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You may remember — the site has been public since 2012. Its goal has always been to give you a place to share your iPhone Home screen in a central location at a link that's easier to remember than an auto-generated url from a photo-sharing service. screenshot from circa 2012

Some time after launching the site, the team realized it'd be pretty nifty to have an iOS app for — that way you could do the screenshotting, sharing, and browsing all on the same device. Unfortunately, after a successful beta period, the app was rejected by Apple. You can learn all about that on the blog.'s rejected iOS app

In the end, the team took what they'd learned from iOS, applied it to the web, and relaunched site.

Signing up and sharing your Home screen and watch face

You can sign up for an account with Facebook, Twitter, or the classic email address. Once you're in, you can fill out a short bio and upload a profile photo.

All that's left is to upload a screenshot of your current iPhone setup. If you've got an Apple Watch, you can upload a shot of your watch face, too. asks you to fill out a short description so readers can learn more about your setup, as well as the source of your wallpaper.

What's perhaps our favorite feature of the relaunched site, asks you for the model and color of your iPhone and the model of your Apple Watch. It makes for a more accurate representation of your unique setup.

Setting up your profile on

Our Home screens and watch faces

Speaking of unique setups, I asked iMore's editors to upload and share their Home screens. You can check 'em out at the links below:

Alright, it's your turn — I'd love to see your Home screen setup. Share a link to your in the comments or send us a Tweet!

Mikah Sargent

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