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Best mechanical keyboards for Mac 2022

When it comes to picking out the best keyboard for your Mac, it's going to be different for everyone. Most Mac users stick with the Apple Magic Keyboard or something similar, but others like to feel and hear every keystroke. This is why mechanical keyboards still exist. With mechanical keyboards, you get physical switches that provide more tactile feedback when you type, and it also gives you a world of customization possibilities, from the switches themselves to the keycaps. Here are my current favorite mechanical keyboards for Mac right now.

The best mechanical keyboards for Mac if you like tactile feedback when you type

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How to choose the best mechanical keyboard for you

Keychron K2 with blue purple pink gradient keycaps

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If you want some recommendations for mechanical keyboards, I've tried quite a few here. My first mechanical keyboard choice is the Keychron K2 V2, which is a great starting board if you want to get your feet wet that also includes Bluetooth wireless connectivity. The Keychron K2 V2 is comfortable to type with (though a wrist rest may be needed due to the case height), its compact layout gives me everything I need in a small footprint, and there is a hot-swappable version, so you can change out the switches if desired. Since it uses standard Cherry MX stems on the switches, you can customize the keycaps to anything that can fit on a traditional Cherry MX stem.

For those who want a Keychron but need a number pad, the Keychron K4 V2 is a great option. The 96% layout means you get a full number pad for data entry, and it still has a slightly smaller footprint than a full-size keyboard. Those who want a hybrid between a Magic Keyboard and a mechanical could try the Keychron K1 V4, which comes in either tenkeyless (TKL) or full size. However, this one won't be hot-swappable, and you can't change the keycaps due to the low profile, which isn't standard.

Since Keychron is a fairly established brand for mechanical keyboards, especially for Mac users, the 75% layout Keychron Q1 is a great choice if you want a higher-end mechanical keyboard. It has a full aluminum body that comes in several different colors, and it is hefty; definitely feels premium. It also is gasket-mounted, so it has a bit more flex and is comfortable as you type. You can choose to have it fully assembled, but you can also go barebones for slightly less and use your own switches, keycaps, and other accessories with it. To top things off, it does have a rotary knob version and you're able to fully customize the programming for every key (including the knob) with VIA or QMK software. However, the Q1 does not currently have Bluetooth wireless connectivity. If the Q1's 75% size doesn't suit your needs, there is also the Keychron Q2 with smaller 65% layout, or the Keychron Q3 with larger TKL (everything except the number pad) size.

Type better with the best mechanical keyboards

The Magic Keyboards that come with Macs aren't enough for some people, though there are some good alternatives. But if you prefer real key feedback, the satisfying click or thock sound, or just want the ability to fully customize your keyboard the way you want, you really ought to consider a mechanical keyboard. In fact, I would say mechanicals are the best keyboards for Mac (or any computer), period. Honestly, once you discover the magic of mechanical keyboards, it's tough to go back to the flat, chiclet-style laptop keyboards like the Magic Keyboard — plus you just feel so much more productive.

If you need a little more guidance on this (expensive) hobby, don't miss out on our Mechanical Keyboards 101: Beginner's Guide for a deep dive into mechanical keyboards as a whole.

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