The iPhone has a built in camera and with its always-on internet connectivity, it's a great way to share your pictures with friends, families, colleagues, and the world.

  • Send via mail. The classic iPhone way to send photos is through email. Just choose a picture, multi-select up to five and tap Share, or copy and paste a dozen or so right into the body of your message and send away. (Pro tip: the share button compresses your photos into smaller files for easier transport, pasting them in keeps them in full size for higher quality). This is also great if you're sharing with someone who has a computer, since Windows, Mac, Linux, Unix -- almost everything! -- has an email client to receive them.
  • Send via MMS. Yes, the iPhone finally has MMS so the same way you send photo via mail you can now send them via the Messages SMS/MMS app as well. This is the best option if you're sending to another phone, especially a feature phone that doesn't have email.
  • Upload them to galleries. The iPhone will let you upload to Apple's own (subscription required) MobileMe gallery. You can also upload to the popular Flickr site, and there are (of course) apps for that.
  • Post them to a social network. If one-to-one is too few, and one-to-many sounds more like it, you can share your photos with your friends, your followers, or the whole wide world through your favorite social networks. Facebook is obviously huge here, with the app letting you upload and comment (when it works!) on photos. Thanks to integration with TwitPics and other, similar services, many popular Twitter clients like Twitterrific, Tweetie, TwitBit, etc. let you post pictures to your Twitter timeline for your followers to enjoy (and tweet back about).
  • Hand them your iPhone. And for your non-computer friends, you can just launch the Photo app and pass them your iPhone. The modern equivalent of sneaker-net, after a few moments even your least tech-savvy family member will be swiping, pinching, and otherwise enjoying your camera work right into the palm of their hand.

How do you share photos on your iPhone? Have any special tips or tricks you can share? Let us know in the comments!