Milan Apple Store.jpgSource: Stephen Warwick/iMore

What you need to know

  • Apple is closing some stores in Italy this weekend.
  • Seven stores in two regions will close October 24-25.
  • It's due to local restrictions due to the spread of COVID-19.

Seven Apple stores in two regions will close on iPhone 12 launch weekend, October 24-25, due to COVID-19 restrictions.

As noted by setteBIT on Twitter:

Finally Apple has updated the online pages of Italian stores: all 7 closed on Saturday and Sunday in 2 regions, including those in the city of Milan and Turin!

Restrictions on stores in both Lombardy and Piedmont will force shopping centers to close on Saturday and Sunday. The affected stores are:

  • Apple Carosello (Milan)
  • Apple Le Gru (Turin)
  • Apple il Leone (Brescia)
  • Apple Piazza Liberty (Milan)
  • Apple Oriocenter (Bergamo)
  • Apple Fiordaliso (Milan)
  • Apple Via Roma (Turin)

All seven stores will be open on iPhone 12 launch day, Friday, October 23, but will close Saturday and Sunday before reopening on Monday, October 26.

Weekend restrictions on shopping in Lombardy were announced earlier this week. From Lombardy Online News:

The unanimous proposal with effect from 22 October Stop of all activities and movements, with the exception of 'exceptional' cases (reasons of health, work and proven necessity), throughout Lombardy from 11pm to 5am. Starting Thursday 22 October.

It is the proposal that, unanimously, the mayors of all the capital municipalities of Lombardy, the president of Anci, Mauro Guerra , the majority and opposition group leaders and the governor Attilio Fontana , having taken note of what is represented by the Technical Scientific Committee Lombard, will ask to share with the Government, in the person of the Minister of Health, Roberto Speranza, to tackle the spread of the coronavirus.

It recently emerged that Apple would be expanding its 'Express' retail experience to 50 stores in the US and Europe, an alternative to its curbside pickup option.