Ten One Design Pogo Sketch Pro stylus for iPad review

The Ten One Design Pogo SketchPro stylus is a fantastic all-around style, with all around best in-class performance

Ten One Design Pogo Sketch Pro, part of the Pogo Sketch line up of stylus pens, is one of the best we've had the pleasure use with the iPad. It's not as cheap or as specialized as some of the competition, however, so does the quality make up for it?

Unlike some other iPad stylus pens, the Pogo Sketch Pro doesn't look like a traditional pen. It's longer and far more tapered than most. It's got a solid aluminum unibody and an excellent ergonomic grip. This puts the weighting far more forward than most other stylus pens, and that's a good thing. It lets the weight of the tool do a lot of the work for you.

The tip is special designed and patent pending. While it's a soft Ten One claims this makes the Sketch Pro effective at every angle, and the "most sensitive on the market". Our tests showed the Pogo Sketch Pro had excellent capacitance, and all-around the best we've tried to date. To achieve this level of performance, the tip has holes in it. That does raise some concerns over wear and tear, but you can buy replacement tips from Pogo. Unlike some of the other soft tip stylus pens we tested, the Pogo Pro tip doesn't have a lot of give, so you don't have to push as hard before you get solid feedback.

The Pogo Sketch Pro is available in any color you want, provided that color is black and silver. This matches a lot of the Apple aesthetic, especially if you have a black iPhone or iPad, but it's limited compared to other pro-level stylus pens.

For note-taking, the Pogo Sketch Pro is very good. We had no problem writing long form notes. If you're used to a more standard pen shape, you might not like the Pogo Sketch Pro feel as much, but the results are top notch. For art tasks, it's okay. It's not as good as a hard-tipped stylus for line work, or a softer tip for brush work, but the sensitivity makes it good enough for both. For gaming it's great, and the accuracy really pays off. Out of all the pro stylus pens we tried, the Pogo Sketch Pro is our favorite for gaming.

The good

  • Excellent sensitivity
  • Good ergonomics
  • Great gaming stylus
  • Replaceable tips

The bad

  • Okay but not excellent for art

The bottom line

The Ten One Design Pogo Sketch Pro stylus is simply one of the best iPad stylus pens on the market. While it doesn't feel like a traditional pen the way the SGP Kuel H12, its long, tapered design is really comfortable. We absolutely love it for gaming, and it holds their own in note-taking. For art it's more than serviceable, but for dedicated line work you're still better off with the Adonit Jot Pro. For general use, however, the Pogo Sketch Pro is absolutely one of the best in class.

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  • How is a stylus "sensitive"? Does it accept input somehow? Does it get its feelings hurt if you talk mean to it?
    If the stylus does not accept input, what does it mean to say that one stylus is more sensitive than another?
  • Since the iPhone and iPad are fixed variables, the variance in capacitive transfer between stylus and display is best ascribed to the stylus, not the iPhone or iPad. If a piece of stone creates no capacitive connection, it's not very "sensitive". If a finger creates a good one, then it's sensitive.
    The material used for the stylus, and apparently the way it's used, can result in varying degrees of capacitive registration, from nothing to excellent. The less "sensitive" the more precise the angle, the greater the pressure, etc. might be needed.
    Feel free to switch "sensitive" for "works better" if it makes you feel better.
  • ...who had the brilliant idea of having bling bling fingernails for this kind of macro presentation?...
  • Are there any styli that don't have mushy tips? I'd love a firmer, more pointed one, but obviously one that isn't likely to scratch.
    ...and did Rene just roll out of bed for this video?
  • Sorry it was distracting. My nails are my fun and I'm not taking off my polish each time i do a review.
    This stylus is hot enough to hold its own anyways.
  • Hey Georgia, you rock the nails all you like. Just go ahead and doll Rene up a bit.
  • Yes there is, try the jot pro. It has a harder tip and is extremely precise, although I like the feel of the pogo better :-)
  • Funny shape, but it seems to work like you state. I really like the H12 for notes, and the Jot Flip for fine work. The ZooGue is really a nice Cross style pen. The Stylus is ok, but not as good as others. Are you all going to test the aPen type stylus, where you use a receiver, and the pen is battery power?
  • "Tell you what! To get people to concentrate on the product we're reviewing, we'll have someone with circus nail-varnish hold it. How about THAT?!"
    "Brilliant. No-one'll be looking at the stylus, just the horrendous nails!"
  • Oh no you didn't just insult my nails! When are pink sparkles ever not in style :)
    Actually I've done worse these were tame for me.
  • Your nails are beautiful Georgia! I'd so much rather see a nice manicure (regardless of the color) than someones ratty ol' coal miner hands... I'm sure we've all seen reviews like that on one site or another. Kudos to you for being you. :)
  • Damn. Good review but I had my mind made up to get the Jot pro, now I think I want this Pogo. I just know I'm going to end up with a drawer full of these things. I guess that's okay.
    re the nails, you look fabulous, darling. re Rene looking like he just got out of bed, he always looks like that because he sits in front of his screen blogging all day, or he just got out of bed.
  • I like this one
  • Is this where I comment that I like this stylus the best? If it is I would like to receive this stylus to use with my over 600 apps on my iPad. This stylus looks like a perfect fit for my uses. Georgia, keep rocking those nails! They look great!
  • I actually disagree that the pogo is just okay for art. I've found it to be the best for me in painting because the design has a similar feel to an actual brush, and its one of the more accurate styli so I can sketch with it as well and do not have to purchase more than one stylus. Works for me!