Best Mechanical Keyboards for Mac iMore 2020

Many current Mac keyboards are not mechanical – pushing a key pushes two membranes together, which sends an electrical current to your Mac to tell it to produce a letter. Mechanical keyboards have physical switches, which make them louder, and ensure you really know when you've pressed a key. A lot of folks are going back to mechanical keyboards since the "mushy" keyboards of today aren't responsive enough. If you miss the clickety-clackety keyboards of yore, then check these out!

Top pick: Das Keyboard 4 Professional

Staff Favorite

Das Keyboard 4 Professional gives you a choice between Cherry MX Brown or Blue, depending on how loud you like your keyboard, and it even has dedicated media controls, including an oversized volume knob, as well as a number pad. Two USB 3.0 ports make it perfect for the ultra-productive folks.

$169 at Amazon

Backlight champ: WASD CODE 87-key keyboard

If you have a dimly lit workspace or find yourself regularly typing in the dark, then this is the keyboard for you. It features a bright white LED backlighting with seven brightness levels, and the DIP switch makes it easy to switch on Mac mode.

$160 at Amazon

Quietest option: Matias Quiet Pro

This keyboard, which is specially made for Mac, has very quiet keys, so it delivers all of the comforts of a mechanical keyboard with much less clickety-clack. The Matias Quiet Pro also features a full number pad, as well as fold-out legs to raise it if you prefer it that way.

$140 at Amazon

For power users: Logitech G710+

Logitech's G710+ has a vast feature set for its price. You've got high-speed keys with great feedback, dual-zone backlighting, which means you can adjust the brightness of the WASD on their own — perfect if you do any gaming on your Mac. You can even configure six buttons for 18 different gaming functions, including single key presses.

$199 at Amazon

RGB backlighting: AUKEY RGB backlit keyboard

Rainbow backlighting is the prettiest backlighting, and AUKEY does it well with its inexpensive keyboard, which may have Outemu Blue switches. However, they still feel like MX Cherry switches and provide excellent tactile feedback. There are 10 LED presets for different patterns and lighting effects, and there are game lighting combinations if that's your fancy. If you're looking for a straight-up cool keyboard, this is the one.

$54 at Amazon

Steampunk aesthetic: Azio Artisan Bluetooth keyboard

If you're into steampunk or just like your peripherals to have an aesthetic that pops and looks different from what everyone else has, then Azio's copper-colored Artisan keyboard is where it's at. It features a genuine leather top plate, a zinc-aluminum frame, round keys, and a number pad. This is a conversation piece, but it's fully functional and quite well-reviewed.

$172 at Amazon

RGB lighting for less: EagleTec RGB LED keyboard

If you're looking for a backlit keyboard that fits in more with Apple's aesthetic than others, then EagleTec's is the one you want. It's all white, but has RGB backlighting, with five lighting modes, as well as five levels of brightness. This keyboard is reinforced with aluminum, making it sturdy and substantial so that it's not sliding across your desk while you type.

$52 at Amazon

A better typing experience

The dissatisfying keyboards that come with Macs aren't enough for some people. If you like real key feedback and that satisfying clicking sound, pick up a mechanical keyboard.

Cherry MX switches —the ones available on the Das Keyboard 4 Professional — will feel the best and last the longest. Plus, the Das Keyboard 4 Professional comes formatted for Mac right out of the box with all the appropriate keys, features media controls, and a full number pad.

If gaming is the main reason you want a mechanical keyboard, the Logitech G710+ is a reliable option. With a ton of customization for programming hotkeys and separate lightning for the WASD keys, any gamer can set this keyboard up perfectly for their preferred games.

We know the price of a mechanical keyboard can be a little hard to swallow for people with smaller budgets, but the EagleTec RGB LED keyboard is actually a fantastic keyboard in its own right. With full RGB backlighting and its aluminum construction, it's sure to last you a long time, look just as cool, and cost significantly less than the competition.

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