Satechi Bluetooth keyboard for Mac review: A whole lot of good for $80

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The Satechi Bluetooth keyboard for Mac offers a wonderful design, a full numeric keypad, and superb battery life!

For all the accessories you can buy for your Mac, MacBook, or iPad Pro, there's probably no accessory you would use more than a great keyboard. After all, the butterfly-switch keyboard on the MacBook line up is polarizing, to say the least — it's been known to have issues in the past — and the Magic Keyboard that comes with Apple's iMac isn't for everyone.

Enter the Satechi Bluetooth keyboard for Mac, which I have been using for several months every day. It's become my go-to keyboard to work with on all my devices due to its great battery life, full numeric keypad, and its beautifully Apple-like design.

The Good

  • Great battery life
  • Full keyboard with numeric pad
  • Multi-device support
  • USB-C charging

The Bad

  • Aggressive auto-sleep feature
  • Lays a little flat

The Satechi Bluetooth keyboard for Mac is specifically designed to be used with Mac. All the shortcuts and keys are programmed with Apple in mind, so all the function keys are shortcuts for Apple's operating systems. Here's a quick look at some important specs before I dive into my personal experience with the keyboard.

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CategorySatechi Bluetooth keyboard for Mac
CompatibilitymacOS, iOS, and tvOS
Numeric KeypadYes
Battery life80 hours of typing, 100 days standby
Number of connections3 Bluetooth connections simultaneously

Satechi Bluetooth keyboard for Mac: What I like

Satechi Bluetooth Keyboard for Mac

I have used both the butterfly-switch keyboard on my MacBook Air and the Magic Keyboard with my iMac extensively, and while I never had a huge problem with either, typing on the Satechi Bluetooth keyboard for Mac feels better than both. While it's not a mechanical keyboard by any means, the keys do travel and give satisfying tactile feedback with each press of the keys. It's this response that is missing from the MacBook keyboard and the Magic Keyboard, and it really has made me more confident in typing— especially when I'm feverishly writing as fast as I can.

The space between the keys plays a big part in how comfortable the keyboards feel while typing. I find my Magic Keyboard to be a little too cramped to type super comfortably, not just because it's smaller, but because the keys are so close together. Of course, the keyboard from Satechi is physically bigger thanks to the included numeric keypad on the right side, and that's a welcome addition — it makes a huge difference to anyone who often has to type numbers on a regular basis.

The keys on the Satechi keyboard travel and offer fantastic tactile feedback with each keypress.

Satechi did a good job including some neat quality of life features into its Bluetooth Keyboard that seemed silly when I first opened the box, but now I have come to love. This keyboard can pair with up to three devices at once, meaning its easy to switch back-and-forth between your MacBook, iPad, and another device, but the keyboard includes keys that are specifically made to jump between connections. It made switching from devices a breeze and out of any Bluetooth keyboard I have used, the Satechi was definitely the fastest at switching between devices.

I also would be remiss if I didn't mention that Satechi threw in dedicated Cut, Copy, and Paste keys at the top of the keypad on the right-hand side. I use these keys every day more times than I can count, and while the old Command - C shortcut only takes an extra millisecond, I'm delighted to be able to copy and paste even faster than before.

Lastly, I'm super impressed with the performance of the battery on the Satechi Bluetooth Keyboard. It has a cited battery life of 80 hours of continuous work, and after a few months with it, I can tell you that it usually lasts me at least that much if not more! That's coming from a writer who spends most of his days (and nights) typing at his computer — which leads me to believe this keyboard could likely last the average person anywhere from 6-8 weeks on one charge. Plus, Satechi had the common sense to include USB-C charging to its Bluetooth Keyboard, so it charges up pretty quick, meaning you'll never have a lot of downtime due to the battery.

Satechi Bluetooth keyboard for Mac: What I don't like

Satechi Bluetooth Keyboard for Mac with Apple TV

While typing on the Satechi keyboard is way more comfortable than the regular Magic Keyboard, I have noticed that, due to its very flat design, extremely long periods of time of typing without a break can cause a little discomfort. This isn't an ergonomic keyboard, and I'm not saying it has to be, but the design could have been just a little less flat and I think it would have made a world of difference — especially for people who have joint issues or suffer from pain due to typing.

"The auto-sleep feature saves battery but triggers a little too often."

The aggressive auto-sleep feature for the Satechi keyboard can be slightly annoying at times. During my time with the keyboard, it has felt like stepping away from my desk for a short amount of time — like quick bathroom break or to run downstairs to check the mail — is enough time for the keyboard to go to sleep. This means when I come back to my desk and start typing again, the first few words don't show up while the keyboard wakes up and connects to my Mac again.

Is the Satechi Keyboard for Mac worth your money? Most likely

If you're tired of Apple's Magic Keyboard, the Satechi Keyboard for Mac is a fantastic alternative. It offers a more comfortable typing experience, charges via USB-C, has a staggering 80-hour battery life, and can have three different Bluetooth connections, making it easier than ever to switch between all your Apple products.

The Satechi Keyboard for Mac isn't a mechanical keyboard by any means, and if you're looking for something that excels at gaming, you'll need to look elsewhere.

Bottom line: If you want a beautifully designed keyboard that functions with your Mac perfectly, the Satechi Keyboard for Mac is worth your $80.

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