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What you need to know

  • Screens for iPadOS was updated today.
  • The update brings mouse and trackpad support to the app.
  • Screens allows users to control their Mac, Windows, or Linux from their iPhone or iPad.

Screens, one of the popular remote desktop apps, has been updated with mouse and trackpad support for iPadOS. The company announced the update in a blog post today that, among other things, brings one of the most anticipated features of iPad to the app.

"Screens now supports pointing devices on iPadOS 13.4! You can now use a compatible mouse or trackpad to control the remote computer Screens is connected to!"

The new update now allows users of the Screens app to connect mouse or trackpad and perform actions like left-click, left-double-click, right-click, drag, and scroll. In order to take advantage of the new feature, you must update your iPad to iOS 13.4 and update the Screens app as well.

The developer has also noted that scrolling support is currently limited to a Magic Trackpad 2 or Magic Mouse 2.

"It really feels like you're in front of your computer and it works amazingly well! Make sure to update your iPad to the latest version in order to use an external mouse or trackpad with Screens or other apps!"

Apple released iOS 13.4 last week along with the announcement of a new iPad Pro and Magic Keyboard which brings a trackpad to Apple's own iPad keyboard for the first time.

You can buy Screens from the App Store for $19.99 or, for those who already have the app, download the update for free today.

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