SGP Kuel H12 stylus for iPad review

SGP Kuel H12 stylus for iPad is one of the best all-around stylus pens on the market and is especially good for long form note-taking

The SGP Kuel H12 takes all the elements of a classic capacitive stylus and knocks each and every one of them out of the park when it comes to build quality and usability. And it has a lower price than it's pro-level competition. So what's the catch?

A classic stylus in every sense of the word. the SGP Kuel H12 is made with a plated brass body and a silicon coated, high polymer tip designed to almost float across the surface of your iPad. From weight to curves, it feels like a high-quality pen, and even twists to retract and protect its capacitive tip.

Available in black, white, and sliver, the SGP Kuel H12 stylus doesn't have any special rubberized grip area, but the combination of its shape and its size make it comfortable to use, even for extended periods. While the tip is soft, it doesn't collapse in all the way like some other styli do, which makes it a little easier to use under pressure. It's also fairly sensitive, so touch input registers quickly and overall accuracy is good as well. While some users have complained the material of the tip wears out too quickly, we haven't had any problems with our review units.

When it comes to hand-written note-taking, the SGP Kuel H12 is Mobile Nations' favorite stylus. The folks back at headquarters have a special fondness for styli and have tested them extensively and when they want to write serious notes, for long periods of time, they reach for the H12.

When it comes to gaming, the smooth tip of the SGP Kuel H12 reduces tapping noise considerably, but the overall design can sometimes cover too much of the screen. For art, it's okay for line work but not as good as a hard-tipped stylus. However, it's much better for brush work and other, softer paint-like applications.

The good

  • Excellent for long-form note-taking
  • Feels like a premium pen
  • Incredibly good value for the price

The bad

  • Good but not great for gaming or art

The bottom line

The SGP Kuel H12 is one of the best stylus on the market for note-taking, and is an excellent all around stylus. It looks and feels like a high quality, premium pen. It's not as great for drawing as the Jot Pro, and not quite a sensitive as the Pogo Sketch Pro, but given it's low price point and exceptional quality, it's the best bang for your stylus buck.

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