Ten One Design Pogo Sketch Pro stylus for iPad review

The Ten One Design Pogo SketchPro stylus is a fantastic all-around style, with all around best in-class performance

Ten One Design Pogo Sketch Pro, part of the Pogo Sketch line up of stylus pens, is one of the best we've had the pleasure use with the iPad. It's not as cheap or as specialized as some of the competition, however, so does the quality make up for it?

Unlike some other iPad stylus pens, the Pogo Sketch Pro doesn't look like a traditional pen. It's longer and far more tapered than most. It's got a solid aluminum unibody and an excellent ergonomic grip. This puts the weighting far more forward than most other stylus pens, and that's a good thing. It lets the weight of the tool do a lot of the work for you.

The tip is special designed and patent pending. While it's a soft Ten One claims this makes the Sketch Pro effective at every angle, and the "most sensitive on the market". Our tests showed the Pogo Sketch Pro had excellent capacitance, and all-around the best we've tried to date. To achieve this level of performance, the tip has holes in it. That does raise some concerns over wear and tear, but you can buy replacement tips from Pogo. Unlike some of the other soft tip stylus pens we tested, the Pogo Pro tip doesn't have a lot of give, so you don't have to push as hard before you get solid feedback.

The Pogo Sketch Pro is available in any color you want, provided that color is black and silver. This matches a lot of the Apple aesthetic, especially if you have a black iPhone or iPad, but it's limited compared to other pro-level stylus pens.

For note-taking, the Pogo Sketch Pro is very good. We had no problem writing long form notes. If you're used to a more standard pen shape, you might not like the Pogo Sketch Pro feel as much, but the results are top notch. For art tasks, it's okay. It's not as good as a hard-tipped stylus for line work, or a softer tip for brush work, but the sensitivity makes it good enough for both. For gaming it's great, and the accuracy really pays off. Out of all the pro stylus pens we tried, the Pogo Sketch Pro is our favorite for gaming.

The good

  • Excellent sensitivity
  • Good ergonomics
  • Great gaming stylus
  • Replaceable tips

The bad

  • Okay but not excellent for art

The bottom line

The Ten One Design Pogo Sketch Pro stylus is simply one of the best iPad stylus pens on the market. While it doesn't feel like a traditional pen the way the SGP Kuel H12, its long, tapered design is really comfortable. We absolutely love it for gaming, and it holds their own in note-taking. For art it's more than serviceable, but for dedicated line work you're still better off with the Adonit Jot Pro. For general use, however, the Pogo Sketch Pro is absolutely one of the best in class.

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