Should you buy the Child of Light and Valiant Hearts double pack for Nintendo Switch?

Should you buy the Child of Light and Valiant Hearts double pack for Nintendo Switch?

Best answer: Yes. Both Child of Light and Valiant Hearts are amazing games on their own, and when put together it's a hard deal to pass up. These are also perfectly suited for the Nintendo Switch with their art styles and gameplay mechanics.Best Buy: Child of Light/Valiant Hearts double pack ($40)

What are Child of Light and Valiant Hearts?

Ubisoft may be known for blockbusters like Assassin's Creed, Far Cry, and the Tom Clancy series, but it's made a few little known games with a ton of heart that could rival the greatest of indie titles. Using the UbiArt Framework engine, which powers the Rayman platformers, the studio created Child of Light and Valiant Hearts in 2014, two unrelated yet wonderfully beautiful sidescrollers with similar charm.

Child of Light is a turn-based platformer that takes place in the fantasy world of Lemuria. As a young princess named Aurora, you'll travel the land in an attempt to save it from the evil Dark Queen. This fairy tale-inspired adventure features lovely water color visuals that are instantly appealing to both children and adults.

Valiant Hearts is a puzzle sidescroller that follows the intertwining lives of four people (plus one dog) during World War I. This heartfelt tale doesn't glamorize the war like some media does, but instead explores the love and perseverance that got soldiers through the night, the common bonds between those on opposite sides, and the ultimate sacrifice that was made during this horrific conflict.

What's included?

This double pack features a physical release of Child of Light: Ultimate Edition and Valiant Hearts: The Great War. The Ultimate Edition includes the full Child of Light game along with seven content packs that come with new abilities, new costumes, new quests, and more. Valiant Hearts unfortunately never received any DLC after its launch, but the base game itself is something that everyone should play.

What changes are in the Nintendo Switch releases?

On Switch, Child of Light can be played with a friend using a single Joy-Con with motion controls, so there's no need to go out and buy a separate controller. One player will control Aurora with one Joy-Con while another player takes control of her pal Igniculus with the other.

Valiant Hearts features more prominent changes on its Switch release with the support of touch controls. An interactive comic also comes with the Nintendo Switch version that expands the story of Walt the dog.

Bottom line

You're getting two amazing games for just $40, and that's cheap compared to other physical releases on Nintendo Switch that only offer one game. These games are accessible to nearly anyone, their stories are poignant and impactful, and they've gone underappreciated for far too long. Now that they're on the Switch it's the perfect time to pick them up and find out for yourself why these games are so beloved by those who have played them.

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