Sonos Connect vs Sonos Amp: Which should you buy?

The Sonos Connect and Sonos Amp are similar in some ways, but one is definitely a significant improvement over the other and well worth the price difference.

Let's break it down

If you care about having a unit that is compact so that it doesn't get in the way of your home audio setup, then the Sonos Connect has an advantage. However, the Sonos Amp is slightly larger and more expensive but is capable of doing so much more for your home audio system.

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Header Cell - Column 0 Sonos AmpSonos Connect
Works with existing speakersYesYes
Amazon AlexaYesYes, but requires separate Alexa device
Indoor/OutdoorBothIndoor only
Built-in receiverYesNo (need your own)
AmplifierYes, up to 125 watts per channelNo
Sonos Controller appYesNo
Subwoofer line-outYesNo

Overall, we believe that the Sonos Amp is the better pick out of the two, especially if you do not already have a receiver unit in your home or are just starting out with your home audio system.

The Sonos Amp acts in place of a receiver, which usually costs around the same price anyway, so it's one less thing you need. Plus, the Sonos Amp works with both indoor and outdoor speakers, the amplifier pumps out 125 watts per channel, and it has support for a subwoofer if you have one. All of your audio can be controlled through the Sonos Controller app, and there's seamless Amazon Alexa integration built-in, along with AirPlay 2 support and HDMI input.

However, if you already have a receiver, don't have or need a subwoofer, and want to add wireless streaming capabilities to existing indoor speakers, then the Sonos Connect is fine. The Sonos Connect is also $250 less than the Connect: Amp. It also has a smaller profile, though the white color may stick out like a sore thumb if your setup is black.

Christine Chan

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