Satechi's HomeKit EU single outlet Smart Socket now available

Satechi Smart Socket Single EU
Satechi Smart Socket Single EU (Image credit: Amazon)

What you need to know

  • Satechi has released a single outlet Smart Socket for EU markets.
  • Single outlet is a follow up to the popular HomeKit dual outlet.
  • Newest offering is available for purchase on Amazon.

Satechi has quietly released a single outlet follow-up to one of our favorite HomeKit accessories for the EU market. First spotted by SmartApfel, the slimmed down outlet is now available for purchase on, and it includes smart home staples such as scheduling, energy monitoring, and of course, voice controls via Siri.

Ideal for remote control of devices or automatic switching on and off of lights, coffee machines, televisions and more. The smart socket was developed for European sockets and offers easy control of your connected device simply by smartphone.

The updated plug connects directly to HomeKit via Wi-Fi, which allows it to work without an additional hub. Like all Wi-Fi HomeKit accessories, the plug is only compatible with 2.4ghz networks, but set up involves just a simple scan of the HomeKit code from within the Home app.

With real-time power consumption monitoring, you can monitor your high-performance devices, reduce excessive power consumption, and schedule devices to turn on and off as needed.

Once added to the Home app, the outlet will be available for automations and scenes. Advanced features, such as energy monitoring can only be found from within the Satechi Home app.

Christopher Close

Christopher spends most of his time writing and dreaming about all things HomeKit and the Home app. Whether it is installing smart light switches, testing the latest door locks, or automating his households daily routines, Christopher has done it all.