14 sensational sharing extensions for iPhone

Twitter and Facebook have been built into the iPhone and iPad for a while, but thanks to sharing extensions in iOS 8, you can now quickly and easily send your photos, videos, comments, and other content to any social network or online service you use, from any app you happen to be using. All you have to do is install and enable the share extension, tap the share button, and choose the extension you want to use. Best of all, share extensions have already been implemented by a bunch of great apps. Here are some of our favorites!


Pinterest sharing extension

Pinterest is a social network that lets you collect all the stuff that interests you all in one place — ideas, stuff, links, whatever! You get to carefully curate your pins, and anyone whose interested in them gets to follow along and enjoy them. With the share extension, you can easily add pins from Safari, Photos, or any similar app with a share button.


Tumblr sharing extension

Tumblr is an incredibly popular social network that lets you log whatever you like both for yourself and for all the people who like you. We use it from time to time to make fun of ourselves, and thanks to the share extension, we can easily log images, text, and articles from Photos, Notes, Safari, or any similar app with a touch of the share button.


Buffer sharing extension

We use Buffer to craft and schedule iMore's posts to Twitter, Facebook, and Google+. On the desktop it has a plugin. Thanks to the share extension, though, we can grab any image or link from Photos or Safari, or similar apps with the share button, and get it crafted and scheduled every bit as easily.


Storehouse sharing extension

Storehouse lets you swiftly and elegantly assemble visual stories. Thanks to it's amazing interface, it's already lightning-quick at what it does. With the share extension, however, you can grab pictures and video right from the Photos app and, with a tap of the share button, send it straight on up to your story.


Pocket sharing extension

Pocket is a read-later app that lets you save text, photos, and videos — including the latest movie trailers! — to the service so you can peruse or view them whenever you have the time and the mood strikes you. With the share extension, you can send images, photos, articles, and more from Photos, Safari, Notes, and similar apps with a share button.


Slack sharing extension

Slack is what we use for our virtual office. It keeps all connected and coordinated despite living cities, countries, and continents apart. It has meeting rooms and direct messages, and it lets you upload images. With the share extension, you can do that straight from the Photos app or any similar app with a share button.


Fantastical share extension

Fantastical has always made it ridiculously easy to add events and appointments to your calendar. With the share extension, however, they've made it ridiculously easier! Just select a date in Safari or any similar app with a share button, tap that share button, and you'll be able to send it straight to Fantastical.


Instapaper sharing extension

Instapaper is read-later app that lets you save articles — like long reviews! — and other blobs of text to the service so that you can retrieve them on your iPhone or other device, or on the web, whenever it's convenient. With the share extension, you can send those articles or blobs of text to Instapaper from Safari, Notes, or any other app with writing and a share button.


Drafts sharing extension

Drafts has always been an amazing way to time-shift your text. Write it at your leisure and then send it where you want, when you want. With the share extension, however, you can now take text from Notes or any similar app and with a tap of the share button, send it right to Drafts.


Evernote sharing extension

Evernote is just one of the places we like to keep all the stuff we collect every day. It's available online and on all platforms, and it can clip a wide and useful array of content types. With the share extension, Evernote can do that clipping from Photos, Safari, Notes, and any similar app with the share button.


Snapchat sharing extension

Make all the "sext" jokes you want, but for a wide range of people and groups, Snapchat has become an important way to share images and videos of what they're doing. With the share extension, you can take those images and videos right from the Photos app and, with a tap of the share button, snap them straight into a chat.


Transmit sharing extension

Transmit for iOS, from the fine folks at Panic who've been making Transmit for Mac for years, uses iCloud Drive and storage providers to bring file management and transfer to the iPhone. Best of all, with the share extension, you can grab those files from any app with the share button and send them to any server you have setup.

Day One

Day One share extension

Day One lets you journal your life. Whether that's your daily musings or a once-in-a-lifttime experience, it'll take any link, text, or image you can throw at it and keep it safe until you want to look back at it days, months, or even years later. With the share extension, you can journal all of that right from Safari, Notes, Photos, or any similar app with a share button.

Group Text+

Group Text+ share extension

Group Text+ makes it incredibly convenient to send quick iMessages or SMS to people or groups you care about. Thanks to the share extension, you can even start those messages from within Notes, Safari, Photos or any similar app with a share button, and send them straight to any contacts you've set up.

Your favorites?

Select a share extension

Those are the share extensions we've got installed on our iPhones, but we're always on the lookout for more! So, let us know — which share extensions are your favorites and, if we forgot any, which ones do we need to add?

Rene Ritchie

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  • Workflow! Ok, it's not technically a sharing extension, but you can compose sharing extensions - and lots of other things - inside it. Sent from the iMore App
  • We're putting Workflow in the action extension round-up since it seemed so much more... action-y?
  • I like being able to add an Amazon delivery to JuneCloud's DeliverIes app using share sheets. No copying and pasting!
  • I can't believe whatsapp devs haven't made an share extension yet. I thought they would be the first! Sent from the iMore App
  • Yeah, all the messaging apps!
  • Ditto. I also want to see notification interactions for messaging apps.
  • I supposed I shouldn't be surprised you left Microsoft's OneNote off your list, but I find it a better tool than most of your selections (like Pocket, Storehouse, Instapaper, Drafts, Evernote, DayOne).
  • Par for the course. And yea, it is better than som eof those tools, but not most of them. The biggest issue I have with Microsoft's Office apps is that they don't support Handoff between iOS devices and iOS devices and OS X PCs.
  • True, they don't have support for brand-new Handoff, yet. But specifically OneNote has live document sharing, where your changes to OneNote documents are +immediately+ seen across all devices, (iOS, OS X, Android, Windows, Windows phone) and users. Great for collaboration and I don't see Evernote or these other products doing that.
  • The great Paprika recipes app has a sharing extension that works very well. So you can Google a recipe, and then send it to Paprika where the ingredients, instructions, etc are parsed into their proper locations. I missed it at first, since I was expecting it to be an action extension!
  • My most used share extension is ShareEverywhere. I did write it (so I'm biased!) but I find being able to use a single share extension to share to multiple services convenient -- maybe that'll be less useful when iOS can remember the order the extensions! Plus it can share to services like Pinboard that don't have their own extension.
  • Slack is probably my favourite and most used extension, along with Pocket and Fantastical coming in tied at second. I really need to use Drafts more often though (paid $10 for it, so I better). Sadly, my life isn't interesting enough to even contemplate installing Pinterest, Tumblr, DayOne or Storehouse. Btw, is there any downside to adding a crapton of extensions, from an iOS performance standpoint I mean?
  • Can someone elaborate a bit more on Drafts? I've read it here and in the App Store and I just don't get what it's bringing to the table, especially for $10.
  • For an elaborate review checkout http://www.macstories.net/reviews/drafts-4-review/
  • Where is gmail and whatsapp? Is Apple blocking them or something? Makes no sense that neither of these apps have added this functionality. Sent from the iMore App
  • Big companies are, for some reason, very very slow to update.
  • Much like big ships, big companies take a long time to steer in a new direction. Sent from the iMore App
  • Would love Hangouts to add sharing so I could stop copying and pasting YouTube links and pics... Sent from the iMore App
  • What's the advantage of Group Text+ over using iOS' built-in Messaging share sheet?
  • EVERYPOST should've made an excellent addition to your list because of its convenience to share anything to multiple services at once.