone you chose in numerous ads. Samsung marketing needs to remember they have other products that DON'T compete with Apple, keep pissing on me and I will go out of my way to avoid the Samsung brand. Fanboy or not....after a while it begins getting insulting.
  • This why Samsung gets sued for patent infringement. Their to busy in doing stupid things like this. Who the Efff knows what this is? Apple employees should of grabbed a sign saying GO TO HELL!
  • Apple employees wouldn't be smart enough to do that.
  • As of today, I am huge Samsung fanboy! This marketing is just from another world! You guys are talking about them, although there is no actual evidence that Samsung made this...although we know they did!
  • My reaction after seeing the video was this face literally o.O The most randomest thing I've seen in a long time and no one knows what it's supposed to mean. Uhh yeah I'm still confused about this...
  • :lol:
    Apple Fanboys , stop gettin your panties bunched up. Its a fun attempt to get some publicity, which they succeeded with.
    Had Apple done something like this,all of you fanboys wouldve enjoyed and agreed with it ;)
  • And by using the term "fanboy" you've just identified yourself as one whose opinion on this matter is irrelevant. You're stuck in the 90's with that nonsense.
  • ^^^ Apple Fanboy ^^^
  • ^^^Tool^^^^
  • I dont think your opinion is any more relevant than mine just cause youre a fanboy and Im not.
    Its a fact that FANBOYS around here always crucify the competition and they would cheer if they same act that they frown upon was carried by Apple ;)
    I never thought using a word can direct you 12 years back, but what do I know. Last I checked people still use the word fanboy. Whether its here , or in other smart phone forums, or even in the gaming websites like IGN. Get with the program grandpa ;)
  • In my household we have 3 iPhone 4s, 1 iPhone 4, 3 Apple TVs, one iMac and two MacPros. But I also have other products from other competitiors.
    Its utter BS that my comments now have to be moderated if I dont agree with KoolAid drinkers.
    I speak my mind, I love Apple for many things they do and proud owner of their products. But I dont blindly cheer for them and boo the competition anytime I get the chance to like some people do around here.
    I stand by my comment that had Apple pulled something like this, many of Apple fans wouldve cheered and would think it was cool.
  • try being less of a troll ?
  • Speak for yourself, I would had thought it was was just as tasteless, immature, and just as annoying.
  • Exactly how did I qualify for the title "TROLL" ? :)
  • Look in the mirror, jerk wad.
  • Well you're real mature. :roll:
    I share my opinion (both poistive & negative) on iMore. If you classify a person as troll just cause they dont drool over everything Apple and dont sugarcoat it all, then ok Im a troll .
    Come up with an actual reason why you think Im a troll instead of being rude. ;) Until then just zip it ! :twisted:
  • OK, you are both rude AND a jerk wad.
    Can we now move on please?
  • Dixie
    Youre the Internet tough guy ?! Get over yourself and act like an adult ( if you are one that is )
  • Act like an adult? Nice name, guitar hero.
    Again, look in the mirror before you spew - you are not very bright.
    Can we NOW move on, or are you gonna act like a 5th grader and try and get the last word?
  • We will move one when I feel like it.
    I'm actually an 8th grader. But still more mature than you ;)
  • Guess if we're gonna pick on screen names, Yngwie has his guitar hero as his screen name and Dixie, you have your hobby as your screen name ;) :lol:
    And youre officially out of the closet :)
  • And a whole lot longer than you, SFB.
  • :lol:
    Good for you.
  • :lol:
  • just embarrassing and cringe worthy. The only people this will appeal to are the die hard android fans and to be honest I'm embarrassed for people who think this is a good move.
  • These ads are actually insulting.
  • I've watched this video two times, There are NO Samsung logos or anything related to Samsung whatsoever. Am I missing something here? that everyone else seeing? I doubt Samsung would ever organize a la OWS protest against Apple, Their commercial ads are pretty funny but I don't think it will go beyond that, Samsung is one of the major parts suppliers for iOS devices And in this video, these guys and girls aren't promoting anything related to Samsung they're just yelling "wake up" It'd be also safe to assume they may be Blackberry fans? or Nokia? No?
  • It just goes to show you what paranoia frequents the mind of Apple Fanboys who're given the power of the pen and the internet! ;)
  • fanboyism towards an electronic device, (a cell phone in particular) is in itself an incredibly idiotic thing. I have an ipad 3rd gen and GSII LTE also considering trying a windows phone (Nokia lumia in particular) I will pick up and use whatever platform I'll find the most usable and best for my needs at this particular moment. such fanboyism would probably be excusable for a teen. not for an adult definitely.
  • actually these guys could be protesting about anything like low salaries or perhaps against the management of that particular store etc. LOL why didn't that guy come up to them and asked against what exactly they were protesting? so pathetics......
  • Exactly I just think its ridiculous to get so upset just cause someone doesn't like the phone you use...guess what people everyone is different and therefore not everyone will like the same things.just like with cars,movies,music etc people like different phones so there's no need to attack someone for.having a.different taste.
