Satechi joins the ranks with its own dual-charging stand for iPhone and Apple Watch

Satechi has unveiled at CES 2018 its latest addition to the iPhone charging pool. While the rest of the tech accessory making world is jumping on the wireless charging bandwagon, Satechi is going back to its roots with a dual charger for the iPhone and Apple Watch. It uses your own USB Lightning cable, so you'll never fear losing support and it works with your non-wireless charging iPhones, too.

The Smart Dual Charging Station has two stands, one for your iPhone and one for your Apple Watch. Each stand has its own secret compartment where you can wrap up your Lightning cable or Apple Watch wireless charger (cable management is our friend). Plug the charging station (with it's USB-C power cable) into the wall and get a 15-watt charge that distributes between your iPhone and Apple Watch so they can charge up at the same time.

Around my house, we only have one wireless charging supported device - the iPhone X - but we have a half-dozen Lightning supported device. Sure, I love tossing my iPhone onto the table, knowing it'll get juiced up while it sits there, but my iPhone 7 Plus, iPad Pro, iPhone SE, and other iOS devices aren't on the Qi standard yet. So, its nice to see that Satechi is thinking broadly to cover nearly all iPhones, not just the newest ones.

The Smart Dual Charging Station will come in silver or space gray brushed aluminum and will be available this spring for $65.

In the meantime, check out Satechi's other Mac-designed accessories.

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