Adobe is making it easier to collaborate within Premiere Pro and After Effects

Adobe After Effects On Mac
Adobe After Effects On Mac (Image credit: Pixabay)

Adobe has long offered some of the best editing and effects tools to come to the market. As often happens, several big changes have come to some of its most important programs to make the creative process easier. These changes will be especially helpful for those who edit videos, create special effects, or need to work in group projects.

The newest versions of these programs will roll out in a "phased release" starting on April 12, but within the next few days, these new versions will come to all users via the Creative Cloud Desktop application.

All Premiere Pro updates

Premiere Pro Auto Color (Image credit: Adobe)

Premiere Pro is great video editing software that gives users plenty of control to make their projects while working with a timeline interface. But with the new update, things have gotten even more convenient.

  • Built-in review and approval: is now available within Premiere Pro at no additional cost and allows teams to view projects in progress, leave feedback, and request approval directly on the timeline via cloud collaboration. With this in place, teams can more efficiently communicate and get their work completed faster.
  • Improved Import mode and interface: Things have changed slightly in several places to make it easier for users to find their work and the tools they need to make edits. It's also far more intuitive and easier for new users to understand the software since they view their assets and projects rather than a blank screen when starting the program up. Additionally, clicking Create brings media into the timeline as a new sequence so you're ready to start editing. It's also still possible to import media as individual assets from the Project panel as well.
  • Export privately to online platforms: Premiere Pro now has fixed how users to post their work directly to YouTube, Twitter, and Facebook. Thanks to a tweaked interface, it's easier than ever to navigate and choose export presets. What's more, the program defaults to posting videos privately so you can make sure they're working properly before the go live.
  • New header bar: It's now easier to navigate within Premiere Pro using the clearly defined header bar, which allows you to access Import, Edit, and Export tabs right from the main interface menu. There's also a customizable dropdown menu when working in projects that lets you easily access Color, Graphics, and Audio. Additionally, the Quick Export has a new Preset Manager so you can customize settings to your preferred specifications.
  • Auto Color speeds up the process: Using the Adobe Sensei AI, users can improve the color within their shots with just the press of a button. This is not a black box effect; you can see exactly what changes were made and slide the various setting bars around to tweak the end effect. Each clip is analyzed separately, so you will need to click Auto Color for each clip, but this also allows each section to get the color-correcting attention it needs to make it pop.
  • New Adobe Stock Assets: Thousands of new HD and 4K assets are now available for free with the Adobe Stock website. Use this premade footage, audio, and graphics to create mockups or end products. Adobe Stock recently introduced a multi-asset subscription for as low as $7.99.

All After Effects updates

After Effects Scene Edit Detection Split Layers (Image credit: Adobe)

After Effects is the program that allows you to add special effects, visuals, and animations to your videos. Some recent updates give you even more control over your work.

  • integration: As with Premiere Pro, After Effects now has integrated so teams can more easily collaborate on projects. People can use the cloud by to view ongoing projects, leave feedback, and ask for approval from within After Effects.
  • Native support for Apple Silicon: The programs have been written specifically for Apple M1 devices, allowing them to run more smoothly. In fact, it now runs up to three times faster on Apple M1 Macs like the MacBook Pro. That way, users of the latest Macs can render edits faster and therefore finish projects more quickly.
  • Scene Edit Detection: Using Adobe Sensei AI, the program can auto-detect cut points in rendered sections. Users can even split these edits into layers or add markers with just a few clicks rather than having to do it all painstakingly themselves. This will save a lot of time while still giving creatives plenty of control over their projects. Adobe Sensei AI also allows users to use Content-Aware Fill and Roto Brush 2 in After Effects.
  • 3D Layers and Extended Viewer: With this update, users can more easily see both their 2D and 3D layers using the Extended Viewer, which shows all layers, including those outside of the frame.

All for Creative Cloud updates

Premiere Pro Frameio Review Comments (Image credit: Adobe)

We've talked about, the team tool that allows everybody to view and leave feedback on projects coming to Premiere Pro and After Effects. But here are the exact features it offers now that it'll be integrated in these programs.

  • Built into Premiere Pro and After Effects: will be rolling out to these programs at no additional cost starting April 12. Creative Cloud customers can log into from within these programs using their Adobe ID.
  • Unlimited reviewers: You can have an unlimited number of users leaving feedback via on projects within Premiere Pro and After Effects.
  • Five concurrent projects: Users can have as many as five projects at once actively using within Premiere Pro or After Effects.
  • Review and approval: Users can check others' work, leave feedback, and approve changes right on the timeline.
  • 100GB of dedicated storage:
  • Upgrade for more features: Teams using Premiere Pro and After Effects can pay to upgrade security and collaboration features for
  • Included membership plans: for Creative Cloud will be available in Creative Cloud All Apps, the Premiere Pro Single App, the After Effects Single App, and the Student Teacher All Apps. It will not be offered to K-12 and Higher Education Institution plans.

Quality of life improvements

These latest updates make it easier for teams to collaborate more effectively so they can finish projects faster and communicate more effectively. Adobe will undoubtedly continue to make quality of life improvements that will bring even more conveniences to their various Creative Cloud programs in the future.

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