  • Maybe these people were dropped off at the wrong store! They were suppose to be dropped off at bed store down the road.
  • Samsung has an interesting marketing strategy, which is to ridicule its competitors customers. Insulting customers is not a great way to get them to buy your product. If it works, then Apple may loose a user, but they aren't going to buy Samsung, they're going to buy another Android device or winphone7
    Samsung is the one that really needs a wake up call here. First they blatently copy a competitor's product, now they're coming out with non-sensical maxi phones like the note, where even Samsung can't decide if it's a phone or a tablet. It certainly isn't a mobile phone @ that size. More like a small clipboard that requires 2 free hands to use. Then there is their continuing, assault potential consumers campaigns. These guerrilla marketing tactics would be understandable if done by a small player desperate for attention like microsoft or RIM, but is just distasteful from the likes of Samsung, especially
    Cheers !
  • Y'all wake up, now...
  • Samsung is getting desperate, plain and simple. It is completely classless! Shows that Samsung is a Korean firm and not a Japanese firm. The Japanese would view this as classless act without honor, but it appears the Korean's are without class and honor. So ultimately Samsung will pay a price for this and actually boost Apple sales. Stupid Korean's.
  • you just made this all up right? based purely on your assumptions? yeahh i agree, calling a whole nation stupid is classless and definitely honorless
  • Well little Hobbit, you're the one reading it since you replied.
  • yes I am reading it, and? this is the comments part where people read... comments... right? lol
  • I once learned in business school , "If a company has to trash the compition then be weary of what the are trying to sell.".
  • A fitting statement considering the current legal battles going on...
  • What company is doing the trashing? As far as I can tell the only way we think it's Sammy is because the article says so. There no Sammy logos or references in the video, nobody chants Samsung.
    This is now 2 cites stating that it's Samsung behind this with no proof.
    I watched the video yesterday and today and all I can say is. Genius.
  • exactly my words, a stupid pointless article about stupid pointless video discussing stupid pointless subject. while nothing is really know about the actual video a few sites already posted biased articles based purely on their own wild imagination.
  • Am I the only one that finds it humorous that Samsung's way to get across to the "brainwashed" Apple masses is by sending a group of people wearing the same thing chanting the same message?
  • Has Samsung said this is them or is this you just guessing...these sort of marketing is just.funny and not to be taken seriously and if you in anyway are offended by this then you do need wake up as there is no need to cry
  • I don't mind being told another product is superior to the one I own. It may very well be, I won't debate it since it's really a matter of opinion. But if you're trying to sell me on your product, don't insinuate that I'm some kind of mindless follower because I chose a competitor's device. Insulting me is no way to win my business.
    I've owned Palm OS, WinMo6.1, WebOS, and Android (Galaxy S) devices.. I chose to buy an iPhone 4S because I LIKE it. I enjoy using it. It does everything I want it to and I have no problems with it whatsoever. If Samsung thinks that makes me an idiot, then I'm glad I don't buy their products.
  • I admit that Samsung sold more phones but here is the thing and many people would agree with me on this. I’m a iPhone user since 3 years ago, there is so many phone brands out there right now that every month we saw like 3 o more phones coming out so the thing is that if a get a cool smartphone today its just a matter of 1 month to a new phone come out so now we want to get that one and after that one we want the next one and so on, but with iPhone we got one each year and with all the features that a iPhone has is enough for many of us, that without saying about their apps like apple said ” there is a app for anything ” and they are so damn right about that. so i love all kind of smartphones but there are so many out there that i prefer to stay with the iPhone until they new one come out. they are even collectibles i got from the 1st iPhone to the 4s. I’m sorry if i made my comment to large i just want to said what i tough
  • Well they failed because no one even know what they want Apple to wake up too.
    I believe Samsung had nothing to do with it. Probably some environmental or human rights activist group.
  • hahaha "UPDATE: Samsung has denied that they were involved with the flashmob..." and that is after so many reposts and explosions of comments... fanboyism really has no limits...
  • Yet I more nor all the pro apple people will ever admit they jumped to conclusions. All if this for page clicks. Sad, just sad. I'm losing faith in this company.
  • Edit: I more must not be ready to admit they really.like what Samsung is.putting out. So let's bash them and lead people to believe they are evil.
  • I'm not sure, maybe it could be Nokia after their smartphone beta test campaign.
  • I don't get it... "Wake up" to what?
  • Old Monty was part of the mob. He just happened to be there buying a better mic to record say, flash mobs. He was even wearing a black T shirt. Looking at the flash mob, Greenpeace.
  • most of you iDiots that had no doubt it was Samsung were obviously wrong.
  • check out all the free thinkers
  • Sorry to be negative but it's not a very fine job of reporting if you couldn't find out why the mob was there. Demonstrators congregate for a reason and it would have been a much more useful article if you had found out what the reason was. Anyway, I think it was BlackBerry/RIM behind it. Sort of fits in with the Be Bold campaign, and all-in-black is a not-too-subtle clue.
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